Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit a request for an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

All requests for ACH and Fed Wires must be processed through Accounts Payable on the completed form, Wire Transfer Form for University Expenses. Upon approval by the Director of Accounts Payable or Controller, the signed form will then be forwarded to Treasury Operations for processing.


I need to send funds electronically to the University. What are the banking instructions?

Banking instructions for incoming funds transfers can be requested by emailing Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) payments can also be made via E-check on the secure portal.


I have submitted a request for a funds transfer. How can I find out the status of my request?

Treasury will send email confirmations to requestors once funds have been sent. Generally, domestic wire transfers will settle in the beneficiary’s account same-day. International wire transfers usually settle within 2-3 days. If a request is returned by the bank for any reason, Treasury will notify the requestor. Inquiries may also be made via email to


How can I find out if funds I’ve been expecting have arrived?

If you have a general idea as to when funds are expected to arrive, an email or telephone inquiry to Treasury staff can confirm receipt of funds.


How do I set up a new location to accept credit cards?

All requests for new credit card merchant ID’s, whether web-based or Point-of-Sale, must be submitted to Treasury Operations for review and processing.