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Student Philanthropy

Senior class gift

Are you passionate about giving back? Are you looking to get involved with the AU community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni? Are you looking for unique and practical skills for your resume? If you answered YES to one of these, you should join STAT!

What is STAT?

American University's Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) committee plays an important role in student philanthropy and serves a variety of purposes. The committee:

  • Enhances the student connection to AU as they transition to young alumni status.
  • Develops and trains student leaders and prepares them for leadership roles as alumni.
  • Promotes the importance of philanthropy and active engagement with American University.
  • Highlights the resources provided to students by the American University alumni network.
  • Solicits peers for gifts to the university as part of the senior class gift to enable future Eagles to experience a world-class education.

Members of the committee acquire real-world knowledge and experience in philanthropy, fundraising, project management, marketing, public relations, and more. Members develop practical career, presentation, and event planning skills. Additionally, members network with high-level university administrators and alumni at special events and deepen connections with the AU Alumni Association.

How to Join STAT

There are currently several leadership opportunities available on the STAT committee. Apply today.

Available Positions:

For more information about STAT, please contact Katt Aubry, assistant director, annual giving, at or 202-885-5929.

The Class of 2018

The Senior Class Gift is your opportunity to give back to American University. Without private support, the education you received would have been immeasurably different. This is your chance to express your appreciation for AU while continuing the important tradition of philanthropy. This outstanding tradition unites seniors in honoring the opportunities we've been given while at American University, and unites us with past senior classes in building a legacy that will benefit those who follow us.

We are pleased that the Class of 2018 has decided to let you choose your legacy by giving to the area of campus that means most to you. Choose from a variety of funds on campus, ranging from your favorite student group where new friends were made, to the school or college where you explored new interests and discovered your passions.

What aspect of the AU community was most meaningful to you?
  • 200+ student organizations
  • 100+ AU Abroad programs
  • 7 AU schools/colleges
  • 16 athletic teams

Why should you support our senior class gift?

  • Give because any gift, regardless of size, counts as alumni participation and elevates AU's rankings in publications like US News and World Report, raising the values of our degrees.
  • Give because more than 4 out of every 5 incoming AU students receive some sort of financial aid.
  • Give because you finally found your niche when you joined your student org.
  • Give because AU taught you that you can have a positive effect on the world.
  • Give because you want to show your pride for the Class of 2018.

We will not share the campus with the incoming class of 2022, but we want them to have access to the same variety of AU experiences as we did. Remember - a gift of ANY size helps! There's no limit to how many times you can give, so if you want to give in increments, that's fine too. It all adds up!

Your gift will count toward our class goal of raising more than $10,000.

Commencement 2018

Graduating seniors having fun

View information about the upcoming 2018 Commencement.

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American University UFUND

 UFUND is a new way for American University alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to directly fund the projects and initiatives they care most about. Check out the fundraising page where there are some exciting projects that need your support! If you find a project that inspires you, share it with your friends and help these projects take flight.

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