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Sustainability Intern Bios

Who is my Sustainability Intern?

Each participating GO! office has a Sustainability Intern dedicated to helping the office go green. Learn more about your office's Sustainability Intern and contact them to find out about upcoming sustainability events, initiatives, competitions, tips, tricks, and more.

Sustainability Intern 2012 Candice Allouch

Candice Allouch

Candice is a senior International Studies and Psychology major graduating at the end of this year! She is from Miami, FL and helping the Career Center, AU Abroad office, and Department of Literature go green. Candice's favorite sustainability tip is to drink from a reusable water bottle because it saves the planet and your pocketbook!.

Contact meca8582a@student.american.edu 

Sustainability Interns 2012 Valerie Bandell

Valerie Bandell

Valerie Bandell is a first year Masters of Science in Sustainability Management student from Baltimore, MD. She is helping to improve sustainability in a number of diverse offices: Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Academic Support Center, University Center, and the SPA Dean's Office. Valerie's biggest sustainability concerns have to do with agriculture and food security.

Contact me: bandellva@gmail.com

Sustainability Interns 2012 Tula Biederman

Tula Biederman

Tula Biederman is a sophomore Public Health major from Sebastopol, CA. As the lone Sustainability Intern still living on campus, Tula is working with Housing & Dining Programs as well as the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost. Her biggest sustainability concerns are health-related issues such as water sanitation, pollutants, and organic food as well as waste production. She thinks that everyone should compost and will attempt to have her offices do just that!

Contact me: tb0384a@student.american.edu

Sustainability Interns 2012 Jordan Brewster

Jordan Brewster

Jordan Brewster is a first year student working on her Masters of Science in Sustainability Management degree. She is from Mendham, NJ and working with the Kogod School of Business Development and Administration Offices, the Music Library, and the University Library – the reigning GO! co-champion. Her favorite sustainability tip is simple and easy to remember: UNPLUG IT!

Contact mejordanricebrewster@gmail.com

Sustainability Interns 2012 Maggie Coulter

Maggie Coulter

Maggie Coulter is a second year law student in the Washington College of Law and a first year Global Environmental Policy in the School of International Service. As a law student she'll also be helping the WCL Admissions Office and WCL Facilities Department excel in the Green Office program. Her biggest sustainability concern is promoting sustainable development in less developed countries through sustainable trade regimes.

Contact me: maggiemooose@gmail.com

Sustainability Interns 2012 Tasia Poinsatte

Tasia Poinsatte

Tasia Poinsatte is a senior International Studies and Environmental Studies major (plus Econ and French minor) from Boulder, CO. Her biggest sustainability concern is climate change and clean energy. Tasia is working with Development & Alumni Relations, the University Registrar, the Center for Latin American & Latino Studies, and the Office of the University Architect and Construction Management to help them go green through AU's Green Office (GO!) program.

Contact me: np8600a@student.american.edu

Green Eagle Sara Schwartz

Sara Schwartz

Sara Schwartz is a senior Environmental Studies major and International Relations minor set to graduate this spring. She is working with Facilities Management, Student Accounts, and the Department of Psychology on the GO! Program and is a repeat Office of Sustainability employee from last year. Her favorite sustainability tip is that showering directly after exercising saves hot water!

Contact me: ss2802a@american.edu

Sustainability Interns 2012 Andrea Sherrill

Andrea Sherrill

Andrea Sherrill is from Whippany, NJ. She is a senior majoring in Political Science and Economics. Her biggest sustainability concert is the inability of our gobernment to enact meaningful environmental legislation due to the large number of climate deniers in Congress. Andrea is working with Athletics, the Department of Physics, the Department of Computer Science, and the School of Education, Teaching, and Health.

Contact me: as5080a@student.american.edu

Lisa Toy

Lisa Toy is a second year master's student pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. She is from Miami, FL and working with many of AU's offices that are housed off-campus such as the University Budget Office, Auxiliary Services, Human Resources as well as the Global Scholars Program and SIS Program Development. Her biggest sustainability concern is pesticide use and environmental health impacts.

Contact me: ltoy@alumni.flagler.edu