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Visa Purchasing Card (Travel Card Component)

Visa Purchasing Card Form

The AU Visa Purchasing Card is a combination of two programs- a PCARD Program and a Travel Program. This policy refers to the Travel component of the AU Visa Purchasing Card. The Travel Card Guidelines are included on this web page. Travel Card refers to the Travel-enabled functionality of the AU Visa Purchasing Card.

The Travel Card is a VISA credit card product issued by Bank of America. It is designed to complement the Datatel Financial System. The Travel Card is not intended to avoid or bypass any PCD and Accounts Payable policies and procedures or restrictions.

The Travel Card will have no impact on your personal credit. Although the card lists an individual's name, the card is actually issued to American University. Please remember that you are committing American University funds each time you use the Travel Card. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You are the person responsible for all charges made to the Travel Card which has been issued to you. Intentional or fraudulent misuse of a Travel Card may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The Travel Card is designed to help defray out-of-pocket costs for University faculty and staff whose job responsibilities require frequent travel for University business. Cards are issued in the traveler's name and usage is restricted to the individual named on the card. Purchases on the Travel Card are limited to airfare/train reservations; hotel (lodging and banquet services); hotel parking and documented/itemized business expenses charged to the hotel; and rental car services.

The Travel Card is subject to a maximum monthly spending limit of $5,000. Purchases must not be split to avoid the established single transaction limit. Cash Advance spending limit of $500 is available for all international travel purposes upon written request and approval by card's supervisor.

Appropriate record keeping is essential to ensure the successful use of the Travel Card and to comply with all University Procurement and Contract's policies and procedures. Documentation must support the legitimate business purpose of all transactions made with the Travel Card. Supporting documentation should include the following items:

  • Airline Tickets/Train Reservations - the receipt or e-ticket summary itemizing all costs.
  • Hotel Registration - an original hotel receipt/portfolio itemizing all costs.
  • Car Rental - an original car rental agency bill itemizing all costs.

If the required documentation is not available, an explanation must be recorded on the transaction record within the Bank of America Works system.