2012 Green Initiative

Payroll is Going Green

Starting in February 2012, AU began paying employees electronically with our Green options: Direct Deposit and TotalPay® Card. We have been going paperless as part of our on-going effort to implement sustainable practices.

If you have received a paper paycheck recently, we strongly encourage you to review the information about Direct Deposit and TotalPay® Card to decide which paperless option is best for you

Direct Deposit (preferred)

Sign up for direct deposit, and your paycheck will be deposited electronically into the account(s) you specify.

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TotalPay® Card

Once you begin recieving paychecks, we will begin to transition you to a TotalPay® Card as you receive additional paper paychecks. You will be notified via email as the transition begins, and your pay will be deposited automatically into your TotalPay® Card account once it is complete.

Details & F.A.Q