Report of Gifts 2011-2012


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Parents of Current Students
Patricia A. Achilles and George A. Achilles
Joan S. Addie and Richard J. Addie
Ajay Adhikari
Edith M. Allen and Christopher B. Allen
Anne R. Alleva and Richard J. Alleva
Marie E. Altieri and David J. Altieri
Esperanza P. Alzona MA ’98 and David R. Crosson
Helen C. Anderson and Lee K. Anderson
Ruth A. Anderson and Daniel W. Smith
Daisy P. Angeles
Nancy Arnot and Brian Kathenes
Nina Assefi and Ali A. Assefi
Cindy Avery and Richard O. Avery
Elena S. Bacmeister and Julio T. Bacmeister
Graham W. Bailey
Amanda J. Baltierra and David A. Baltierra
Carolyn Baptista and Rui M. Baptista
Jean M. Barbour and William J. Barbour
Elizabeth M. Bargmann and Michael G. Bargmann
Marla F. Schay-Barker and Robert H. Barker
Maria D. Barros
Ingrid C. Bartley and Robert S. Bartley
Scott A. Bass and Elyse Jacob
Sara Bassan and Daniel Bassan
Colleen M. Baum and Michael L. Baum
Mary M. Baumann and Charles G. Baumann
Cynthia Baumgartner and Richard Baumgartner
Madeline Bayles and Robert Bayles
Gloria Beck
Veronica Belloni and Jose P. Belloni
Laurie H. Benenson and Bruce W. Benenson
Judy Berger and Ray Powers
Olga V. Berry and Ralph C. Berry
Rosaleen A. Bertolino and Thomas M. Cowardin
Esther B. Cohen and Robert P. Bertrand
Sara E. Bigley and Donald J. Bigley
Nina M. Binstein and Richard S. Binstein
Paula A. Bishop and Thomas L. Drewenskus
Josephine O. Boardman and Victor O. Boardman
Dorothy M. Bobman and David E. Bobman
Regina R. Bock and James G. Bock
Dorit A. Bollinger and John A. Bollinger
Patricia A. Borshoff and Timothy W. Borshoff 1893
Innes K. Borstel and Christopher L. Borstel ’79
Brenda M. Bosma and Willem G. Bosma
Eileen C. Bower and Russell A. Bower
Lucy A. Brennan and James R. Brennan
Susan Brennan
Deborah L. Briffa and Richard T. Briffa
Deborah A. Briggs-Lustig and Barry Lustig
Jamie R. Brinkman and Paul E. Brinkman
Margaret Briscione and Gerald J. Briscione
Sandra L. Brody
Andrea R. Bronskill and John F. Bronskill
Elizabeth L. Brooks and Robert P. Brooks
Debra A. Brown and Charles K. Brown
Donna K. Brown and Gary A. Brown
Marie L. Brown and Kenneth O. Brown
Lisa Brown
Richard L. Brown MA ’79 and Marguerite B. Brown
Robin O. Brown
Sheri Brown and Timothy Brown
Thanh H. Bui and Bich-Van V. Bui
Susan M. Buller and William B. Buller
Sandra E. Bushnell and Richard H. Bushnell
Virginia M. Calcerano and Guy L. Calcerano
Stacie T. Calian
Alison S. Calta and Glenn M. Calta
Randall Cammenga
Marcy S. Caplin and David J. Caplin
Caren D. Carnecchia
Marilyn T. Carter and Mark Emamian
Douglas M. Cassel and Joyce H. Cassel 1893
Jack C. Cassell ’77 and Denise Cassell 1893
Beatriz Zevallos and Jorge Castaneda
Kathleen M. Cavasino and David J. Cavasino
Patricia L. Cavender and Lawrence K. White
Ann Marie Cetin and Jeffrey J. Cetin
Karen E. Chapple-Davis and Gregory D. Davis
Ann L. Charles
Xin Tao Chen
Cynthia K. Christy-Langenfeld ’88 and Randy Langenfeld 1893
Kimberly R. Cicero and Joesph J. Cicero Jr.
Jacqueline J. Cirillo-Meisenberg and Richard S. Meisenberg
Kristina M. Clark and Mark D. Clark
Peggy L. Clary and Walter S. Clary
Judy L. Cocchiara and Richard M. Cocchiara
Cheryl H. Cogswell and Arnold Cogswell
Julia Collard
Susan L. Connors and Timothy G. Connors
Pamela J. Cooper and Peter R. Cooper
Beverly B. Coppe
Francine Cornaglia and Mark C. Borton
Patricia O. Cornell and William J. Cornell
Lastenia Cortavarria
Joanne Costanza and Michael Costanza
Rebecca K. Crain and Kevin F. Crain
Laurie Crawford and Allyn J. Crawford
Darlene Crawford
Genevieve Creed and James S. Harkness
Amy R. Cribbs and Gregory D. Cribbs
Sarah C. Cross and David S. Cross
Barbara Crum
Frederick Crum
Robin M. D’Eri and Nicholas L. D’Eri
Loren L. Danielson ’80 and Jamie S. Danielson ’81 1893
Jean L. Davidow and Charles E. Davidow
Karen R. Davies and David C. Davies
Michelle D. Davis
Paula Dazio and Michael Dazio
Pamela M. Deese ’83, JD ’83 and Charles M. Deese
Patricia J. Deibel
Sharon Deligdish and Craig Deligdish
Carol M. DeMarco and Kenneth M. DeMarco
Doris S. Depadua and Philip E. Depadua
Patrick DeStefano and Stephanie J. DeStefano
Kathleen K. Dillman and Brian F. Dillman
Suzi Dinkneh
Lucinda K. Dobbs and Willoughby B. Dobbs
Fionnuala Dominguez and Leonel Dominguez
Melodie R. Domurad and Vernon J. Harward
Deborah Dranove and David S. Dranove
Nancy F. Driscoll and John H. Driscoll Sr.
