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Cumulative giving of $100,000 or more

Anonymous (7)
Lillian K. Abensohn
Gary M. Abramson ’68 P and Pennie M. Abramson P
Gina F. Adams ’80 and Eugene A. Adams
Hassan Alaghband JD ’84 and Farah Alaghband
His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa P G
His Royal Highness Khalifa H. Al-Khalifa ’03
His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ’92 P
Carolyn S. Alper ’68 G
His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi
Sarah B. Al-Turki ’63 and Khalid Ali Al-Turki ’65, MA ’65
Laird B. Anderson « MA ’73 and Florence Helen Ashby
Cyrus A. Ansary ’55 P and Janet H. Ansary P
Judith D. Antonelli
Erick J. Arbenz
Erika K. Aron P and Peter A. Aron P
Leslie E. Bains ’65 and Harrison M. Bains Jr.
Michael A. Balmuth ’72
John Fiske Barnard* MBA ’59 P and Janice Anderson P
Farhad Barzani
Masrour M. Barzani ’97
Nechirvan Barzani
Caprice Baun P and Mark A. Baun Sr. P
Mark A. Baun Jr. #
Dorothy Toth Beasley JD ’64
Howard M. Bender
Stuart A. Bernstein ’60 and Wilma E. Bernstein ’60
Shelley R. Glanell Birnbaum ’74 and Richard S. Birnbaum ’75
Fernando Botero G
Edward C. Bou JD ’58 P
Warren J. Bronsnick ’69, JD ’72 and Deanna Bronsnick
Roger H. Brown « and Nancy B. Brown
Sylvia K. Brown ’65
Abbey J. Butler* ’58 P
O. Hurst Calika G
Paula Caplan «
Edward R. Carr MBA ’62 and Terri Phelps Carr
Jack C. Cassell ’77 P and Denise Cassell P
William F. Causey ’71 and Sally Gere
Cynthia K. Christy-Langenfeld ’88 P and Randy Langenfeld P
Ryna G. Cohen
Gary D. Cohn ’82 and Lisa Peravoff Cohn
George J. Collins MBA ’70 and Maureen E. Collins
Robert F. Cowdrey ’71 and Elizabeth Cowdrey #
George D. Crowley Jr.
Saeda M. Dalloul P and Ramzi Dalloul P
Linda M. Daly ’90
Rania Daniel and Jamal H. Daniel
Pamela M. Deese ’80, JD ’83 P and C. Michael Deese P
Joanna M. Driggs ’60 and John A. Driggs
Marc N. Duber ’81 and Nancy E. Duber ’82
Howard S. Dvorkin ’86 and Gwen Dvorkin
Bonnie Dwares P and Donald Dwares P
Elizabeth L. Eisenstein and Julian C. Eisenstein #
Nancy El-Hibri P and Fuad El-Hibri P
Stephen C. Embry ’71 P and Priscilla B. Embry P #
Lilyan R. Evans and Harold R. Evans
Hani M. S. Farsi ’92 and Rebecca Farsi
William B. Fetsch
Keith G. Fleer ’64, JD ’67 and Jillian Fleer
Michael R. Forman and Malsi E. Doyle
Kamilah S. Gabbard P and O. Gene Gabbard P
Florence A. Gerstin
Charles M. Gianni Sr. ’69 P and Eleanor Y. Gianni P
Patricia L. Glaser ’69 and Samuel H. Mudie
Robert K. Goldman «
Barbara L. Goodman ’78 and Leonard S. Goodman
Louis W. Goodman « and Nancy R. Goodman
Thomas A. Gottschalk and Barbara J. Gottschalk
Milton Greenberg « H ’93 and Sonia B. Greenberg
Sylvia Kay Greenberg
David M. Gregory ’92, H ’07 and Beth A. Wilkinson
Jennifer B. Griffin ’94 and Charles P. Griffin ’94
Lawrence S. C. Griffith
Marsha Grossman P and Jerrold B. Grossman P
Linda G. Haft
Lawrence M. Hahn P
Gail Short Hanson « and John N. Hanson
