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Zero Waste

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The Three "R"s

"Reduce, reuse, recycle" may be an old adage, but the message still rings true. Reduce the amount of things you buy and the amount of packaging on those things; reuse items whenever possible rather than buying new or replacing; and recycle any inevitable waste at the end of an item's useful life. It's always better to reduce or reuse, but when things must be discarded, we have the ability to recycle and compost many different types of items on campus.

Student Sustainability Educators

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 The Office of Sustainability hires Student Sustainability Educators, conducting peer to peer outreach, to advance the sustainability goals and initiatives of the AU. Students work on projects including green transportation, zero waste, energy efficiency and carbon neutrality, water and conservation, and local and organic food. Applications for next year will be open in April. Please check the sustainability newsletter and the student jobs page for additional information at that time.

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Student Groups

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Beekeeping Society

Zero Waste Club

Community Garden

Fossil Free

Outdoors Club

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Green Office

GO! Participants


Be a Green Office



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Sustainability in the Curriculum


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Compost Collection

Composting is the process of speeding up the natural decomposition process of organic material to create a nutrient-rich soil. AU currently composts 33% of its organic waste, and uses the soil produced on campus.

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