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Metro Safe Track

SafeTrack is an accelerated track work plan to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate the Metrorail system to improve safety and reliability. SafeTrack condenses three years' worth of work into approximately one year. The plan significantly expands maintenance time on weeknights, weekends, and midday hours and includes 15 "Safety Surges" - long duration track outages or restrictions for major projects in key parts of the system. The SafeTrack schedule highlights which parts of the system will be single tracking or closed during each surge.

If you experience commuting difficulty as a result of the SafeTrack initiative, please speak with your immediate supervisor.

Visit AU's transportation website to learn about all of the resources available for faculty, staff and students.

Commuter tools include:

  • Occasional parking program
  • Flex work policy
  • Resources for bicyclists
  • RideAmigos - Register with RideAmigos to log your ride and find a car pool partner and explore additional commuting options. Riders who register early will be eligible for prizes.

For a complete list of transportation options visit the transportation website.