Our Services

Project Management

We manage the planning, coordination, and execution of all major University construction projects  to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained.  The success of our projects is dependent on how well we translate the vision of our client into the reality of an operating facility.     



The Office of University Architect provides and manages professional services and contracts for capital projects that support the University’s Strategic Plan as developed in the Campus plan submitted to the District of Columbia Zoning Office.  We also prepare solutions to existing facilities challenges.



Our services begin with programming, a process by which we define the goals and objectives which shape the projects undertaken by the University within a framework of collaborative teamwork. With the definition of the project established, we continue to develop the details of the project closely with the client and service providers. Through the established processes that include increasing levels of detail of facility definition, we work together with the customer to achieve the goals of the project. Final design details, construction, landscape, furnishings, and moving plans are coordinated and managed in the typical project. American University prides itself on all design aspects of the campus, including the latest in interior furnishings, detailed landscaping, and sensitive building styles.



Situated in the nation’s capital, American University employs a design vocabulary that is sensitive to the design aesthetics, prominence, and beauty of Washington, D.C. Much care is taken to design facilities that are formal and elegant, yet inviting and user-friendly. Major renovations of large facilities provide the great sense of unity and focus to the celebrated Friedheim Quadrangle. Care is given to the quality and detail of the campus buildings.



American University takes great pride in the landscape and flowers which provide a spectacular setting for the campus and its buildings. Facilities are surrounded by breathtaking greenery and colors. The “Quad” is an especially inviting space for gathering and interacting with other members of the campus community or relaxing and studying. Our award-winning landscape designs are created by the talented staff and form the basis for the Arboretum and Public Gardens at American University.



American University takes great care to provide functional and attractive interiors that support and enhance the quality of the multifaceted university experience. Whether at lunch or in a classroom, students enjoy comfortable and technically superior classroom facilities.


Space Management

Providing statistical information to the AU community that describes facility use and availability is critical in planning the facilities needed in the future. Reports allow administrators to understand the valuable space resources available for deployment to critical areas.