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Updating Web Pages

Reviewing your Web page for Accuracy

Every so often it is a good idea to review your web pages for accuracy. When you recieve a reminder for your yearly Web site review, or if you know there have been major changes in your department, re-read your Web pages and make sure all content is accurate and up-to-date.

Things to which are likely to need updating:


  • Example: office operating hours, deadlines to submit applications

Contact information

  • Example: Phone numbers, e-mails, names of staff to contact for specific task. Make sure the listed staff still work here!
  • "Meet the Staff" profile pages – check to make sure list is accurate, staff titles, and contact info is correct.
  • "About Us" - Is the name of the division and departments within it still accurate? If you talk about the division's accomplishments, does this section need to be updated with more recent projects?

Other things to test:

  • Test any forms to make sure they are easy to use, submit properly, and have an accurate confirmation message
  • Click on all links to make sure they open properly and connect to correct item/page.
  • Check all linked/uploaded documents – are they the current, correct document?

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