Faculty Senate

April 8, 2015 Senate Summary

The Chair noted that a Faculty Conduct Committee is being constituted, and senators are requested to present names from each unit by 4/22. She also reported on the split of the School of Education, Teaching, and Health (SETH) into the School of Education and the Department of Health. Changes to the Faculty Manual's foreword were approved with revisions (having been vetted by the Board of Trustees). Changes to the CFA Instructions were approved.

Billy Walker presented a summary of athletics and noted that American University scholar/athletes have improved their GPA and that we have several men and women who were recognized for their scholarship and athletic performance this year.

Doug Kudravetz provided an update on the budget. For the past four years we have not been hitting revenue estimates. The next two years will be lean. He noted that merit pay will be a lump-sum cash payment this year and will not be added to salary, and that next year it would revert to a salary adjustment.

Tony Ahrens provided an extensive summary of the SET question and report status. He urged senators to seek feedback from their constituents and for those interested in providing comments to post them on the SET blog so that the Senate may vote on revising SETs at the May 13th Senate meeting (which is an extra and final meeting of the year). There will be town hall meetings at the end of the week of April 20th.

Several changes were approved in the revised Graduate Regulations with more to come at the last two meetings of the year.

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Photo of Larry Engel, Lacey Wootton, and Candice Nelson

Larry Engel, Lacey Wootton, and Candice Nelson

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