Susan Z. Dryburgh and Joseph J. Dryburgh
Martha F. Duarte and Joaquin R. Duarte
William Dugdale
Mary E. Dwyer and James K. Dwyer
Deborah J. Edelstein and Philip D. Edelstein
Clara Eden
Elizabeth M. Egan and Robert W. Egan
Carl M. Eifler
Cheryl A. Einspahr and Michael R. Einspahr
Elizabeth Elliot-Meisel
Mary M. Elliott
Jane F. Ellison and Douglas B. Ellison
Jane B. Emons and Jeffrey B. Emons 1893
Anne K. Erickson and James P. Erickson
Patricia S. Erickson and Michael D. Erickson
Debra J. Esposito and Richard Esposito
Tracy L. Evilsizor and Jeffrey Evilsizor
Anne M. Falk and Ethan J. Falk
Emily A. Fanuele and Joseph J. De Chiara
Maryanne Farina and Gino Farina
Katherine W. Farquhar
Vickie L. Fazio and Gregory P. Fazio
Carol C. Feldmeier and Robert E. Feldmeier
Constance H. Fennewald and Gary J. Fennewald
Eva M. Ferrey
Linda Heath and Eric Fiegenbaum
Karan C. Field and Richard D. Field
Cindy Fisher and Truman Fisher
Nancy Fitzgerald and Michael Fitzgerald
Teresa Flannery and Brian Blair
Victoria Fleddermann and Stephen Fleddermann
Elayne R. Fodeman and Douglas E. Fodeman
Susan M. Forsell and Jeffery E. Forsell
Teresa Foster and Mark T. Foster
Carol L. Fox-Girovich and Howard I. Girovich
Diana M. Franchitto and John D. Franchitto
Sandra L. Francis and Thomas X. Francis
Sanna N. Franck and Collin T. Franck
Sara W. Franke and Joseph A. Franke Jr
Fredda S. Friedlander nad Gary S. Friedlander
Beth L. Friedman and Ronald A. Friedman
Gloria S. Friedman and Kenneth J. Friedman
Joan F. Friessnig and Michael T. Friessnig
Leigh J. Frost and David J. Frost
Ellen B. Fu MS ’82 and Chi Liu
Irong Fu
Nancy A. Fugosich-Cheng and Noland Cheng
Betsy B. Gabrielson and Mark J. Gabrielson
Cindy E. Gallagher and Bob M. Gallagher
Kathleen H. Gallagher and Daniel E. Gallagher
Elizabeth Garbarino and Joseph A. Garbarino
Nancy A. Garfinkel and Dan L. Garfinkel
Marcy J. Gast and Jay A. Gast
Jane Geenwald
Maureen B. Geier
Leslie L. Geoghegan and Joseph R. Geoghegan Sr.
Elizabeth M. Gertz and Kevin J. Gertz
Susan Z. Getlan ’79 and Steven T. Getlan ’79 1893
Monica Giberti and Riccardo Giberti
Barbara G. Gibson
Marshal D. Gibson 1893
Susan B. Gifford and Chris W. Gifford
Robin C. Gilchrist ’85 and Alexander J. G. Gilchrist ’85
Stephen Gill
Arden S. Ginsberg and Alan S. Ginsberg
Susan A. Gochman and Robert F. Gochman
Marion Goedde-Hackenberg and Wolfgang U. Hackenberg
Joan A. Goodhue and Russ A. Arlotta
Terri B. Goff and David C. Goff
Durrie D. Golding
Anne M. Goldman ’82 and Roger J. Goldman ’81
Maggie Goss and Drew Goss
Catherine M. Grace and James N. Grace
Cheryl N. Greenberg and James L. Greenberg
Colleen C. Greene and Richard V. Greene
Lynn C. Greenfield ’79 and Stephen E. Greenfield
Jane Greenwald and Lawrence A. Wein 1893
Julie A. Gualco-Patt and Michael D. Patt
Rose Guarracino and Anthony Guarracino
Einar Gundersen and Heddy S. Gundersen
Maureen Gupta and Arnab Gupta
Leigh M. Habermehl and Brian K. Habermehl
Margaret A. Hacker
Beth A. Haely
Kathryn A. Hall and Thomas C. Knutsen
Mary Handley
Lorraine M. Hanson and Thomas J. Zorn
Joanne B. Hare and Peter G. Hare
Jeanmarie Hargrave and Thomas E. Kerns
Sarah P. Hart and David C. Hart
Melissa A. Hasse and Edward M. Hasse
Janine M. Hattem and Michael I. Hattem
Dorothy F. Hayes and Charles E. Hayes
Mary M. Hayford MBA ’78 and Warren J. Hayford 1893
Kim J. Haynes and Darrell C. Haynes
Bethany P. Heaney and Michael D. Heaney
Larry Hendrix
Patsy Hendrix
Pamela R. Hershinson and David L. Coleman
Susan M. Lydon and Matthew E. Hermann
Lisa K. Herrmann
Alison G. Heston and Robert L. Parsons
Neil E. Heyden ’81 and Robin J. Heyden 1893
Claire E. Hinkle and Geoffrey L. Hinkle
Irene Hinsdale
Carol Hirschler and David S. Hirschler
Liz L. Hirtenstein
Carolyn J. Hofgesang and Paul J. Hofgesang
Martha S. Hogan and Timothy P. Hogan
Dana E. Hollander and Robert J. Hollander
Bertram W. Holman ’74 and Randysue Foster 1893
Olive A. Holmes
Mary Horvath and Charles Horvath
Dennis W. Houle
Ellen A. McCarthy and Charles E. Howell
Charles T. Howell JD ’74 1893
Beth A. Howland
Robert D. Hradsky and James A. Slayton
Robert S. Huberman ’74 and Laura Huberman 1893
Karen P. Hull and A. E. Hull Jr.
