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Green Office (GO!)

About GO!

Find answers to frequently answered questions, how to get started with GO!, certification levels, and more.

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Green Office (GO!) FAQ

Why GO!?

GO! provides a multitude of benefits to participating offices:

  • improved material, energy, and water efficiency;
  • reduced waste;
  • enhanced office spirit, cohesion, and culture;
  • recognition as a campus sustainability leader;
  • contribute toward our program of earning LEED certification for campus buildings;
  • fulfillment of our strategic plan commitment to “an active pursuit of sustainability.”
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How GO! Works

Each GO! office designates a staff liaison who serves as a sustainability educator and leader, attends monthly training sessions offered by the Office of Sustainability, and encourages registration in AsustainableU. 

To participate in GO!, each staff and faculty member in the office creates an account in AsustainableU and completes sets of sustainability actions, with each month of the year focusing on a different sustainability topic or theme such as green commuting or office supply purchasing.

Awards are given to the most active offices each month and at the end of the academic year. At the end of the year, offices are also assigned a GO! certification ranging from Participant to Platinum depending on their performance. The program is designed to be ongoing, promoting continuous improvement each year.

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GO! Certification Levels

Offices earn either a Participant, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum GO! certification depending on how many actions their staff complete. Offices can improve their certification level from year-to-year and repeat participation is frequent and encouraged.

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What is an "office"?

An office, in terms of GO!, can be defined however staff and faculty find it easiest to group themselves. Usually, this is done by either geographic area (everyone who works in a particular suite or office space), or by functional area (everyone who works with accounting). Offices in GO! have ranged from entire divisions of the university with 100+ staff members, to small offices of 3 staff. Generally, offices of about 10-20 staff members tend to be easiest to manage with the best results.

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