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Student Life

Speed up your financial aid refunds

Direct deposit option makes refunds quicker, more efficient

By Ravi Raman

Student walking out of the Student Accounts office.

Students now have the option to receive their financial aid refund checks by direct deposit into their bank accounts. After successfully testing the option to a pilot group of students during the summer term, the Office of Student Accounts now offers direct deposit for refunds to all students.      

If you expect a refund for financial aid, visit the Finance section of the Student Portal and follow the instructions on how to sign up for direct deposit. Then complete the online refund request form.  

Note: To receive your refund by direct deposit, you must sign up for direct deposit and complete the online refund request form.  

Refunds will be processed during the fall term, after financial aid funds are disbursed.  

For more information regarding direct deposit, contact the Office of Student Accounts.