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Facilities Management - Zero Waste

Helen Lee
Zero Waste Coordinator

Facilities Management - Zero Waste
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8057

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Past Zero Waste Interns

Meet our past zero waste interns

Sophia Myszkowski

Zero Waste Interns Profile

Sophia Myszkowski

Sophia is a International Studies and Film &Media Arts double major that calls the lakes, plains, and suburbs of Minnesota home. She's worked for Zero Waste since September 2013 and has created a variety of media including promotional and informational videos as well as Instagram and Vine posts. Sophia is passionate about increasing public awareness and understanding about environmental issues and waste diversion. 

Max Almono


Max Almono is an American University student majoring in Finance and Information Systems and technologies. As an intern, his job encompassed using analytics to track AU's waste, delivered English and Spanish presentations to the University's ARAMARK team, along with the daily coordination and marketing campaigns for AU Zero-Waste 

Bryan Paz

Zero Waste Intern Profile

Bryan Paz

Bryan hails from the sunny shores of Miami and is majoring in Political Science and Public Relations. He's incredibly passionate about reducing contamination of the bins, raising awareness about the harmful environmental impacts of landfills &incinerators, and promoting reusable water bottle use. @BryanPaz_ 

Tyler Quintana

Zero Waste Intern Profiles

Tyler Quintana

Tyler studied in the School of International Service focusing on sustainable development in West Africa. He worked with Zero Waste in 2012 and has worked primarily on marketing, website design, and general outreach.