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Accounts Payable - Payments to Individuals

Payments to Individuals (Disbursement Request & Receipts)

Personal reimbursement can be issued to faculty, staff, and students who have used their own funds to obtain small items not available through university services or through Procurement and Contracts (e.g. mileage, metro fare reimbursement, etc.)  Personal reimbursement checks should be requested for amounts greater than $100. Amounts less than $100 should be handled by the petty cash custodian or the cashier's office. 

Payments to Individual for Services (Disbursement Request & Contract Required) 

  • The university may obtain the services of an independent contractor. The definition of independent contractor is one who is responsible for payment of his/her self-employment taxes; who is not subject to the control of another as to the means and methods for accomplishing the work, but only as to the results; who engages in the pursuit of independent practice to the public; who pays their own expenses.
  • University employees are not authorized to enter into contracts with individuals without a contract signed by the authorized officer of the university in the Finance office.
  • Payment to individuals for services performed must be made through the Accounts Payable department. If the individual currently is employed, or has been paid previously during the current calendar year, by the university, payment for all services must be paid through the Payroll office. Request for payment must be submitted to Accounts Payable on a Disbursement Request form.
  • Request for payment to independent contractors (as defined by IRS) must be accompanied by a valid contract signed by the Assistant VP Finance (signing for the administrative part of the university) or the Dean of Facilities (signing for faculty and research contractors), using object code 51208.  
  • Request for payment to a speaker must use object code 51210 (non-employee compensation).