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Are you doing it?

Do What? Save Energy!

This November's energy competition pits our res halls against one another and regionally against GWU and Howard U to conserve energy. Do it in the dark to save electricity!

Step up your efforts to save energy throughout November. Each res hall will be competing to see which building can reduce electricity usage by the largest percentage compared to last November. The winning res hall will win a chocolate fountain dessert party during finals week!

The savings of ALL of AU's res halls will be totaled and compared to savings versus George Washington and Howard University. The winning campus will also win a prize. 

Do these 5 simple steps to conserve, or get creative! Post your energy saving strategies on our Facebook page - the idea with the most Likes will win a solar-powered desk lamp.

1. Do it in the dark. Turn off the lights.

Make a habit of flipping the switch when you leave a room - even common areas. And when you do need light, turn off the overhead lights and use desk or bedside lamps with CFL or LED bulbs.

2. Stop sucking. Zap your energy vampires.

Appliances suck energy even when they’re turned off. Unplug things like TVs, microwaves, computers, and cell chargers when they are not in use. An easy way is to plug everything into a power strip, and just flip the switch to kill the current to all of your vampires at once.

3. It's Getting Hot in Here!

Heating hogs energy. Turn the heat to low (68 F if your room has temperature control) and turn the fan to low. If you open your window to get fresh air, just open it a crack and be sure to close it again if you leave the room. 

4. Chill out. Turn down the fridge.

It takes a lot of juice to keep the fridge humming 24/7. Turn down the temperature setting in your fridge. Better yet, unplug it when it’s empty.

5. Step it up. Take the stairs.

Elevators send energy use to the top floor. Skip the ride and take a stride up the stairs. You’ll burn some calories too!


  • Pledge to Conserve: Any student taking the pledge to save electricity (online under Quick Links at right) receive a Green Eagle pin, a door hanger, and will be entered into a prize drawing. Ten students will receive solar-powered LED desk lamps.

  • Winning Res Hall: The res hall that reduces electricity by the greatest percentage compared to other AU halls will win a dessert fountain complete with a chocolate fountain.

  • Winning Campus: If AU saves more electricity than GWU or Howard, our campus will be awarded an additional prize.