Eagle Finance

screenshot of Eagle Finance

Access Eagle Finance through the myau.american.edu student portal.

Eagle Finance, a new student financial view, has replaced the Student Snapshot on the Student Portal (https://myAU.american.edu).

Eagle Finance provides a more detailed, dynamic, and user-friendly accounting of student finances, for current and prior terms, with a breakdown of Charges, Payments, Anticipated Financial Aid, and Refunds.

You can view: 

  • Payments Received – payments received are broken down into Student, Financial Aid, and Sponsor Payments.
  • Anticipated Financial Aid (formerly called "Pending Financial Aid") - description of individual, anticipated, and disbursed award amounts, including reasons why award amounts have not disbursed.
  • Refunds – refunds processed and the method of the refund (e-check or paper check).

Video Tutorial

For a tour of the new interface, check out the video tutorial.

If you have any questions related to Eagle Finance, please contact AU Central at aucentral@american.edu.