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March 4, 2015 Senate Summary

Doug McKenna reported that student photos will be on Blackboard for the fall 2015. This is a transition to full implementation. The photographs will be small, but Mr. McKenna suggested that as we move forward that will change, and hopefully the AU rosters will carry photos. Students will have an opt-out choice.

The Chair reported that revisions to SETs and beyond were moving forward and will be coming to the Senate most likely in May for a vote. 

President Neil Kerwin addressed the Senate. He discussed the budget and the issues related to graduate and law school enrollment, the Middle States report, SETH's review for accreditation, scholarly and artistic strength in our community as reflected by our faculty, improved competitive funding, the need to improve science infrastructure with an addition to Beegley, and the need to provide strong support to undergraduate students.

Provost Bass reported on the state of the SETs as well and noted that as with the Faculty Manual, it is imperative to make the revisions a dialogue with the faculty;there will be a variety of ways for faculty to comment and present their ideas. He suggested that next academic year the Senate should look at General Education and a statistics course addition.

University Librarian Nancy Davenport presented a plan for the Library to archive all syllabi. The plan acts on the Faculty Senate's 2009 policy concerning syllabi. There was concern expressed about monetizing the data, and the Senate passed a motion recommending that there would be no selling of data. 

CFA Chair Steve Silvia presented changes to the CFA instructions for tenure-line reappointments and promotion, which better defined who is responsible for posting files and related material and added a section on term promotion to Associate Professor. The Senate accepted the first change but asked for further consideration of the expectations for term faculty.

Vice Provost Lyn Stallings reported the need to revise the faculty conduct code. The Senate will start working on this over the summer.

February 11, 2015

The Senate heard from the leaders of Public Safety, Dan Nichols and Phillip Morse. They discussed the recent assessment and improvements concerning safety issues related to the “Man with a Gun” incident last fall. It was the first time in AU’s history that there was a lockdown. They noted that Public Safety worked with the FBI, Metro police, and Homeland Security on a thorough walkthrough and 3D high tech scan of campus for training purposes. Any person, department or school that wants Public Safety to meet with them are invited to contact Dan or Phillip to set up a meeting. They also recommended that we use an app called Rave Guardian (http://www.ravemobilesafety.com/rave-guardian/) to track public safety at AU during a crisis.

After they left, the minutes were approved for the January meeting. Elections are coming up very soon and the Chair encouraged all senators to work with their units to enlist candidates. 

The Provost reported that the budget cycle is moving very quickly and that we are facing revenue challenges, again, because of graduate enrollments not meeting expectations. However, with new application and recruitment tools being used in CAS and SOC, there are signs that enrollment may start improving. The Provost also reiterated that the revisions to the SETs must be concluded by the Senate before the end of this academic year so that IT can have it in place for the fall semester. For undergraduate applications, he noted that there will likely be nearly 600 early admits next year. The Provost also mentioned that the Mellon Foundation is very supportive of our efforts to investigate and improve the transition from high school to college for the changing demographics of college students nationwide and at AU.

Faculty manual and academic regulations were passed by the Senate. The reporting form for Conflict of Time Commitment was passed with several friendly amendments. The Honors in the Major or Field proposal was also passed with several friendly amendments.

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Photo of Larry Engel, Lacey Wootton, and Candice Nelson

Larry Engel, Lacey Wootton, and Candice Nelson

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