Training and Organizational Development

Training & Organizational Development

This department designs, develops, and manages Facilities and Administrative Services educational and developmental opportunities, as well as, initiatives related to achieving the organizational vision and strategic plan. This department identifies the instructional and developmental needs of the division and staff, and serves as the principal resource for aligning organizational initiatives with the strategic plan.

We help FAS employees develop and practice the skills required to be successful in both their current and future positions.

FAS Individual Development Plans

All FAS employees are required to have an Individual Development Plan (IDP). An individual development plan (IDP) is the foundation of your career partnership with your supervisor. It is a written schedule or plan designed to meet your particular goals for professional development. It is an individually-tailored framework to identify your strengths and development needs, and aligns them with the organization’s goals for success. The IDP gives both you and your supervisor the opportunity to set objectives that will ensure your progress in your employment and ensure that the Department realizes the fullest potential of each employee.