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Office of Development and Alumni Relations
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Office of Development and Alumni Relations
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Mike Conte BA/SPA '12

Employer: ABC News

Alumnus of phonathon

 "I currently work in Broadcast Journalism. Phonathon definitely helped me once I was actually in my job. A honed ability to make conversation with people you do not know is incredibly valuable for networking no matter what career you are in. I highly recommend working as a caller before you graduate, because it gives you excellent perspective."

Ariel Levin, Kogod/BSBA '13

Employer: CoStar Group

alumna of phonathon

"My favorite part of the job as a caller was being able to talk to alumni and get advice from them. As a supervisor, I really enjoyed being able to coach and train people. It was always so exciting to see the people I trained become advanced callers and now even supervisors. Overall, my favorite thing was being the senior supervisor and helping the program get started for the Fall 2013 semester. I felt as if I made an impact on the school.

I am now a Research Associate with CoStar Group. For my position, I must collect information and make sure that the information we display is correct and up-to-date, therefore I spend a good portion of my day speaking with brokers, landlords, and owners. So, Phonathon definitely helped me throughout the interview process and the phone experience helps me day to day."

Wynn Tashman, SPA/BA'14, CAS/BA '14

"My job as a caller for the Phonathon program was the ultimate dream job for any college student. The work atmosphere was fun and friendly. At AU, I double majored in Law & Society and Psychology. Now, I have been accepted to a dual degree program for law school and graduate school at the University of Nevada. By the time I complete my academic studies, I will have a legal Juris Doctorate and a PhD in Educational Psychology.

The Phonathon refined my interpersonal skills to such an impressive extent. Having spoken to a wide variety of people on the job, I picked up on a useful skill to predict how to phrase things based on your target audience. Now, I excel in interviews, whether over the phone or in person. Those are skills that any college student should have and will be able to gain through their experience with the Phonathon program."

Mihail Mihaylov

Current AU Phonathon Ambassador

Phonathon ambassador

"As a current caller and ambassador for the AU Phonathon Program, I can say that I would not give up my position at Phonathon. Phonathon has helped me improve my communication and networking skills and has opened many doors for me. From positively engaging with individuals from different parts of the world at networking receptions to getting a 6 month internship with a presidential campaign, the Phonathon has fostered so many opportunities for me."

"Being a Phonathon caller is not only a convenient job for college students, but it is also an incredible opportunity for AU students to acquire marketable skills on-campus and use them to jump start their career after graduation."