Payment Plan FAQs

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What plans are available?

There is no payment plan available for the summer term. Please check back for updates for options regarding the Fall 2014 term.

Summer tuition is due on May 1st or at the time of registration.

Fall 2014 tuition is due August 1st. The first APP payment due date will be August 1st.

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What happens if I do not indicate an option on my application?

If no plan is indicated on your application, you will be enrolled automatically in the plan available (based on enrollment period) with the highest number of installments.   

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Where can I find my current balance due for the application?

Your current balance due is available 24 hours a day on your Eagle Finance statement, or the Account Activity tab of your student Eagle Finance portal.

Find My Current Balance

In addition, you can find your current balance listed as the "Amount Due" on the paper bill.

Find my current balance.

This balance reflects any Federal loans and/or AU grants and scholarships which were part of your award package and have been accepted.

Outside scholarships and private loans will be deducted from your balance due upon receipt from the outside institution.

Please note Federal Work Study is paid directly to the student and will not be reflected in this balance. Federal Work Study should not be included in APP calculations.

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The Financial Aid listed on my portal is not what I was expecting. What should I do?

If you are expecting financial aid that is not reflected on your student account, logon to your student portal (, select the financial aid links and open the MyDocs Page for further information regarding your financial aid.

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What about my outside loans or scholarships?

Outside loans and scholarships will not be reflected on your account until payment is received. However, expected outside loans and scholarships still can be included in payment plan calculations.

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Where can I see the details of my payment plan online?

You can review your account and access a PDF bill on your student portal ( Under your Personalized Links, select Finances and then select Eagle Finance. On the Account Activity tab select View Payment Plans. This will open the Plan Information and Plan Schedule.

Payment Plan Details

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Can I change my budget amount?

You may change your budget amount by submitting a written request to from the student's AU assigned e-mail address. Please title e-mail: "APP Adjustment Request." American University reserves the right to adjust amounts indicated on applications as necessary to ensure the accuracy of participant installment amounts.

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How can a third party view my bill?

Per FERPA regulations, students must consent to release a record to a third party. Students can access PDF copies of their statements 24 hours a day and e-mail them to any interested parties.

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How can a third party make a payment towards my payment plan?

Online payment plan payments may only be made through the Student Portal by accessing Eagle Finance.

Third Party Individuals should mail check payments to:

American University – Student Accounts
Attn: American Payment Plan (APP)
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8073

Please write  the student  AU ID number and name on the check.

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Is there a summer payment plan option?

American University does not have a payment plan for the summer term. All payments are due in full by May 1st or at the time of registration.  

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How can I terminate my enrollment in the plan?

You can terminate your enrollment in the payment plan at any time by e-mailing Please note,  if your account is not paid in full when your plan is terminated, the balance will be subject to 1% finance charges per university guidelines.

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How can I submit my payment plan application?

Please submit your signed (student and bill payer signature required) payment plan application by one of the following methods:

Mail to:

American University – Student Accounts
Attn: American Payment Plan (APP)
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016-8073 

Email to:

  1. Print your completed PDF-application
  2. Sign your application (student and bill payer signature required) 
  3. Scan a copy of your signed application
  4. Submit the scanned copy of your application as an attachment by email (Subject line should read APP Completed Application with the student's name and ID number. Example: APP Completed Application, Clawed Eagle, 9876543).

Fax application to (202) 885-1139.

Please note that applications must be signed by both the Student and Bill Payer.

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Whom do I contact if I have a question regarding my statement?

Please follow the links to the appropriate offices for questions regarding:

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