Public Safety - Parking and Traffic Services

Parking Enforcement, Tickets, and Appeals

American University assumes no liability or responsibility for your vehicle under any circumstances.

Fines incurred with Parking and Traffic Services are considered a financial obligation to the university and records of fines are maintained for four years. 

Individuals are responsible for all violations incurred by anyone driving a vehicle registered in his/her family name (Students can be held responsible for violations incurred with family-owned vehicles).

Late fees will double the violation charge and are applied 30 calendar days from the date of the ticket issuance.


Permit Improperly Displayed- $15 fine
Displaying a current AU permit improperly (e.g. portion or all of permit is obstructed) or failure to display the appropriate valid permit.

Exceeded Loading Period- $30 fine
Exceeding the 20-minute loading time or the time specified by sign or permit.

Wrong Permit for Lot- $35 fine
Parking in a lot with a permit that is designated for a lot other than that in which the vehicle is presently parked.

Parked in More than One Space- $40 fine
Parking over the designated white lines in any position that prevents another vehicle from exiting or entering a legal parking space. Vehicles may not be double parked.

Unauthorized Parking- $40 fine
Parking with a permit in an incorrect parking facility, in a designated reserved parking space, or in a service vehicle space.

Absence of Current Permit- $50 fine
Parking without displaying a valid AU permit or in an expired/unpaid parking stall.

Failure to obey Stop Sign- $50 fine
Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Parked in a No Parking Area- $60 fine
Parking outside of a legal parking space.

Impeding Traffic- $60 fine
Vehicle is blocking the flow of traffic, whether parked or standing.

Immobilization Fee- $60 fine
Fee assessed for immobilization of a vehicle.

Violation of the Good Neighbor Policy- $100 fine
Parking on neighborhood streets adjacent to campus as an AU community member or guest.
For more information about this citation, please see the university's "Good Neighbor Policy." Compliance with this policy is a condition of enrollment and/or employment at American University.
If you were issued a ticket with this violation while parked on a neighborhood street, and you are a resident living on this street, a visitor to a resident, or not on university business, please contact Parking and Traffic Services at 202.885.3111 to inquire about having this ticket dismissed.

False Registration Information- $150 fine
Vehicle information on file does not match that for which the permit is displayed.

Unauthorized Use of Permit- $150 fine
Use of a permit for anything other than its authorized purpose.

Parked in a Crosswalk- $150 fine
Vehicles blocking pedestrian crosswalks, curb cuts, or handicap access ramps.

Permit Reported Lost/Stolen- $150 fine
Vehicles displaying a falsified, lost, stolen, or unauthorized permit may be immobilized immediately. Individuals found to have caused, committed, or benefited from the falsification of permits, possession of lost permits, the possession of a permit reported to be stolen, or the improper possession of a permit issued to another individual/program/office are subject to Public Safety investigation, and referral to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services, Employee Relations, or the Office of the Provost, as appropriate.

Handicap Parking- $200 fine
Parking in a designated handicap parking space without the required handicap license tag or handicap parking permit.
This violation also is issued to vehicles blocking curb cuts and handicap access ramps.


If a vehicle is immobilized for 30 calendar days and the owner has not contacted Parking and Traffic Services:

The vehicle may be towed and/or impounded by a local towing company.

All unpaid tickets issued by AU must be paid at the Office of Parking and Traffic Services before your vehicle can be released from the towing company. AU will provide written documentation of your paid ticket balance.

The costs of towing and/or storage are the sole responsibility of the vehicle's owner.


Fines can be paid at the Parking and Traffic Services office, Monday- Thursday 8 a.m.- 5:30 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., or online.

When the Office of Parking and Traffic Services is closed, towed and/or immobilized vehicles may be released, after full payment of fees, by Public Safety, with proof of payment.

Payment may be made with cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money order, or certified check.

Personal checks will not be accepted as payment for immobilized vehicles. 

If payment is mailed, please include the citation number, your name, and AU identification number, if applicable.  

Checks and money orders should be made payable to American University.


Appeal forms must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the date of ticket issuance.

The appeals process is an administrative process; therefore, a hearing will not be conducted.

Appellants will be notified by e-mail of the decision.

The decision of the Appeal Board is final and binding.

For your appeal to be processed in a timely manner, pertinent documentation should be submitted when the appeal is filed, if available.

Please read Appealing a Parking Ticket to learn more.