Environmental Health and Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

American University is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for its entire staff.  In pursuit of this endeavor, a personal protective equipment policy has been developed to establish safe working practices for employees required to wear personal protective equipment during the course of performing their job duties.

It is important to remember that personal protective equipment will only prevent accidents and injuries when used in conjunction with safe and conscientious work practices. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, includes equipment for the eyes, face, head, and extremities; protective clothing; respiratory devices; and protective shields and barriers. Certain employees must utilize suitable PPE to prevent serious injury.  PPE requirements are further defined on the right-hand side of this page, under “Quick Links.”

If you have any questions or need more information about personal protective equipment, please contact:

Phillip J. Brown
Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 202-885-2367
Email: phil@american.edu

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