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Public Safety Launches a Twitter Account

By Doug Pierce

The American University Department of Public Safety launched an official Twitter Account on Tuesday October 19, 2010 in order to provide another avenue to interact with the campus community.

The @AUPublicSafety account will be used to provide short, timely updates to the university community and to gather feedback and input from the community. The feed will also be posted on the Public Safety website. The campus community can expect crime tips, notices of classes offered by the department, parking alerts, and updates on the services offered by Public Safety. 

While the Twitter account will supplement emails, Rave notifications, handouts, and the other means of communicating with the community, the primary means of emergency notifications remains the Rave system and primary means of reporting a crime or other incident remains contacting a Communications Specialist via phone at 202-885-2527 (non-emergency) or 202-885-3636 (emergency) to ensure a prompt response.