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Helen Palmer Kettler Society
Helen Palmer Kettler Society



The Helen Palmer Kettler Society acknowledges individuals who have named the university as beneficiary of their charitable estate plans and made their intentions known to us. Shared plans include bequests, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, retained life estates, life insurance, and contributions from qualified retirement accounts. American University gratefully acknowledges these individuals, listed below:






Helen Palmer Kettler Society Members

Anonymous (14)
Lillian K. Abensohn
Joseph J. Allotta ’69
Laird B. Anderson « MA ’73 and Florence Helen Ashby
Betsy F. Ashton ’66
Trevor J. Ashworth ’03
John Fiske Barnard* MBA ’59
Lisa L. Bellamy JD ’04
Gary R. Belt MA ’70 and Patricia A. Belt
Mitchell P. Berliner ’70 and Debra Moser
Stuart A. Bernstein ’60
Joyce A. Bouvier ’65
W. Donald Bowles «
Nancy H. Burkett ’65 and Randall K. Burkett ’65
Edward R. Carr MBA ’62
James W. Carrol PhD ’77
Jack Cassell ’77 P and Denise Cassell P
Kathleen A. Corbett ’82
Sarah A. Corbett ’41 P
Lennie Cujé
Monica Dixson Cunningham JD ’73
Loren L. Danielson ’80 and Jamie S. Danielson ’81
Barbara Evans ’31
Jefferey M. Fiorito MIS ’05
Janice L. Flug « MPA ’80
Olga M. Gazda ’50
Marshal D. Gibson P
Jonah Gitlitz ’55 and Sallie Gitlitz
David S. Glaser ’68
Susan E. Gordon
Fredric E. Gushin ’70, MA ’79
Margot Heckman #
Mehdi Heravi PhD ’68
Richard A. Hocker ’68, MBA ’70
Isabelle G. Hopkinson and John E. Hopkinson
John Peters Irelan ’57
Steven H. Isaacson ’69, JD ’72 and Davida Isaacson
Maria Ivusic* ’69 and Christopher Ivusic
Benjamin S. Jennings ’97
Charles T. Johnson ’42
Philomena Jurey
Samuel J. Keker* ‘39 and Lucy S. Keker
Edgar C. Keller ’42
James C. Kennedy ’58
Edward L. Kessler «
Shirley R. Kullen ’59, MBA ’61, PhD ’72
Eleanor D. Lally MA ’70 and Thomas J. Lally
Henry O. Lampe* ’52
James L. Lazarus ’71
Howard Lee ’69, JD ’73
Becky A. Legge ’74 and David R. Legge ’74
Audrey P. Levine P G
Philip D. Levy ’59
Marsha L. Lindquist ’71
Ann S. Lopata ’69
Roy H. Lopata ’70
Karyl Charna Lynn MA ’80
Harry T. Marren MSTM ’74, MS ’74
Eunice Jones Mathews ’37
Margaret L. May ’46
Ruth Meixner-Bird MA ’62
Donald L. Myers* « MBA ’78 and Margaret A. Myers «
Sara C. Nieves-Grafals ’75, MA ’79, PhD ’80 and Al Getz
Palmina Pace
John S. Patton PhD ’63 and Mary Miller Patton «
Luciano J. Penay « ’62, MA ’64, MSTR ’77
Phyllis Peres « and Rajat Sen
Pamela K. Phillips ’78
Henry S. Prender ’58
Ravida D. Preston
William A. Raiford MA ’63 #
Carol M. Ravenal «
Carol A. Reich ’92
Barbara J. Reimann «
Theodore R. Ringelheim ’68
Marisol M. Rodriguez ’90
David Roscher
Julia Rush P G
Alan J. Saltzman ’72
Martin M. Scoratow ’70, MPA ’71
Daisy Mullett Smith ’70
Peggy A. Brooks Smith ’52 P
Linda Spencer ’66
Jo Stecher ’76
Erland P. Stevens MBA ’63 and Ellen M. Stevens
Ben L. Summerford « ’48, MA ’56
Monica A. Suraci ’90
Richard N. Taylor ’52
Kathleen P. Teso P
Bruce S. Tucker ’60 P
Patricia van der Vorm MEd ’81, PhD ’95 and Jacob van der Vorm
Michael R. Wade MBA ’71 and Carole Wade
Sandra M. Walter ’86
Patricia A. Wand « P
Lyanne Lindo Wassermann MS ’80
Gregory M. Weingast ’84
Mary E. Weinmann G
Susan Adams Weiss ’77
George A. Whitehouse ’69
Charlotte L. Wilderson EdD ’72
Jeanette K. Winters ’77, MEd ’79
Gary K. Wright «
Robert G. Xides ’72
Dora Miller Youel ’72 and Kent R. Youel

«    Current/Former Faculty or Staff
*    Deceased
#   New Member
P    Parent
G   Grandparent