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Sustainability Book Club

Each month, the Office for Sustainability invites everyone in the AU community to join them for an informal discussion of that month’s book. Books cover a range of topics related to sustainability, including water scarcity, ocean pollution, and urban farming. RSVP to join us. Participants are invited to bring their lunch.


March: The Farm on the Roof by Anastasia Cole Plakias

Mar 23, noon – 1p.m., Location McKinley 102

April: A Window on Eternity: A biologist’s walk through Gorongosa National Park by E.O. Wilson
Apr 20, noon – 1p.m., Location McKinley 102 

Previous Books

February 2016: Climate Change: What everyone needs to know by Joseph Romm

March 2016:  Greenthink by Rick Fedrizzi

April 2016: Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert

May 2016: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

June 2016: The Upcycle by William McDonough 

October 2016: Water 4.0 by David Sedlak

November 2016: Cooked by Michael Pollen

February 2017: Plastic Ocean by Capt. Charles Moore