Online Refund Requests

For students that have a credit balance on their accounts, due to overpayment or financial aid, they can request to have that balance released to them in the form of a refund check.

The on-line form gives you the opportunity to request a full or partial refund, to have your refund check mailed or held for pick up, and it lets you include an address in a more streamlined manner than before. The on-line refund request will also allow you to personally make changes to your request prior to the refund being processed.

To apply for a refund you will need to utilize the On-line Student Refund Request Form on the AU portal. The old request methods through your AU assigned email address, faxes and hard copy forms in the Student Account office will no longer be accepted as an authorized refund request.  

Once you have a refund request on file, and there is a refundable credit on your student account, a refund will take about five to seven business days to process.  

For information regarding the new ACH Direct Deposit system for student refunds, see the following web page: