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AU Community

All members of the AU community are invited to join the Sustainability Book Club

Every Spring, the AU community is invited to volunteer with Campus Beautification Day


Student Sustainability Educators

The Office of Sustainability hires Student Sustainability Educators, conducting peer to peer outreach, to advance the sustainability goals and initiatives of the AU. 

Student Organizations

There are numerous student organizations dedicated to waste, gardening, beekeeping, energy, and the environment. 


Green Office

The Green Office Program supports and rewards offices that adopt sustainable practices within their team. Through the completion of three checklists, offices progressively expand their commitment to advancing university sustainability initiatives.

Find more information for staff.


Sustainability in the Curriculum 

Request a sustainability tour, guest lecture by Office of Sustainability Staff, or data on campus sustainability by e-mailing


American University's Environmental Collaborative, ("ECOllaborative").

Green Teaching Program

The Center for Teaching, Research and Learning manages the Green Teaching Certificate. Faculty members at American University can qualify for a Green Teaching Certificate by answering a number of questions about their efforts to make their courses more sustainable. 

Find more information for faculty. 

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AU Sustainability Newsletter

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Campus Sustainability Tour

Office of Sustainability offers guided tours of campus sustainability. E-mail

Sustainability Book Club

Join us for a monthly discussion of a sustainability related book. 

Sustainability Education and Research at AU

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