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Environmental Health and Safety

New Laboratories

New Principle Investigators are expected to complete the following items prior to beginning research activities on campus:

  1. Contact the Environmental Health & Safety office to schedule an informal meeting. We will acquaint you with university-specific policies and procedures relevant to your planned research activities.
  2. Review AU's Chemical Hygiene Plan and Hazard Communication Plan. Make these documents, along with your lab-specific SOPs available in your lab.
  3. Familiarize yourself with AU's hazardous waste program.
  4. Ensure each lab member has completed all lab-specific and university-required training.
  5. Verify that all required postings are present in your lab, including: EHS emergency laboratory door sign, AU emergency contact list, and any additional required postings as required by law (e.g. NRC Notice to Employees, Biohazard labels, emergency equipment postings, etc.)

Labs Moving, Expanding, or Decomissioning

Before research equipment or furniture may be removed from a research laboratory for recycling or disposal, it must be certified as non-hazardous through Risk Management's laboratory cleanout process. Click the icons below to learn more.

Submit a lab cleanout request form

Photo of a laboratory cleanout

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Get rid of research equipment

Photo of laboratory equipment

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Renovate a laboratory

Photo of a laboratory renovation project

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Remove laboratory furniture

Photo of laboratory furniture

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Purge research chemicals

Photo of chemical storage shelf

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Relocate laboratory items

Image of chemical containers

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For more information, please contact:

Leanne Wright, MPH, CSP
Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 202-885-2007