Dream is Green

Green Eagle Peer Educators 2012-13

Who is my Green Eagle?

Each of AU's 12 residence halls has one or two resident Green Eagle ecoreps. Find your Green Eagle and contact them to find out about upcoming sustainability events, initiatives, competitions, tips, tricks, and more. 

South Campus: Anderson Hall | Letts HallClark and Roper Halls | Centennial Hall

North Campus: Leonard Hall | McDowell Hall | Hughes Hall

Tenley Campus: Capital Hall | Congressional Hall | Federal Hall

Green Eagle Student Coordinators

Katie Hanson

Katie Hanson

Katie is a senior environmental studies and political science major from Downers Grove, Illinois. She served as a Green Eagle in the 2010-11 school year and is returning for the first time as a student coordinator. Her greatest sustainability concern is the sustainability of cities, and the importance of helping urban inhabitants feel a greater connection to nature. Outside of class, you can find Katie involved with EcoSense and the SPA Leadership Program.

Contact mekh902a@student.american.edu 

Katherin Sibel - Leonard Hall

Katherin is a sophomore international studies major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She served as a Green Eagle in Letts Hall in 2011-12 and is returning for the first time as a student coordinator. She cares a lot about preserving water resources and using less. In addition to the Green Eagles, Katherin is an active member of EcoSense, Real Food AU, Citizens for Global Solutions, and the Latin American Student Organization (LASO).

Contact me: ks0978a@student.american.edu or visit me in Leonard 401

Resident Student Green Eagles

Sassy Dale Green Eagles 2012

Sassy Dale - Anderson Hall

Sassy is a junior from York, Maine, and designed her own interdisciplinary major in ethics. She cares a lot about creating and maintaining a suitable living environment for all life on the planet. A history buff, you can find Sassy particing in Student Historical Society events and helping out with KPU speakers throughout the year.

Contact me: sd9707a@student.american.edu or stop by Anderson 229

Megan Clark Green Eagles 2012

Megan Clark - Centennial Hall

Megan is a sophomore public communication major from Scituate, Massachusetts. She is interested in how the food industry can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Megan's biggest sustainability vice is that she sometimes takes long showers, but is trying to remember to save water. An SOC Ambassador, she can tell you all about the field of communications as well as ways to go green in the residence hall, and is also a member of the PRSSA.

Contact memegan@clark90.net or stop by Centennial 633


Rachael Somerville Green Eagles 2012

Rachael Somerville - Clark and Roper Halls

Rachael is a sophomore is a double major in environmental studies and international studies from Southern California. She's proud to be a Roperian this year, and is excited to work with Clark Hall as well and accompany residents of both halls on many amazing field trips. Her two biggest sustainability concerns are water conservation and sustainable food. When not educating Clark and Roper about how to go green, you can find Rachael volunteering throughout DC or taking in the Smithsonian museums.

Contact me: rs6495a@student.american.edu or Roper 217

Alison Shapiro Green Eagles 2012

Alison Shapiro - Hughes Hall

Alison is a freshman journalism major from Poolesville, Maryland, who joins the AU community this year after attending another institution where she was very active in environmental causes. Her biggest sustainability concerns are climate change and sustainable agriculture. Alison is in the Honors Program and is excited to work with the honors community and all of Hughes Hall to go green!

Contact me: as5641a@student.american.edu or stop by Hughes 618

Duncan Gilchrist Green Eagles 2012

Duncan Gilchrist - Letts Hall

Duncan is a freshman international studies major from Wappingers Falls, New York. His greatest sustainability concern is raising awareness and fighting apathy toward environmental issues, specifically hydrofracking. Duncan's top green tip for residents of Letts Hall is to save money with reusable water bottles while reducing consumption of plastics. Duncan remembers the time he threw a peach pit into a "paper only" recycling bin, and is now very careful to sort his waste properly and is happy to show anyone how to do so.

Contact me: dg7220a@student.american.edu or stop by Letts 638

Brooke Loving-Bagwell, Green Eagle Letts Hall

Brooke Loving-Bagwell - Letts Hall

Brooke is a freshman international studies major from Austin, TX. Her biggest sustainability concern is all of the packaging that food comes in, and how to properly keep all of that paper, plastic, and metal out of landfills. Brooke is also a member of the Student Health Advisory Council, and is always looking out for the health of both her fellow students and the planet.

Contact me: bl5361a@student.american.edu or stop by Letts 416

Meaghan Cuddy Green Eagles 2012

Meaghan Cuddy - McDowell Hall

Meaghan is a sophomore environmental studies and economics major from Oak Ridge, New Jersey. She cares a lot about water pollution and its effects on plants, animals, and people. Her biggest sustainability vice is that she eats a lot of packaged food while running from class to class, but the new reusabe containers in TDR will be a big help. Meaghan's top sustainability tip for McDowell Hall is to turn off the water while washing your hair and shaving, as it saves gallons and makes it easier to maneuver around the shower. You can find Meaghan volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega, giving tours as an AU Ambassador, working with AUSG Bike Lending, or interning at Casey Trees.

Contact me: mc5206a@student.american.edu or stop by McDowell 220

Nathan Strauss Green Eagles 2012

Nathan Strauss - McDowell Hall

Nathan is a sophomore journalism major from Glenside, Pennsylvania. His greatest sustainability concerns are management of stormwater, public health, and hydrofracking. When not greening McDowell Hall, you can find Nathan at AU's Community Garden by the tennis courts.

Contact me: ns4571a@student.american.edu or stop by McDowell 224

Thomas Meyer Green Eagles 2012

Thomas Meyer - Nebraska Hall

Thomas is a junior international studies and environmental science major from Port Angeles, Washington. His biggest sustainability concern is climate change. When not educating the Nebraska Hall community about sustainability, Thomas is an active member of EcoSense and the Community Action and Social Justice (CASJ) Collective.

Contact me: thomas32492@gmail.com or stop by Nebraska 204

Leo Brody Green Eagles 2012

Leo Brody - Tenley Campus

Leo is a freshman environmental studies and philosophy major in the Washington Mentorship Program from Raleigh, North Carolina. Leo lives in Congressional Hall but works to help all residents of Tenley Campus go green. His greatest sustainability concern is over-fishing. You can find him at EcoSense meetings and exercising his extensive debate skills with the AU Debate Team.

Contact me: lb1306a@student.american.edu or stop by Congressional 222

Karie Evans Green Eagles 2012

Karie Evans - Tenley Campus

Karie is a freshman political science major in the Washington Mentorship Program from Kensington, Maryland. Karie lives in Congressional Hall but works to help all residents of Tenley Campus go green. Her top sustainability tip for Tenley Campus is to use canvas bags when going to the grocery store.

Contact me: evans.karie4@gmail.com or stop by Congressional 126