Susan M. Huth and Robert S. Rhinehart
Christine M. Hyman and Ralph T. Hyman
Karen M. Imbalzano and Anthony N. Imbalzano
Donna M. Interlicchio and Joseph J. Interlicchio
Jeffrey D. Irwin and Isabella B. Irwin
Bernard Jaar
Monique Jackson and Mitchell Jackson
Barbara A. James
Su Kyung Jeong and Keun Woo Lee
Sangeet P. Jeswani and Dilip R. Jeswani
Heidi Joanou and Dana Joanou
Carolyn C. Johnson
David Johnson
Winifred Jones
Linda S. Jordan and John W. Jordan
Lynne S. Kaminer and Daniel W. Ray
Mrinalini V. Kapadia and Pankaj C. Kapadia
Ron Kaplan
Stephen E. Kearns
Mary E. Keiser and Dennis W. Keiser
Adahyliah Kent and Timothy D. Kent
Cheryl A. Kerins and Stephen P. Kerins
Susan R. Kessler and Peter A. Kessler
Theresa Kiely and Eugene Kiely
Christine M. Kimock and Fred M. Kimock
Nancy W. King and William R. King
Patricia L. King and Marcus V. King
Amy D. Kivel and James G. Floyd
Sheila Klee and Terence Klee
Julie S. Knoll and Robert F. Knoll
Maddalena D. Knorr and Alfred L. Knorr
Linda S. Kobrin and Gary L. Greenblatt
Patricia B. Kolber and Vincent A. Kolber
Rosemarie C. Komorowski and David A. Komorowski
Lisa A. Korandovich and Robert J. Korandovich
Rose Koretsky and Michael J. Koretsky
Alison Korman-Feldman and Marc Feldman
Arlene G. Kornhaber and Michael J. Kornhaber
Jean A. Kostelansky and David J. Kostelansky
Olga Kramskaya and Andrey G. Kark
Carole L. Krasick and Fern E. Polaski
Judy K. Kryger and Robert A. Kryger
Gary M. Kunitake and Kimchele L. Kunitake
Jody R. Kussin and Steven J. Shoptaw
Simki G. Kuznick ’01 and Peter J. Kuznick 1893
Jill P. Kvalheim and David A. Kvalheim
Jinn Pyng Kwok and Hsing Chuan Kwok
Anna M. Lageson-Kerns and Robert L. Kerns
Donna Lamoreux-Graybill and James E. Graybill
Kimberly C. Lance and Jay T. Lance
Judith A. Lane and Edward M. Lane
Mary E. Langan and John B. Langan
Marni J. Latterman
Jacqueline Grapin Le Goc and Michel Le Goc 1893
Elaine D. Leach and Mark W. Leach
Sandra S. Leblanc and Gary J. Leblanc
Laura Lee and Robert Lee
Gwendolyn C. Lehleitner and Robert S. Lehleitner
Ruth Leininger and Gregory Leininger
Lynne T. Lerner and Mark D. Lerner
Michelle B. Levin and Steven M. Levin
Andrea Levine and Richard A. Levine
Benjamin M. Levy ’71 and Shelley Levy 1893
Lauren M. Leyden and Paul J. Leyden
Vera L. Lieber and Harvey Lieber 1893
Kristi R. Lind and John E. Lind
Peggy A. Lipp and Alan Lipp 1893
Chiyoko K. Lord and Kevin P. Lord
Barbara M. Lowe and Scott G. Miller
Lisa Lowe and Gary N. Lowe
Cynthia F. Lubin and David B. Lorsch
Patricia A. Lucci and Albert A. Lucci
Allison G. Lucero and James R. Lucero
Susan Lumpkins and Lawrence Lumpkins
Jackie Lurio and David Lurio
Kimberly A. Lutz and John F. Lutz
Patti Lynn and John Lynn
Elizabeth Mahoney and Larry Loomis
Diane Malchodi and Eric Malchodi
Diane Mallery
Jane F. Mangold and Martin Mangold 1893
Sandra M. Mantione and Anthony DeFranco
Gopal Marathe
Prathibha Marathe
Maria L. Margarida and Alberto R. Grau
Celeste D. Marin and Robert S. Marin
Janice K. Marks and Evan M. Marks
Richard B. Marks MBA ’70 and Emily Keshner 1893
Howard N. Markson
Renee E. Marlin-Bennett and Charles L. Bennett
Victoria A. Marsala and Paul J. Marsala
Laura G. Marsh and Peter H. Marsh
Lucinda Marshall
Jeanne M. Martori and Gerald B. Martori
Ileana V. Marvi ’81 and Hassan Marvi MSTM ’82
Jana S. Masenheimer and David L. Masenheimer
Laurie A. Massa and Peter C. Massa
Elizabeth F. Matera
Rebecca R. Matsakis and Demetrios J. Matsakis
Viki H. Matthews
Sally F. McBride and David C. McBride
Loch O. McCabe ’84 and Betsy L. McCabe
Pamella R. McCulloch
Darlene McGeorge and Troy McGeorge
Jacqueline L. McGourty and Gary F. Holland
Rosanne McHugh and John P. McHugh
Denise M. McIntyre and John F. McIntyre
J. D. McKeel and Rita McKeel
Peggy G. McMackin and Robert C. McMackin
Katrina T. McMillan and Alexander McMillan Jr.
Manju S. Mehra and Sanjay R. Mehra
Eva Mejia and Juan J. Mejia
Nexida Mejia
Susan Farrell-Melick and Brian M. Melick
Alan L. Meltzer ’73 and Amy Meltzer 1893
Cheryl L. Mendelson and Daniel J. Mendelson
Michaeline A. Mercer and Roosevelt Mercer
David E. Merrill
Bruce M. Meyer and Dorian M. Meyer
Karen A. Mildon and Michael Mildon
Suzy J. Miller and Glenn Martin P. Miller
Trese M. Miller and Carl L. Miller
Juliette M. Millin
Ketki J. Mody and Jaydeep J. Mody
Iqbal S. Mohamed and Shaida L. Mohamed
Jahangir Mohandesi and Jila Mohandesi
Joann M. Montepare and Paul A. Dizio
Jackie D. Montilio and Joseph E. Montilio
Christine E. Moo-Young ’87 and Michael W. Russell ’86
Bonnie J. Moore
Helen E. Morales and Jose Morales
Judith W. Morrissey and Richard C. Morrissey
Trula E. Mosher and Eric J. Mosher
Laura Mularz and Edward Mularz
Aida E. Muller
Regina M. Murphy
Heather M. Murphy and Robert J. Murphy
Alicja Nerga-Kozlowski and Antoni Kozlowski
Jeanne L. Nasiff and Mark Nasiff
Susan M. Nesline and Mark L. Nesline
Abbie H. Newman
Du Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen
Cynthia G. Nodell and David J. Severin
Nancy L. Ollinger and Richard Ollinger
Mary E. Olsen and Clifford I. Olsen
Stephen P. Olsson
Bonnie J. O’Neill and Terence O’Neill
Christia B. O’Neill and Thomas E. O’Neill
Laura M. O’Neill
Shawn K. Orme and Paul R. Orme
Maria L. Ortega ’85
Monica J. Ortiz
Mary E. O’Shea-Siegel and Louis J. Siegel
Elsie R. Palabrica and Christopher A. Palabrica
Debra Palacio
Valerie Paley and Jeffrey Paley
Marcia E. Paller and David A. Paller
Katherine W. Palmer and Walter S. Palmer
Asha Pandya and Ganesh Pandya
Jami L. Park and Ronald P. Hellendall
Richard Parker
Laurie E. Parker and Weston P. Parker
Patricia S. Patch and Robert D. Patch
Wendy M. Patriquin MA ’86
Tanya L. Patterson
Maria C. Pedicelli and Gabriel Pedicelli
Rebecca L. Pepper and Douglas R. Henderson
Wanda Perez
Aileen L. Peters and Kevin T. Peters
Debbi L. Peters and Kurt A. Peters
Martha E. Peterson
