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Green Eagle Ecoreps 2011-12

Green Eagles Group Photo 2012

Green Eagles

The 2011-2012 cohort of Green Eagle ecoreps includes 23 undergraduate and graduate students who strive to make a positive difference in sustainability in residence halls and staff offices around campus.

Resident Student Green Eagles | Office Green Eagles

Resident Student Green Eagles

Starr Brainard - Hughes Hall

Starr is a sophomore Environmental Science major and Arabic minor from St. Paul, Minnesota. She cares a lot about urban land use, functional landscapes, Egypt, and music! Her personal project will assess stormwater management on campus with the goal of adding rain gardens at AU.

Sophie Decher - Letts Hall

Sophie is a freshman International Studies major from Berlington, Vermont. She cares a lot about reducing waste and recycling. Her personal project aims to provide students living in Letts Hall with a way of drying their laundry that does not use electricity and that is cheaper than the cost of using an electric dryer.

Erin Emory - McDowell Hall

Erin is a sophomore Environmental Science and International Studies major from Fairfield, Pennsylvania. She cares a lot about consumption - using only what we need and reducing waste. Her personal project will investigate ways to cut down the amount of energy used in the American University computing complexes

Lucia Harold - Anderson Hall

Lucia is a freshman Business major from Fairfield, Connecticut. She cares a lot about waste reduction, minimizing the amount of garbage we throw out. Her personal project seeks to increase the usage of reusable water bottles and decrease the amount of plastic water bottles sold on campus and to push American University towards banning the sale of plastic water bottles.

John Kaszan - Federal Hall, Tenley Campus

John is a junior transfer student hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and majoring in Philosophy. He cares a lot about the moral aspect of living green and veganism. His personal project seeks to to make veganism on campus easier for existing vegans, easier for vegetarians to make that next step, and easier for people with traditional diets to not be afraid to look into it and give it a try.

Nihal Krishan - Centennial Hall

Nihal is a sophomore International Studies and Journalism major Singapore. He cares a lot about energy Waste – not using and wasting as much energy as we do today. His personal project seeks to expand composting on campus by introducing food compost bins for his residential hall and others based on the success of his project.

Green Eagle Lexy Kroot

Lexy Kroot - Anderson Hall

Lexy is a freshman Physics major from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She cares a lot about reducing energy consumption and making the switch to renewable energy sources. A little known fact about Lexy is that her favorite animal is Oryctolagus cuniculus, also known as the floppy-eared rabbit.

Contact me: ak1568a@student.american.edu or stop by Room 652

Hannah Kulakow - Nebraska Hall

Hannah is a junior Business Administration and Accounting major from Harrisonburg, Virginia. She cares a lot about consumer culture and avoiding waste. Through her personal project, Hannah will gather more information about the environmental impacts of Planet Aid clothes donation, and to seek out alternative donation methods that would keep donations in the DC area.

Katherin Sibel - Letts Hall

Katherin is a sophomore International Studies major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She cares a lot about water – preserving our natural resources and using less. Her personal project will communicate and assist with the piloting of reusable take-out containers to reduce waste from to-go containers in AU's dining hall.

Priyanka Srinivasa- Leonard Hall

Priyanka is a sophomore Anthropology major and International Relations minor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She cares a lot about Protecting wildlife, such as whales. Her personal project will study how the affects of a resident (Green Eagle or RA) on a hall floor can influence other students to have greener consumption patterns especially on products in the room (examples: fair trade/organic sheets, fair trade decor pieces, efficient light fixtures, etc).

Office Green Eagles

Davis Burroughs - Career Center

Davis is a junior Environmental Studies and Economics major afrom Fairfield, Connecticut. He cares a lot about sustainable development. His personal project will help better equip the Career Center at American University (AU) to provide information and advise students interested in pursuing green jobs - one of the country’s fasting growing employment arenas.

Josephine Chu - School of International Service

Josephine is a first year Global Environmental Politics MA student  from Bay Shore, New York. She cares a lot about local food, environmental justice, and health. Her personal project will focus on greening study abroad programs: Educating students about green initiatives in their study abroad country, providing opportunities to participate, and using that knowledge and experience acquired  to implement similar programs at AU or in the DC area.

Nick Connor - Material Supply Department

Nick is a first year Environmental Science MS student from Milwaukee, WI. He cares a lot about energy and water sustainability. His personal project will focus on finding greener alternatives to the items that the Material Supply division routinely purchases, such as batteries and lamps.

Russell Heim - Kogod School of Business

Russell is a sophomore Business major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His personal project will focus on greening the Kogod School of Business and investigating lighting and HVAC controls that could improve the energy efficiency within the building.

Andrew Feierman - Office of the Provost

Andrew is a senior studying Global Environmental Politics in the School of International Service from Vista, New York. He cares a lot about rising energy demand, and ultimate Frisbee. His personal project will attempt to work with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) on reducing e-waste.

Cole Mellino - Housing & Dining Programs

Cole is a junior Environmental Studies major from Cleveland, Ohio. He cares a lot about reducing his impact. Cole served as a Green Eagle in Fall 2011 and is studying abroad in the Spring 2012 semester. His personal project was to research composting in the kitchen in the main office of Housing & Dining Programs and the residence halls, and assist with Project Move-Out.

Subrikam Pandey - Campus Store

Subrikam (Subi) is a junior Economics major from Potomac, Maryland. He cares a lot about efficiency in infrastructure and systems. His personal project will include a comparative analysis of regional and collegiate bike share programs in order to find ways in which to make the AU Student Bike Lending program more accessible and to raise awareness and participation of our program.

Ryan Ramirez - Bender Library

Ryan is a first year Masters of Public Policy student from Sterling, Virginia. He cares a lot about green energy - transitioning from traditional energy sources to renewable and sustainable sources. His personal project will analyze the feasibility of using tablet computers to perform a variety of tasks throughout the library as a way to reduce paper usage.

Sarah Rouhan - University Center

Sarah is a senior Justice major from Gilford, New Hampshire. She cares a lot about supporting local farmers and improving health by eating farm fresh, humane raised, local food. Her personal project will focus on greening university events and will create an online tool that provides all the information necessary for individuals to create events that are environmental and sustainable.

Green Eagle Sara Schwartz

Sara Schwartz - Facilities Management

Sara is a junior Environmental Studies major from East Lyme, Connecticut. She cares a lot about the sustainable use of natural resources, running, and being outdoors. A little known fact about Sara is that her favorite fruit is Mangifera indica, also known as the mango.

Contact me: ss2802a@student.american.edu


Green Eagle Becca Shapiro

Becca Shapiro - Department of Psychology

Becca is a sophomore Environmental Studies major from Highland Park, Illinois. She cares a lot about lowering consumption and its impact on the environment, as well as the relationship between consumption and happiness. A little known fact about Becca is that she has a unicorn collection.

Contact me: rs7369a@student.american.edu


Amelia Sklaroff

Amelia Sklaroff - Housing and Dining Programs

Amelia is a junior Environmental Studies major from Woodstock, New York. She cares a lot about organic food, agriculture, and eating locally and healthily. A little known fact about Amelia is that she can sing, but only does so when she absolutely has to.

Contact me: as8977a@student.american.edu