Faculty Senate

December 3, 2014 Meeting Summary

The Chair’s report reminded senators of the importance of civility and inclusiveness during discussions. Lacey also reported on a University Council meeting that she attended. Term-faculty issues concerning the budget remain high on the President’s agenda. She also noted that the President wants to foster more discussion of topics such as sexual aggression on college campuses and the treatment of minorities by law enforcement.

The Provost reported on the Board of Trustees' decision not to have the endowment divest from fossil fuel-related companies because doing so would be too costly and would not meet the Washington's legal standards for endowment management. Provost Bass expects that students will likely continue their protest in favor of divestment. He also spoke about Ferguson and UVA and hopes that we can build a more inclusive community. Grade inflation will be looked at in detail next year by the Senate.

Candy Nelson reported on the creation of a search committee for the DAA position, which will begin its activities in the new year. Every school will be represented for this internal search.

The Senate passed a proposed change to the academic regulations: how to handle situations in which a student has three finals scheduled in a single day. They also endorsed a change in Gen Ed policy allowing students to take Gen Ed credits during study abroad.

John Douglass reported on the Budget and Benefits Committee. He reminded the Senate that the Board of Trustees approved a tuition increase in the new cycle of between 2.5 and 4.5 percent. Term faculty salary support was again noted, and the Provost commented that the lowest paid term faculty are his highest concern.

November 5, 2014 Meeting Summary

The minutes for the October meeting were approved, as was the membership of the ad-hoc social-media committee. The Senate then briefly discussed the Faculty Retreat, providing compliments and suggestions. In her report, DAA Mary Clark noted that about 40% of those eligible submitted their paperwork for the voluntary limited retirement offer. Vice Provost Lyn Stallings then presented more information about the three-finals-in-a-day situation and a revised proposal, and after discussion, the Senate voted to table a vote on the proposal so that more information and a revised proposal could come before the Senate. Vice Provost Stallings also presented a revised section on undergraduate dismissal and potential reapplication and return to the university. It was passed by the Senate. The Senate also received a report on term faculty salaries, accepted the report, and created a "sense of the Senate" statement to accompany the report, suggesting that the issue of fair pay be placed high on the budget agenda for the next two budget cycles. Lastly, Larry Engel and Vice Provost Jon Tubman presented the revised Conflict of Time Commitment procedure and form to the Senate. After lengthy debate and a friendly amendment to the procedure, it was voted on and passed. The form was sent back with a request for other sample forms, which will be brought to the December meeting.

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Photo of Larry Engel, Lacey Wootton, and Candice Nelson

Larry Engel, Lacey Wootton, and Candice Nelson

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