Campus Mail Delivery

Campus Mail Delivery

University Campus Mail is processed on a continuous basis and should be in “campus” envelopes and NOT white or letterhead envelopes. Campus mail should be bundled separately from all outbound mail. Campus mail is picked up in the morning run and will be delivered in the afternoon run; the afternoon pickup will be delivered in the following morning run. The campus address should ONLY include the NAME OF THE ADDRESSEE, and campus postal code. Street address and building names or room numbers are not necessary.

Delivered same day if received by 12:00pm
-USPS overnight Express Mail

Delivered within 24 hours – After receipt in the mail center
-Campus Mail
-First Class letters
-First Class flats
-Accountable Mail (certified, insured, registered)

Delivered within Three Business Days – After receipt in the mail center
-Second Class Publications
-Third Class Standard Mail (business bulk mail)



Outgoing mail is any mail presented by the departments to be metered for postage and deposited into the United States Postal Service system. All mail presented to Mail Services should be typed or computer generated. HANDWRITTEN ADDRESSING SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL TIMES. Handwritten mail costs the most to process and results in the slowest delivery time.

The University requirements for proper preparation of outgoing mail are as follows:

AU postage meter charge card(s) MUST accompany all mail deposited for metering. (Metered Mail Charge Card). One signed card per mailing. Postage charge cards received in Mail Services not completed or mail received with no postage card attached will be returned to the department. Postage charge card information includes: department charge code (budget code), department name, signature, and telephone number.

All letter mail presented to Mail Services must be facing the same way, sealed or flapped. Flat mail larger than #10 envelope presented to Mail Services must be facing the same way and sealed.

Pre-stamped and Business Reply mail must be banded together, but separate from mail to be metered.

A fully completed form must accompany mail needing special services such as Mail needing a Return Receipt Requested must be accompanied by a fully completed form. (See Special Services)

Foreign Mail, including Canada and Mexico, must be sealed and banded separately.

Mail not properly addressed (see sample format for incoming and outgoing mail) will be returned to the departments. Any returned mail that requires additional postage will be charged to the departments.

All large or bulk mailings should be coordinated in advance with Mail Services. Call ext 2249 BEFORE materials are printed. Mail Services can help in the design to make sure all USPS guidelines are met.


MAIL RUN SCHEDULE (Back to the top)

Monday - Friday
First Mail Run 10:30 am
Second Mail Run 2:30 pm

No mail runs on Saturdays or any University holidays



For Faculty and Staff
Department Name
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For Students
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