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Student Success Story

Moore Scholarship Helps Lauren Moloney Egnatios Increase Access to International Education

By Claire Taylor

Lauren Moloney Egnatios

Before attending American University’s School of International Service, Lauren Moloney Egnatios, SIS/MA ’14, already embraced the school’s philosophy of creating meaningful change by fostering international understanding. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Lauren worked as a Spanish tutor and waited tables to earn money to study abroad in Spain—an experience that inspired her to dedicate her life to making international education accessible to all students, regardless of socio-economic situation. To help her meet this goal, Lauren is pursuing her master’s degree in international education at SIS.

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Lauren returned to Spain for four years, where she held an English Teaching Assistantship with the Spanish Ministry of Education. She was stationed at the Official School of Language in Malaga, Spain, where she created opportunities for her Spanish students to experience U.S. culture by arranging home stays with her former tutees in Michigan. To Lauren, “international education is a way to bridge disparate groups, celebrate cultural differences, and embrace commonalities between people.”

Upon returning to the U.S., Lauren continued her work in international exchange. As a Spanish teacher and international program developer for Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she designed an eco-preservation service learning trip. She and her students traveled to Costa Rica, where they stayed with local families and planted community gardens, painted murals in elementary schools, and provided English reading sessions to children. Upon witnessing her students’ growth and development in Costa Rica, Lauren realized that “there’s no way of knowing who you are without understanding the larger context of how your own culture relates to the rest of world.”

Currently, Lauren collaborates with SIS leadership to design meaningful international courses, including courses in public diplomacy and international education. To enrich her own education, she participates regularly in weekend simulations on international conflict, participates in Arabic or Spanish language events to keep her linguistic abilities finely tuned, and attends lectures on Middle Eastern affairs, international development, and education. After graduation, Lauren hopes to work with students in a developmental capacity to strengthen their academic and professional potential and empower them to become global leaders through exchange opportunities, language education, and career centers.

These experiences at American would be unavailable to Lauren without the generosity of the Dorothy A. Moore and Charles A. Moore Jr. Scholarship. Dorothy A. Moore, CAS/MA ’59, CAS/EdD ’70, and Charles A. Moore Jr. established the fund to provide assistance to deserving graduate students pursuing degrees in international development at SIS with an emphasis on international education. The scholarship has allowed Lauren to feed her passion for international education, which will continue to change her students’ lives.