Charlene A. Peterson and Paul F. Peterson
Leta M. Petroff and George A. Petroff
Julie A. Phillips and Vernon E. Torney 1893
Jaclyn V. Polin and Stephen L. Polin
Danuta M. Poniatowski and Leszek M. Poniatowski
Jennifer A. Ponski and Mark B. Ponski
Catherine S. Pope and Thomas G. Pope
Catherine S. Pope and Thomas G. Pope
Diane W. Popper and Andrew F. Popper 1893
Michele M. Porter
Linda S. Posey and William P. Posey
Lydia Powell and Frederick W. Powell
Sharyn Powell and Michael H. Powell
Marianne T. Presnal and Michael J. Presnal
Gerianne B. Prom and Jeffery R. Prom
Lisa M. Pucci and John J. Pucci
Suellen Pulkstenis and Eduard J. Pulkstenis
Heidi J. Purzak and Martin D. Purzak
Kathy Z. Putnam and George Putnam
Jeffrey D. Raden JD ’74 and Rhonda M. Raden
Jennifer J. Ragde and Jorge V. Ragde
Laura M. Ragonese and James A. Ragonese
JoAnn M. Ralphs and Donald S. Ralphs
Linda P. Ramo and Bruce S. Ramo
Jill E. Rangos and John G. Rangos
John S. Reeves
Patti-Jane G. Reeves*
Susan Regan and Steven D. Regan
Karen L. Reilly
Beth K. Reiser and Monte E. Reiser
Carol Resor and Randolph Resor
Julia H. Reynolds and Charles R. Reynolds
Nancy B. Richards
Dianne C. Riley and Thomas N. Riley
Barbara E. Ritchie and Robert W. Messer
Brenda C. Robbins and Ronald E. Robbins
Gusanita Roberson
Eleanor Roberts and Sherman Roberts
Cynthia Roberston and Andrew C. Robertson
Patricia A. Robinson and Eldred H. Robinson
Cynthia Rodriguez and Efrain Rodriguez
Leonard W. Rogoff
Sheryl A. Rosburg and Jerry L. Rosburg
Donna S. Ross and Vincent M. Ross
Allison Rosson and Bill Rosson
Carol A. Rothenberg and Eric S. Rothenberg
Jodi Rothman and Fred Rothman
Maria Rotondo and Frank M. Rotondo
Tina M. Rowell and Mervin J. Rowell
Laurie S. Rudorfer and Matthew V. Rudorfer
Maria A. Ruiz and Roberto F. Fortuno
Jane W. Rutkowski and Robert Rutkowski
Susan H. Saffar
Dawn E. Salerno and Joseph N. Salerno
Melanie A. Levin and Jerald M. Saltzman
Celeste A. Sanabria and Jose Sanabria
Donna H. Sandfort and Edward E. Sandfort
Paula Santa and Jack Santa
Allison B. Sawyer
Linda R. Scanzano
Robert L. Scarvers and Lois E. Scarvers
Frances D. Schapperle
Robert Schapperle
Kimm Schneider and Mark Schneider
Mary Schoof and Rick Schoof
Kathryn A. Schott and Timothy C. Schott
Kathleen G. Doyle and Robert A. Schreck
Jeanne M. Schuman and William Pollock
Roberta Schwartz
Caroline L. Schweich-Kessler and Remi L. Kessler
Gail R. Seeger and Robert A. Seeger
Elaine P. Seeskin and Barry A. Seeskin
Manju T. Selinger and David P. Selinger
Elizabeth A. Henry and Andrew P. Shapiro
Marilyn C. Shea and Kevin F. Shea
Carmen G. Shelton
Susan M. Shor and Frank Shor
Gina Shreiner and Todd Shreiner
Karen A. Siletti and Richard D. Siletti
Byron and Elva Siliezar
Mary M. Silverman and Richard S. Silverman
Elizabeth A. Sinclair and Matthew F. Sinclair
Dale M. Sinesi and Peter J. Sinesi
Carla A. Siu and Rodney K. Siu
Elizabeth F. Slucher and Richard R. Slucher
Mary F. Smith and Richard E. Smith
Arthur D. Smithson and Heidi M. Smithson
Deborah A. Smolen and Stewart E. Wurtzel
Marisa Snow and Charles R. Snow
Kelly E. Solaksubasi and Ali M. Solaksubasi
Maryann Sorese and Bennett M. Linneman
Virginia Stallings
Kathy G. Stanley
Elizabeth S. Stein and Deon R. Stein
Lynn Stevens
Kathy J. Stewart and James R. Stewart
Elaine Stikas ’76 and Howard G. Fries
Margaret B. Stogner and Carr Stogner
Wendy Stupp and Hal Stupp
Nicola B. Styer and James S. Styer
Vijaya Sudula and Nagesh Sudula
Douglas Sutherland
Susan M. Sutherland and Robert W. Sutherland
Theresa Sutherland
Stephen K. Swan
Nancy Sydnor-Greenberg and James M. Sydnor-Greenberg
Harold K. Sylvis and Kari A. Sylvis
Michele H. Taffet and Robert Taffet
Svetlana Tamam
Nilce M. Tamashiro
Claire M. Tanoue
Julie A. Tarnowski-Marks and Joshua A. Marks
Janet I. Taube and Seth T. Taube
Sarah M. Taylor and Herbert B. Taylor
Melinda A. L. Taylor and Thomas E. Taylor
Randall B. Tenor ’68 and Susan B. Tenor
Roseanna M. Thirkill and David A. Thirkill
Tanya N. Thompson and Michael C. Thompson
Meredith A. Toumayan and Paul P. Toumayan
Mary H. Trabert and Thomas F. Trabert
Nancy Traeger and Robert Traeger
MaryAnne Tranfaglia and Michael G. Tranfaglia
Sandra K. Tripodi and William Tripodi
Maria C. Tsuboyama and Gabriel K. Tsuboyama
Suzanne K. Tunnell and Kenneth J. Tunnell
Sherwin E. Turk and Rashel B. Turk ’79
Candy M. Turner and Joseph P. Turner
Ellen T. Uebele and Keith T. Uebele
Elizabeth J. Ulicny and Gary R. Ulicny
Mary A. Van Bever and Peter J. Van Bever
Gary Veloric ’82 and Nancy Veloric 1893
Elizabeth A. Victor and James M. Chadwick
Joanne M. Vitrano and Frank G. Vitrano
Heidi A. Von Nieda
Susan A. Waldman and Robert L. Waldman
Margaret E. Walsh and Daniel J. Walsh
Donna E. Warner and Michael L. Williamson
Cynthia A. Warner and George F. Warner
Naomi Watman and Jerry Watman
Jennifer A. Watts and Gainor R. Bostwick
Nehama E. Weininger
Shari G. Weise
Julia White and Glenn A. Johnson
Mary J. White and James R. White
Richard White
Laurie Whitley and Kevin Whitley
Lydia R. Wiede and William Wiede
Anne Wildrick and Maurice Wildrick
May Wilke and Larry Wilke
Marcia Ruff and Thomas Wilkinson
Gail Williams-Glasser
Kathleen A. Williamson and Curtis B. Williamson
Eva Wilson and Nathan B. Wilson
Lorna J. Wilson and Melvin L. Wilson
Lisa B. Winans and Fritz D. Winans
Lynn P. Wolf and Darin P. Wolf
Honor M. Wolfe
Christa L. Wolfertz
Sandra F. Wolkowicz and Joseph H. Wolkowicz
Kathi C. Wong and George Wong
Jane A. Wong and Tony K. Wong
Mark Wright
Ruta Wroblicky and Steve Wroblicky
Rhonda E. Wyatt and Michael J. Wyatt
Claire Yates
Jackalyn J. Youra and Harold I. Youra 1893
Robyn D. Yovanovich and Donald Yovanovich
Salah A. Zahr
Park T. Zimpher and William C. Zimpher
Mary B. Zoglo and Dennis P. Zoglo

Parents of Alumni and Former Students
Holly L. Abbott and Walter R. Abbott Jr.
