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Each Green Eagle selects a personal research project and works throughout the year to gather data to solve problems related to sustainability on campus. For more information on any of the projects below, please contact sustainability@american.edu.

2010-2011 Personal Projects

  • Brighid Milan & Cole Mellino - Charting Emissions from Food Services (CHEFS) - quantifying emissions from farming, food transport, and storage.
  • Nate Cover - Delamping Roper - Surveying residents to determine comfort with lighting before and after removing lamps in common areas
  • Chelsea Silber - Vending machine energy efficiency: Are energy costs greater than revenues?
  • Alyssa Frederick - Edible landscape: Green roof gardens and options for new community garden space
  • Katie Hanson - Reusable to-go containers, alternatives to disposable take-out at AU
  • Cristina Kladis - Composting toilets and gray water systems: Potential for new construction at AU
  • Nihal Krishan - Sustainable body care - which are the best products for health, environment, and society
  • Kayla Ma - Bike friendly AU - maps, safety brochures, and improving the student-bike lending program.
  • Mona Abisourour - Resident student sustainable living guide
  • Carmen Rodi - Green Tenley - communications campaign for Tenley students; exploring drying rack rentals in res halls
  • Denis Sgouros - Trayless Tenley - how can we make Tenley Campus trayless too?