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Dear Senators, 

I welcome new and returning senators to the new academic year at American. I’m honored to serve this year as the chair of the Faculty Senate, and I’m happy to have Todd Eisenstadt as vice chair and Lacey Wootton as past chair. I hope that we have a productive year! Many items, issues, and challenges will be coming before us.  

We are in the process of revising the SETs and moving student input to a completely online system. We are creating a new Committee on Grade Inflation that will be tasked with reviewing the literature and best practices in the field, and with creating a set of action steps for American. RiSE (Re-inventing the Student Experience) is actively working towards its goals to more holistically support all student services. The General Education program's being reviewed and revised. These are a few of the activities that will involve and affect us.  

We will need to focus carefully on them not only during Senate meetings but between them. To that end, please read all materials that are sent to you before the meetings so that you are familiar with the documents and issues. Reading material for the first time in the Senate delays action.  

A gentle reminder: All Faculty Senate committee chairs are expected to attend not only the Senate meetings but also the Senate Deans' Roundtable discussions. The latter are an important place for dialogue among the administration, the deans, and the faculty. We need your voices at the table. The dates for all meetings of the Senate, the Executive Committee, and the Deans’ Roundtable may be found on the Faculty Senate’s website. 

Larry Engel
Chair, Faculty Senate

September 9, 2015 Faculty Senate Summaries

At the September 9, 2015, meeting of the Faculty Senate, a declaration of “Freedom of Academic Expression” was presented by Senate Chair Larry Engel and unanimously approved. The declaration is a statement by the faculty, endorsed by Provost Scott Bass, of support for the teaching of controversial issues, without the advance “trigger warnings” that have been implemented at some universities. Also at the meeting, minutes from the May 13, 2015, meeting were approved, and Senate committees made their reports. John Nolan and Andrea Pearson were elected as members of the Senate Executive Committee, and the Faculty Senate voted to refer the administration’s High Impact Research report to the Committee on Faculty Actions to consider report recommendations that service as a “public intellectual” be considered in faculty tenure and promotion. The Senate also heard about issues to be discussed during the 2015-16 academic year, including the formation of a faculty committee to explore the causes and consequences of grade inflation, and the university’s Mellon Foundation-funded effort to improve AU students’ experience, Reinventing the Student Experience (RiSE).

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Faculty Senate 2015

Lacey Wootton, Larry Engel, Todd Eisenstadt

Faculty Senate Leadership 2015-2016

  • Larry Engel — Chair
  • Todd Eisenstadt — Vice Chair
  • Lacey Wootton — Past Chair