Gary M. Abramson ’68 and Pennie M. Abramson 1893
Lynda Lees Adams 1893
Susan Adams and Kent Mason
Karla Albright and Christopher Burkhart
His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ’92
Patricia M. Andersen and James N. M. Andersen ’80 1893
Claudia A. Angel
Susan E. Argento and Nicholas B. Argento
Erika K. Aron and Peter A. Aron
Thoria Etaiwi and Abdul Aziz Aseel
Kendra A. Aucker and Andrew E. Aucker
George Avery
Deborah H. Bailey
David Barbag
John F. Barnard MBA ’59 and Janice Anderson 1893
Dale V. Barone ’73 and Jory H. Barone
Carroll M. Barrett ’79, MSTM ’85 and Catherine M. Barrett 1893
Caprice Baun and Mark A. Baun Sr.
Mark A. Baun Jr.
Sarah J. Beeler and Edward J. Beeler
Sandra K. Baxter MA ’73 and Richard R. Bennett 1893
Elizabeth Berger and Louis Berger 1893
Susan D. Berrington ’65 and Craig A. Berrington ’65 1893
Marilyn Berson and Barry Kaufman
Stuart L. Bindeman ’70 and Martha K. Bindeman
Gordon O. Blalock ’70
Louis T. Block III ’71 and Joan D. Block 1893
Jane L. Blumenthal and Howard L. Blumenthal
James G. Blumenthal MS ’86 and Stacy J. Blumenthal 1893
Audrey D. Bojack and Richard J. Bojack 1893
Amanda M. Bolgiano and Mark C. Bolgiano
Marion Borko and Bennett Borko
Marvin Borofsky ’70 and Ellen T. Borofsky ’70
Patricia A. Borshoff and Timothy W. Borshoff 1893
Edward C. Bou JD ’58
Rebecca A. Boutrom and Gary B. Langfitt
Jeanne L. Bowers and Timothy J. Walbert
Nancy E. Boyer and William W. Boyer
Jill E. Brantley ’71 and James A. Brantley ’71
Emily S. Breese and John S. Breese
Ann W. Breihan and John R. Breihan
Carol R. Breitman and Richard D. Breitman 1893
Gail Brenner and Donald R. Brenner
Walter L. Bretz ’69
Barbara Brickman and Norman F. Brickman
Jana A. Brill 1893
Ivy E. Broder and John Morrall III 1893
Peggy A. Brooks Smith ’52 1893
Pamela B. Brown and John P. Brown
Victoria T. Brown and Randall E. Brown
Carolyn Bublitz and Craig Bublitz 1893
Sharon L. Burbank-Allen and Gerald T. Allen
Anna M. Burian and Richard J. Burian
Katherine J. Butchko JD ’89 and Jeffrey J. Butchko
Michael J. Byl
Linda B. Cain and Charles C. Cain
Leslie L. Caldwell and Bruce J. Caldwell
Gilbert R. Callaway MA ’65 1893
Susan G. Callaway* ’61, MA ’62 1893
Alison S. Calta and Glenn M. Calta
Gail A. Campbell and William Campbell
Marilou Cannon and Robert E. Cannon
Patchara Carlson and Lance R. Carlson
Kerri A. Carney and Paul V. Carney
Lynne Carpenter and Richard Carpenter
Joanne Carroll and Gregory Carroll
Joan E. Carroll and Richard A. Carroll 1893
Helga T. Carter and Douglas N. Carter 1893
William G. Casey
Joyce H. Cassel and Douglas M. Cassel 1893
Beverly K. Casserly
Katherine M. Castle and Daniel R. Castle
Maria Castro and Charles Napolitano
Debra Cerami
Cindy A. Chapman and Donald L. Chapman
Donna M. Chapman Williams ’78 and Shawn E. Williams
Jack Child* PhD ’78 and Leslie Morginson-Eitzen 1893
Suzanne C. Clark and John L. Clark
Susan S. Clay and James R. Clay
Herbert Cohen JD ’68 and Brenda Cohen
Frances P. Cohen and Stephen A. Cohen
Barbara Collins and Steve Collins
Donna D. Comarow ’81 1893
Toni J. Conklin MA ’95 and Michael H. Conklin
Sarah A. Corbett ’41 1893
Joanne Costanza and Michael Costanza
Deborah E. Cramer and Duane E. Cramer
Pamela M. Crispo and Fiorino A. Crispo
Elizabeth A. Crowley and Christopher J. Crowley
Margaret A. Cummings and Michael D. Cummings 1893
Roselyn Curran and Gary Curran
Lisa E. Cristal and Bruce S. Cybul
Gale S. Daniel and Charles D. Daniel
Toni C. Daniel and Marc E. Daniel 1893
Maureen E. Davidson and Ian E. Davidson
Susan L. Davidson and Gary L. Davidson
Karen R. Davies and David C. Davies
Paula Deal and William Deal
Marianne DelBalzo and David Delbalzo
Raymunda C. Delgado and Rey A. Delgado
Joyce H. Deroy MS ’94 and Warren R. King JD ’67 1893
Sandra H. Dewey and John C. Dewey 1893
Sharon A. Dewey and Matthew C. Dewey
Hiroko Dewitz and Robert D. Dewitz
Constance T. Diamant PhD ’91 and James E. Girard 1893
Elizabeth F. Dieperink and Rudolf H. Dieperink
Robin B. DiGiammarino and Paul D. DiGiammarino
Jane Dinsmore and David W. Dinsmore 1893
Betsy Dolard and Francis Dolard 1893
Ellen Dolbin
Susan L. Spagna ’72 and Fred D. Dorfman ’69
Anne M. Douglass and John S. Douglass 69, MA ’74
Mike Doyle 1893
Joanne G. Dunatchik and Daniel R. Dunatchik
Alesia Duncombe and Rich Duncombe
Barbara R. Dyer and Samuel S. Dyer 1893
Deborah L. Ebersole and Jack M. Ebersole
Merle D. Edgar and Robert W. Edgar 1893
Susan M. Eichmann and James A. Eichmann
Aurelia E. Elgendy and Samy I. Elgendy 1893
Nancy El-Hibri and Fuad El-Hibri 1893
Janet A. Eltorai and Mahmoud I. Eltorai
Stephen C. Embry ’71 and Priscilla B. Embry 1893
Jane B. Emons and Jeffrey B. Emons 1893
Lois H. England and Richard England Sr. 1893
