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PPL Scholars Get First-Hand Look at Justice

PPL Scholars Visited the DC Superior Court in September.

PPL Scholars Visited the DC Superior Court in September.

In September, the PPL Scholars got a first hand look at our justice system when they visited the D.C. Superior Court. The scholars explored the courthouse, observed hearings and trials, and conversed with judges.

"The PPL trip to DC Superior Court was an enlightening experience," said Kyle Anderson. "It was interesting to see one session with multiple defendants pleading guilty to the same crime, another where defendants failed to show up, and a third where a juror was lost. In this case, the judge was informed 'we lost juror number seven...he went to the bathroom eight minutes ago and hasn't come back since.' This experience helped me understand that the court system in general is not always as efficient and smooth as television series make it seem."

"The court visit opened my eyes to how fast-paced a day in our courts can be," Will McNamara said. "I definitely have a new appreciation for the fluidity of our justice system."

PPL isn't all work and no fun. On September 20, the Scholars watched the Washington Nationals defeat the Marlins 8-0.

PPL Scholars at the Nationals game PPL Scholars at the Nationals game