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After Hours Notifications

Working late?

Did You Know...

As part of Public Safety's efforts to keep the campus safe and secure, the department's officers conduct routine patrols and respond to motion alarm notifications in all campus owned buildings. When an individual is found in a building after hours, officers must verify that they are permitted to be in the facility and check identification. This process can be time consuming. In order to expedite the process, Public Safety has designed the After Hours Notification Form so community members who are authorized to be in buildings after hours can notify us when they will be there late. By completing this form, you will also help the department know who is in the buildings after hours so officers can conduct welfare checks. In addition, you will also decrease the likelihood that you will be disturbed after hours by an officer who is checking on the safety of staff and students in the building.

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Please enter the start date of your after hours presence in the building or today's date if it is ongoing.

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