Kathleen M. Entwistle and Timothy C. Entwistle
Nahid M. Eshaghi and Mark M. Modares
Michael Espinosa
Helen T. Exton MEd ’74
Maura P. Fabiani and Vincent J. Fabiani ’79
Mindy S. Fang
Linda Fanion and Stephen Fanion
Katherine W. Farquhar
Paul J. Farthing
Jean B. Fay and William T. Fay
Peggy Fayfich and Robert Fayfich
Annette M. Feierman and Michael S. Feierman
Edward A. Feinberg ’71 and Harriet Feinberg 1893
Claudia S. Feldman and Eliot D. Feldman
Edythe G. Fensterman ’81 and Robert G. Fensterman ’81 1893
Mariette Fine and Bruce Fine
Marlene Fischer and Lawrence Fischer
Mona Flax and Jeffrey Flax 1893
Judy M. Fleischer and Richard C. Fleischer 1893
Bruce A. Fleishaker ’82
Ellen M. Floyd and Mark R. Floyd
Catherine C. Flynn ’73 and Anthony G. Flynn
John Forbes
David S. Forman 1893
Teresa Foster and Mark T. Foster
Katherine E. Fox and John V. L. Fox
Michelle A. Fox ’70 and Thomas G. Fox 1893
Ilene Friedman and Martin J. Friedman
Leona R. Friedman and Paul C. Lauenstein
Mark R. Friend JD ’78 and Linda A. Friend
Tamara R. Funk
Peggy L. Futerman ’79 and Eli N. Futerman ’80 1893
Ellen Gaffney and James C. Gaffney
Patricia N. Gager and Gerard M. Gager 1893
Elizabeth Garbarino and Joseph A. Garbarino
Alvaro J. Garcia MSTM ’77 and Lenore Y. Garcia 1893
Linda P. Gardner and Spencer H. Gardner
Elma J. Gates
Jennifer S. Gee and Lester W. Gee
Carole L. Geisner ’68, MEd ’70 and J. Geisner
Albin H. Gess JD ’71 and Brenda M. Gess 1893
Mahkameh Ghaffari MPA ’96
Anne F. Ghosh and Jay K. Ghosh
Charles M. Gianni ’69 and Eleanor Y. Gianni
Virginia S. Gibbs and Michael J. Gibbs
Barbara G. Gibson
Lindsay Gibson and Steven Gibson
Marshal D. Gibson 1893
Devera Gilden
Susan T. Ginsberg ’62
Andrea Goggin and Timothy Goggin
Rona L. Goldberg and Robert S. Goldberg
Theresa V. Goncalves and Joseph Goncalves
Cynthia S. Goplen and Michael M. Roos
Heidi Grafft and James Grafft
Katy Graves and Gregory Pusch
Lynn C. Greenfield ’79 and Stephen E. Greenfield
Virginia M. Grenham ’80 and Paul Zevnick
Susan Griffin and Douglas Sharps
Gabrielle Grunau ’70 and William Grosshandler
Odell Guyton JD ’81 and Karen B. Guyton 1893
Clare T. Haack and Thomas K. Haack
Barbara A. Hall and David J. Hall
Ellen Hall and Philo Hall
Sherry Haller
Sandra L. Handleman ’69 and Aaron L. Handleman
Ann P. Hantgan ’76 and Richard S. Hantgan
Carolyn C. Harrison and Thomas R. Harrison
Rashna Hassan and Asif Hassan 1893
Silvia F. Hausmann and Carl L. Hausmann
Virginia F. Hawkins and Ronald E. Hawkins
Michelle M. Heimbach
Ann Monica Helling
Kathleen C. Henderson
Carla C. Hendra and Anthony C. Hendra
Stacy L. Hennessey-Moot JD ’88 and John S. Moot JD ’88
Alan H. Herman
Mary M. Herman MA ’12
Angela R. Hersh and Joel A. Hersh
Florence E. Heydt
Carol W. Highfield and David A. Highfield
Susan L. Higley and Howard J. Higley
Marjorie J. Hill and Terry L. Hill
Deborah Brautigam and David Hirschmann 1893
Heidi A. Hodges and Clark D. Hodges
Carolyn Hoerner and Lawrence Hoerner
Lucy A. Hogan and Kevin P. Hogan
Alan S. Hollander JD ’76 and Debra A. Hollander 1893
Lori A. Holliday and Stephen P. Holliday
Bertram W. Holman ’74 and Randysue Foster 1893
Hossein A. Hosseinnian
Robert S. Huberman ’74 and Laura Huberman 1893
John P. Hunt MBA ’68 and Jacqueline G. Hunt 1893
Gerald F. Hunter ’66 and Mary P. Fisher 1893
Cindy J. Hutchinson and Henry Hutchinson
Susan M. Huth and Robert S. Rhinehart
Lorraine Ilah
Maureen F. Irion MEd ’76 1893
Eleanor Isayeff
Rose M. Jernigan and Robert W. Jernigan
Rose Marie Jernigan
Christine A. Jirikowic PhD ’95 and Richard J. Dent PhD ’79
Carmen Johnson and Allan Johnson
Ann Johnson and Ralph Johnson 1893
Edward J. Jones MPFM ’85
Barbara E. Jones and Larry G. Jones 1893
Susan C. Kagan and Daniel R. Kagan
Deborah Kalas and Michael Kalas
Deborah S. Kammerer and Richard E. Kammerer
Mark Kanter and Marcy Kanter
Ronald A. Karp JD ’71 and Susan Karp 1893
Virginia Katon and Richard P. Katon 1893
Paige K. Katzenstein and Michael L. Katzenstein
Barbara Kay and Jack Kay
Kimberley Keeland and Eldrid Kaplan
Patrick E. Kehoe 1893
Adahyliah Kent and Timothy D. Kent
Cornelius M. Kerwin ’71 and Ann L. Kerwin ’71 1893
Ali R. Khalilpour
Yong K. Kim MSTM ’80 and Meranda L. Kim
Erica M. King ’75 and Richard A. King
Mary J. King and Daniel R. Beaton
Linda S. Kirschner and Neil M. Kirschner
Lee G. Kirstein 1893
Sara Y. Kittrie ’68, MEd ’76 and Nicholas N. Kittrie 1893
Kim Klein
G. Jean Klein and Thomas Klein 1893
John Kokus Jr. PhD ’71 and Phyllis D. Kokus
Mary C. Kopper ’79 and Philip D. Kopper
Susan K. Koshgarian and David H. Koshgarian
Mary B. Koza
Wendy L. Krasner and Richard O. Levine 1893
Susan Kraut
Harold Krauthamer JD ’69 and Joan Krauthamer 1893
Jeanette S. Kreiser and Bob Kreiser
