Payment Plan Overview

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Payment Plan Overview

American University offers the American Payment Plan (APP) to students in the fall and spring terms as an alternative to paying your bill in full at the start of each term.

The plan splits your Fall or Spring semester balance into convenient monthly payments, with no interest charged. By budgeting ahead for the upcoming term's charges, you may be able to reduce the amount of loans needed for the school year. Please note, there is no summer payment plan option.

IF YOU ARE PAYING ONLINE, PLEASE NOTE: online payment plan payments can only be made and processed through the Student Eagle Finance portal, using the student's username. Please do not use the parent portal to make payment plan payments, as they will not be reflected on your payment plan account.

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Payment Plan Options for Fall 2015

Enrollment Period-1 : Applications Received by July 24, 2015

5-months: Payments due August 1 through December 1

4-months: Payments due August 1 through November 1

3-months: Payments due August 1 through October 1

2-months: Payments due August 1 through September 1

Enrollment Period -2: Applications Received between July 25, 2015- August 15, 2015

4-months: Payments due September 1 through December 1

3-months: Payments due September 1 through November 1

2-months: Payments due September 1 through October 1

Enrollment Period-3: Applications Received between August 16, 2015- September 15, 2015

3-months: Payments due October 1 through December 1

2-months: Payments due October 1 through November 1

E-mail notifications with detailed Payment Plan information will be sent to students shortly after enrollment period application deadline. Payment Plan information will become available for review and payments online at the same time. Applications will be processed according to the enrollment period in which they are received. We reserve the right to assign a plan if an application is received outside the enrollment period for the plan indicated. No applications will be accepted after September 15th for Fall 2015. A new application will be required for Spring 2016 should you wish to participate.

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Plan Basics

1. Students must be registered and have accounts in good standing (all summer and prior term balances must be paid in full) prior to applying for the current semester's payment plan. Students may view their statements and registration any time by logging into their myAU Student Portal and within the "Personalized Links", clicking "Finances" and selecting "Eagle Finance".

2. There is a $30 non-refundable setup fee due each semester. A new application is required for each semester in which you wish to participate in a payment plan.

3. Upon enrollment, all APP correspondence (including confirmations of enrollment) is sent to the student's AU email address. Payment reminders will be sent electronically two weeks before each payment due date. Students may forward correspondence and PDF statements from their Eagle Finance portal to parents or other third party payers.

4. American University reserves the right to calculate installments based on account balances at the time of processing. Initial installment amounts will be listed in the confirmations of enrollment sent to student AU email addresses. Plan balance may change with the account activity. Please make sure to review your account regularly. Students should be forwarding any and all information necessary to those that need it.

5. It is the participant's responsibility to monitor their accounts and installment amounts. Low installment payments are subject to a $40 late fee. Students may review their payment plans 24 hours a day through Eagle Finance.

6. If you wish to make adjustments to your statement charges, please contact For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Late Payments and Fees

  • Payments are due the 1st of each month. Accounts will be subject to a $40 late fee and financial restriction for each late payment or any payment that does not cover installment amount in full.
  • Accounts delinquent by two or more payments will be canceled from the plan and are subject to a monthly 1% finance charge and financial restriction per University guidelines.
  • Any finance charges incurred prior to your selected plan start date will not be waived. View payment due dates for the 2015-2016 academic year.
  • Any balance remaining after your selected payment plan's final due date becomes immediately due per University guidelines. Please see the Student Payment and Disclosure Statement for more information regarding student tuition and fee balances.

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Online Student Portal Access

The Office of Student Accounts offers students online access to their account information and registration. Students can review the details of their accounts and payment plans by logging into their student portal by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into your student portal at
  2. Under the Finances section in your personalized links, select Eagle Finance.
  3. To view account information and payment summaries by term, click on the Account Activity tab.
  4. To save a PDF statement to your computer, select the term you wish to view and click View Statement. Then, save the document which comes up. This statement may be emailed to any third parties with whom you wish to share your account information.

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Making Payment on Plans

Payment Due

Payment due date is always the first of each month.

Online Payments

Please note: All online payments must be made through the student portal at Eagle Finance.

Online payments will be reflected immediately on your Eagle Finance statement. They can be made by logging into Eagle Finance and selecting the Make a Payment tab. Payments may be made by the following methods:

  • Online eCheck payments can be made using a US bank account (checking or savings). There is no fee to pay by eCheck.
  • Online credit card payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Please note, a non-refundable credit card convenience fee of 2.55% will be charged to your credit card account when making credit card payments applied to your student account bill.

Payments by Mail

Payments by check, cashier's check or money order must be sent to:

American University-Student Accounts
Attn: American Payment Plans (APP)
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8073
  • When submitting payment by mail, please allow extra time for your payment to arrive by the 1st of the month.
  • Automatic monthly payment setup through your bank should be arranged before the 1st of the month, to ensure payment is received by the due date. Payments must be done through a US Bank with a US address to process.
  • The student 7-digit AU ID number and name must be listed on any mailed check to avoid processing delays.


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