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Spear Phishing - Don't Get Caught!

Spam is growing quickly -- nearly 200 billion spam messages are now sent each day, double the volume in 2007. Learn how to protect yourself from these convincing e-mail and voice mail attacks.

35.7 Million Records Exposed by Data Breaches in 2008

2008 brought a dramatic increase in data breaches across business sectors with lost or stolen laptops often named as the cause for sensitive data exposure. Learn how encryption can help to protect AU and personal data. stored on your laptop. Sign up now.

Audit Yourself: Locate Sensitive Data with Self-Scanning Tool

What sensitive AU or personal data do you have stored on your computer; do you know? Learn how you can help to prevent identity theft and reduce the risk of exposure of the university, by regularly scanning your computer with the new MyIDProtector tool.

Empowering Our Students

Learn how several new portal applications are empowering our students to access and manage critical information pertaining to them through the Web portal.