Marianne Krell MBA ’89 and Gerald Krell
Alan L. Krishnan and Kusum Ramachandran 1893
Beverly A. Kronthal ’66 and Louis M. Kronthal
Pushparani V. Kumar and Ramesh T. Kumar
Cynthia E. Lacki and Richard B. Lacki
Diana E. Lake
Terri L. Laks ’81 and Mark H. Laks ’76
Nada Lal and Amar Lal
Elise M. Landesberg and Stuart Landesberg
Karen Landis Knauf ’74, MPA ’77 1893
Lori M. Lavin and Raphael M. Lavin
Martha Lazarakis and Sam Lazarakis
Jacqueline Grapin Le Goc and Michel Le Goc 1893
Kerry A. Leaf and Michael L. Leaf
Marjorie S. Lee and David C. Lee
Rose E. Lee ’76, MPA ’77 1893
Jacqueline T. Lefton and Andrew B. Lefton
Gwendolyn C. Lehleitner and Robert S. Lehleitner
Betty A. Leith* MA ’81 1893
Donna Lemiszki-Conte and Thomas Conte
Ariella Lerman and Robert I. Lerman
Audrey P. Levine
Brenda S. Levine ’61
Linda Levine
Bruce Levitt
Benjamin M. Levy ’71 and Shelley Levy 1893
Cheri G. Levy and Michael D. Levy
George H. Libman JD ’71 and Leona P. Libman
Suzanne T. Lieblich and William C. Lieblich
Doris Lindenmuth
Gloria B. Lindt and John H. Lindt
Judith B. Linowes and Harry M. Linowes
Peggy A. Lipp and Alan Lipp 1893
Esther H. Liss ’82, JD ’86 and George Liss
Elizabeth W. Lister 80, MSHR ’90 and Ernest A. Lister Jr. ’66
Patricia A. Lore ’73 and Kenneth G. Lore ’70, JD ’73 1893
Connie J. Loughran 1893
Sherri Luhr and David Luhr
Carol B. Lynn and Kerry E. Lynn
Georgiana MacMahon and John MacMahon
Veronica R. Maher and William J. Maher Jr.
Tarek R. Mahfouz MS ’00 and Giovanna L. Mahfouz 1893
Richard W. Mainzer MEd ’72, EdD ’82 and Karen L. Mainzer
Joan B. Makara and Michael J. Makara
Nancy K. Malanowicz and Kenneth R. Malanowicz
Susan G. Malerich and Charles J. Malerich
Diane Mallery
Caroline E. Manganiello and Vincent C. Manganiello 1893
Cynthia M. Mangiafico and Frank Mangiafico
LaVerne H. Manning
Rebecca Marcorelle and Kevin Marcorelle
Helen Marcum and Stanley Marcum
Marilyn L. Marles MSHR ’92 and Blake Marles 1893
Carolyn A. Marschean and Richard A. Marschean
Lucinda Marshall
Lynda M. Martin-Mccormick and David M. Martin-McCormick 1893
Ileana V. Marvi ’81 and Hassan Marvi MSTM ’82
Laurie A. Massa and Peter C. Massa
Cheryl L. Matthews and Leslie A. Matthews
Martha T. Mayberry and Richard C. Mayberry
Dawn E. McCreary
Elisabeth W. McDuffie and Douglas T. Kabak
Shelley J. McEvoy and Patrick M. McEvoy 1893
Constance L. McFadden
Maureen A. McGrail and James T. Carmichael
Terri R. McHale and William J. McHale Jr.
Eleanor H. McLean MA ’87
Sandra G. McNutt and James E. McNutt
Roxanne P. McRoberts and Eric S. McRoberts
Alan L. Meltzer ’73 and Amy Meltzer 1893
Jane Merahn and Roger N. Merahn
Joel L. Michaels JD ’75 and Jennifer R. Michaels 1893
Cathy Miller and Philip Miller
Shari H. Miller and Mark E. Miller
Sarah J. Miller and Neil S. Regberg
Lucinda R. Millstein and Alan S. Millstein 1893
Sheila Monahan and Richard Monahan
William S. Moncrief ’72 and Eileen B. Moncrief 1893
Paul E. Morawski ’76, MS ’82 and Katherine M. Morawski
Rita A. Morgan and Daryl C. Morgan
Renee M. Morris
Susan Morton and Michael Morton
Robert B. Mulholland*
Susan Mulligan
Mary E. Murphy and John W. Fowler
Kay J. Mussell and Boris Weintraub 1893
Susanne Nadeau and Marcel Nadeau
Pamela S. Nadell and Edward Farber 1893
Ghiyath F. Nakshbendi PhD ’74 and Cecilia Nakshbendi 1893
Candice J. Nelson
Cathy J. Neuman and Richard D. Gross 1893
Gordon L. Nord
Maria Ochs and Michael Ochs
Cynthia L. O’Connor and Daniel J. O’Connor
Karen O’Connor 1893
Lloyd E. Oliver JD ’75
Elizabeth C. Olson and Robert SanGeorge 1893
John F. Olson 1893
Rosina O’Mahoney
Jean T. Papsun and Kent R. Papsun
Margaret M. Pastor and Robert A. Pastor
Catherine B. Patterson and David M. Patterson
Ruth Pecha and Ezra Pecha
Lea Pedas and Theodore C. Pedas
Alec M. Peltier MS ’97 and Catherine Peltier
Patricia N. Pennington and Daniel J. Pennington
Michelle D. Pfaff and Eugene D. Pfaff
Julie A. Phillips and Vernon E. Torney 1893
Lorette A. Picciano
Karen Pierce and Carey Weiss
Cecelia Pitas and John Pitas
Diane M. Pontius and Paul H. Pontius
Catherine M. Poppe ’86 and James L. Poppe 1893
Susan G. Poretz and Donald M. Poretz 1893
Hallie S. Porter
Adeen Postar and Michael R. Postar 1893
Diane G. Powell and Paul C. Powell
Bridgette Pregliasco
Michael R. Purcell MFA ’10 and Nancy Purcell
Jeffrey D. Raden JD ’74 and Rhonda M. Raden
Linda J. Raineri
Cecilia L. Rajter and Curtis M. Allen
Sally A. Reid and Richard Reid 1893
Wendy A. Reilly MBA ’94
Ellen S. Reinhardt and Frederick W. Reinhardt III
Deborah S. Reynolds and Lawrence H. Reynolds
Phyllis W. Reynolds and James S. Reynolds
Dianne C. Riley and Thomas N. Riley
Ellen K. Robinson and Wayne R. Robinson
Maria T. Rocca ’90 and Francisco N. Rocca ’89
Kim E. Rogers and Charles H. Davis
