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Payroll - Frequently Asked Questions for Timesheets and Leave Reports


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FAQ for Timesheets and Leave Reports

1. I have just started working at AU, but I am not able to see any timesheets. Why? When will I have a timesheet online?

In order to view a timesheet, an employee must be authorized by their department for work, and today's date must be on or after the start date on the authorization. Once you are active in the system, you can access HR/Payroll Connection by first logging into, then going to the Personalized Links section on the right side of the page. In the Search box, type "HR/Payroll Connection" and click the link that appears.


2. I started work before the reporting period ended, but my paperwork was not processed before the period was over. As a result, a timesheet for that period was not created online. What do I do to report the hours I worked? 

You will need to print a paper timesheet from HR/Payroll Connection. Select the "Info/Forms" tab at the top and click the "Payroll/Taxes" sub-menu. Scroll to the appropriate timesheet for you. Complete all sections, sign and have your supervisor approve your timesheet. Finally, send it to the Payroll Office for processing.


3. I am a Biweekly employee. How do I know when is my timesheet due?

The Payroll Office generates a payroll schedule for employees each semester which can be seen by clicking on the calendar located to the right. Typically, Biweekly timesheets are due on the Monday after the reporting period ends. Due dates may be changed if holidays compress the payroll processing schedule. Please review the schedule for details.


4. I have been trying to enter time on my timesheet. Each time I press "Enter" to move to the next field, the hours I had entered disappear. What should I do?

Contact the Payroll Office as soon as possible so we can diagnose the problem.


5. I am a monthly staff member. Do I have to submit a timesheet? 

You are only required to report your leave hours used. You will need to sign your online leave report each month on the first working day of the following month, and have your supervisor approve it.