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Project Move-Out

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Facilities Management - Zero Waste
Osborn, Room

Helen Lee
Zero Waste Coordinator

Facilities Management - Zero Waste
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8057
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About Project Move-Out

Project Move Out Team

Project Move-Out is a program co-developed by the AU Student Zero Waste Club, Facilities Management-Zero Waste, and Housing & Dining Programs. The program aims to capture the waste produced by students during move-out. Unwanted materials are collected then donated or sold back to the AU community at the Project Move-In Sale during student move-in weekends. 

Lightly used, unwanted items are collected. This includes clothes, accessories, shoes, small household goods, unopened toiletries and food. The unopened toiletries and nonperishable foods are donated to local charities. Click here to see what you can donate!

Move-Out Tips

1. TAKE IT: Pack in advance and take as much stuff home as possible.

2. STORE IT: Consider storing your items if you plan to come back to campus. UPS has storage options including in room delivery, free boxes and tape, and personal pick-up time. You can view more information here:

3. SELL IT: Try to sell unwanted items and get some of your money back. Options include E-bay, Craigslist, and various Facebook pages targeted at AU students.

4. DONATE IT: If you have exhausted all of your options, please donate to Project Move-Out. 


Join the Student Zero Waste Club to become a Project Move-Out volunteer! Sign-up using this Project Move-Out Volunteer form.

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