Leonard W. Rogoff
Eileen Rosen and Robert D. Rosen
Staci B. Rosenberg and Michael G. Rosenberg
Betty A. Ross ’71 and M. Charles Ross ’70 and
Marlene Ross PhD ’85 1893
Holly Rothemich and David Rothemich
Pamela C. Rudolph and Allen Rudolph
Laurie S. Rudorfer and Matthew V. Rudorfer
Julia C. Ruggio and Louis J. Ruggio
Dianne B. Rumsey and Richard C. Rumsey
Yvette Saad and Leon Saad
Miriam E. Sabol and Leslie M. Sabol
Elena M. Turner ’82 and Abdul Aziz Said ’54, MA ’55, PhD ’57
Maureen J. Salamack and Donald J. Salamack 1893
Melinda A. Salata MAT ’95
Matthew A. Salomon MFA ’07 and Francine B. Blume
Regina Salvador and Christopher A. Salvador
Lynda F. Sanders MA ’75 and Donald B. Sanders 1893
Cecilia A. Sandwen and Lee H. Sandwen
Paula Santa and Jack Santa
Gabriella B. Schade and Lynn E. Schade
Phyllis S. Schahet ’68 and Gary N. Schahet MBA ’68 1893
Lawrence J. Scheid ’74 and Nora D. Scheid
Shari L. Scheller and James G. Scheller
Mary D. Schmitt and Scott A. Schmitt
Elliot M. Schnier ’71 and Jocelyn Schnier 1893
Malcolm Schoenberger and Maureen Schoenberger
Miriam A. Schulman and Howard Schulman
Carol D. Schultz and John B. Schultz
Kathryn A. Schultz and James S. Bruene
Kathy Schwartz and Patrick N. Pope 1893
Roberta Schwartz
Sandra Schwartz and Stephen M. Schwartz
Caroline L. Schweich-Kessler and Remi L. Kessler
Donald A. Schweighart Jr.
Robin B. Seitz MA ’95 and Richard Seitz 1893
Naila I. Shareef and Syed Q. Shareef
Mindy Z. Shedler ’76 and Michael Shedler 1893
Chris Shefelton
Bernard Shire
Judith L. Shulman and Jerry L. Shulman
Mark S. Shuster JD ’86 and Nina M. Blecher
Marie R. Silver and Scott C. Silver
Amy W. Silverman ’74, MEd ’76, MA ’76 and Paul M. Silverman 1893
Anne Simoncelli and Michael Simoncelli 1893
Deborah B. Sisman MS ’07 and Bekir Sisman
Charlotte Sloane and Marston D. Sloane
Jane B. Smith and Andrew J. Rosenbach
Nancy J. Snyder and Hans Morsink
Ilene R. Soloman and Larry A. Cohen
Patricia Sonberg and Gregory Sonberg
Angela C. Soto ’84 and Oscar E. Soto ’85
Marie B. Spaulding and Samuel S. Spaulding 1893
Roberta M. Staat MFA ’93 and George Niederehe 1893
Susan Stagl
Maureen Stankiewicz and Raymond R. Stankiewicz
Kenneth W. Staver and Lorie W. Staver
Tracy Stefan and Michael Stefan
Annie P. Steinmetz and John D. Steinmetz
Sandra F. Stern and Allen H. Stern
Nancy G. Stevens and Charles F. Davis
Teri Stoddard and Gregory Stoddard
Margaret B. Stogner and Carr Stogner 1893
Sally Stolz and Richard Stolz 1893
Joanne Strack and Ron Strack
Nancy Sullivan
Daniel C. Swan
Richard D. Taaffe
Glenn E. Tanner ’70 and Diana L. Tanner 1893
Laura A. Tarrant and Andrew M. Tarrant
Diana Teitel and Jeffrey Teitel
W. Randolph Teslik JD ’76 and Jane H. Teslik 1893
Edward J. Thomas
Terri M. Thomas and Fred W. Thomas
Carrie H. Thornbery and Jerry J. Thornbery 1893
Nancy Thornington
Carol P. Tilles and William R. Tilles
Maria T. Tremulis and Peter A. Tremulis
Grace G. Tucker and Samuel A. Tucker 1893
Janet I. Tupper and D. Craig Tupper 1893
Martha Underwood and Michael Underwood
Aubrey E. Upperman ’76 and Dawn I. Upperman ’75
Rose Van Wier Hein and William A. Hein
Lisa Vanderminden
Peter Vanderminden 1893
Rebecca A. Varner and Thomas M. McCormack
Nancy B. Vaughn MEd ’76 and Robert G. Vaughn 1893
Elizabeth A. Vieth and Philip J. Brenner
Brian W. Villalobos ’78, MBA ’83 and Michelle Villalobos
Janet L. Vitas and Bogdan Vitas
Robert Waeger
Colette Walsh and Robert Sicina
Irene K. Walton and Thomas E. Walton 1893
Patricia A. Wand 1893
Gary R. Weaver ’65, MA ’67, PhD ’70 and Martha A. Stevenson ’72 1893
John C. Webb* JD ’37 1893
Robert M. Weekley MA ’65 and Elaine M. Weekley
Marie D. Weeks and David C. Weeks
Jane Greenwald and Lawrence A. Wein 1893
Sherri K. Weinstein and Stephen A. Weinstein
Stephen S. Weinstein JD ’65 and Nancy B. Weinstein
Wendy C. Weisman-Dermer ’72 and Daniel J. Dermer ’71
Ellen Weiss
Cora L. Wetherington and Anthony L. Riley
Wendy J. Whitney and Charles J. Naiberk
Anne Wildrick and Maurice Wildrick
Jeffrey D. Wile ’72
Marilyn Wilson and R. Keith Wilson
Debra Windham and Charles Windham
Timothy C. Winslow JD ’81 and Marie O. Winslow
Roberta Woldow* 1893
Lynda Wolfe
Sandra F. Wolkowicz and Joseph H. Wolkowicz
Charlotte R. Wolpoff
Kathi C. Wong and George Wong
Ellen Wood and Robert Lynch
Janice L. Wright and Charles A. Tesconi Jr. 1893
Alvin J. Wynrib ’74
Julie Yarnell and Craig Yarnell
Catherine R. Yasunaga and Toshiaki Yasunaga
Barbara B. Young and James S. Young
Tina L. Young
Paule M. Zapatka MA ’79 and Francis E. Zapatka
Esther R. Ziegler and Robert E. Ziegler
Jann M. Zwerling-Blatstein ’84 and Lee M. Blastein

*      Deceased
1893 Members of the 1893 Society

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