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Glacier System Information

Through a partnership with Arctic International, American University uses the Glacier software to compile foreign national information used to determine the accurate taxing of our foreign national students, faculty and staff.

This is a secure web-based system that enables the foreign national student, staff, or faculty member to track their visa, passport, entry dates, country of residence, country of citizenship, US address, foreign address, Social Security number or ITIN, and the type of payments to be received. Based on this information, American University is able to know if the individual is eligible for any tax treaties, has passed a substantial presence test, or has become a “tax resident for tax purposes.” The system tracks each person’s status while employed and in the United States. It also helps AU to determine the appropriate tax rate to charge. When a record is created by the employee, the system generates appropriate tax forms to be completed and turned into American University. Examples of these forms are the 8233, W-8Ben, and W-4 federal withholding form.

To obtain access to the Glacier system, you must be recognized as a person being hired at AU or are already employed by American University. Contact the Foreign National Staff to be assigned an ID and password.  You can contact a Foreign National Specialist at or Note: As an employee you will need to meet with one of the Specialists in order to complete any necessary paperwork for payment.

 At the end of each calendar year the employee’s foreign related income is reported on a form 1042S which is generated through the Glacier system.