Faculty Senate

May 6 and 13, 2015 Faculty Senate Summaries

Larry Engel, Vice Chair

The Senate approved the formation of a new Faculty Conduct Committee and expects a report by the end of the fall semester, 2015. The revisions to the Graduate Academic Regulations were accepted by the Senate. The Social Media Committee submitted its report and recommendations for the use of social media in the classroom and between faculty and students. Two documents–one relating to intellectual property and recording lectures in the classroom, the other a set of guidelines for faculty to use for structuring the use of social media in and outside the classroom–were adopted by the Senate. The Senate approved the SETs and Beyond Committee's recommendations. A new set of questions and an online completion of both the quantitative and qualitative forms will be piloted during the next academic year with full professors only, and with the hope that the new system will be rolling out in the fall of 2016. A new working group will be formed to consult with OIT and the Registrar as they seek vendors. Todd Eisenstadt was voted in as Vice Chair for the next academic year. The Ombudsman Committee submitted its report, and with revisions the Senate accepted the report and charged the committee to investigate best practices for modeling an Ombuds position. 

The Provost reported that the undergraduate deposits came in at about 1900 with a historic record low admit rate to 35%. With a melt of around 7%, Provost Bass estimated that we'll be around 1750 for the incoming class, once again higher than expected.

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Faculty Senate Leadership 2015-2016

  • Larry Engel — Chair
  • Todd Eisenstadt — Vice Chair
  • Lacey Wootton — Past Chair