Mary M. Hayford MBA ’78 P and Warren J. Hayford
June R. Hechinger
Jonathan N. Helfat ’68 and Robin E. Helfat
Mehdi Heravi PhD ’68
Suzanne D. Hillman ’75 P and David H. Hillman P
Richard A. Hocker ’68, MBA ’70 and Marcia A. Hocker
Wilhelmina C. Holladay and Wallace F. Holladay
Jane S. Inderstrodt* ’43
Karen Isen P and Herbert T. Vederman P
Maria Ivusic* MA ’69 and Christopher Ivusic
Gail L. Jacobs ’63 and Benjamin R. Jacobs ’63, JD ’65
Blair Jones MS ’78, MA ’95
Myrtle S. Katzen
Barbara Kay and Jack Kay*
C. Nicholas Keating Jr. ’63, MA ’64 and Carleen Butler Keating ’64
Samuel J. Keker* ’39 and Lucy S. Keker
Cornelius M. Kerwin « ’71 P and Ann L. Kerwin ’71 P
Mary B. Klotz PhD ’86 and Norman A. Klotz ’76
Robert P. Kogod ’62, H ’00 and Arlene R. Kogod
H. Jonathan Kovler ’68 and Sally Meyers Kovler
Margery Kraus ’67, MA ’71 and Stephen W. Kraus
Carol M. Lascaris and Climis G. Lascaris
Susan Carmel Lehrman
Mark S. Levin
Chang H. Lie JD ’00 and Sun Ja Lie
Choon-Won Lim
Les A. Liman ’66, MBA ’67 and Pat Liman
Elyane Lombardy-Hertsens P
Patricia A. Lore ’73 P and Kenneth G. Lore ’70, JD ’73 P
Charles H. Lydecker ’85 and Christine O. Lydecker ’86, MS ’88
J. Willard Marriott H ’87 and Donna Marriott
Jo Ann S. Mason P and John J. Mason P
Robyn Rafferty Mathias ’64, JD ’92 P
Virginia McArthur#
Alan L. Meltzer ’73 P and Amy Meltzer P
Joel L. Michaels « JD ’75 and Jennifer Russel
Herbert N. Morgan JD ’60
Leslie E. Morginson-Eitzen P
William Moss
Raef A. Mourtada
Regina Liang Muehlhauser ’70 and G. Robert Muehlhauser
Sherry Lee Mueller ’65
William A. Muirhead JD ’62 and Mary K. Muirhead
Donald L. Myers* « MBA ’78 and Margaret A. Myers «
Ilene R. Nathan ’66 P and James Nathan P
Ronald Boots Nissenbaum ’68 and Judith L. Nissenbaum
Harold W. Nix
Khaled S. Olayan MA ’72 and Dunia A. Olayan
Augustus K. Oliver JD ’75 and Lisbeth R. Oliver
Tarek Y. Omar ’80 and Nadine Omar
Yehia Omar ’80 P
Margaret D. Ordway and Gilman Ordway
Palmina S. Pace
Thelma Paraskevaides
Charles C. Patterson
Wanda C. Pedas ’70, MA ’72 and James Pedas
Robert F. Pence JD ’71, MA ’97, MA ’99 P and Susan S. Pence P
Thomas L. Phillips MA ’67
Robert P. Pincus MBA ’71 and Roxanne Little
Heather Miller Podesta and Anthony T. Podesta
Irene S. Pollin ’71
Arturo C. Porzecanski « and Nina Porzecanski
Victoria P. Ranney and George A. Ranney
Carol M. Ravenal « and Earl C. Ravenal
Renay Regardie ’64 and William A. Regardie ’67, MBA ’68
Bradford H. Richardson ’86
Bernard Rosen* «
Karin Rosenberg-Miskovsky
Susan Rothfeld and Donald Rothfeld
Julia Rush P G
Steven M. Saferin ’70 P and Linda Saferin
Betty H. Sams
Pamela Samuelson and Robert Glushko
Lois B. Schaefer ’72 and George P. Schaefer ’72
Peter L. Scher ’83, JD ’87 and Kimberly H. Tilley MA ’08 #
Stanley J. Scher P
Elliot M. Schnier ’71 P
Kitty P. Sherwin ’84
Sevah S. Shiffman JD ’79 and Paul Shiffman « JD ’62
Jeffrey A. Sine ’76 and Samira Sine
Peter N. Stathis
Gerald L. Stempler MBA ’67 and Deana Stempler
Lynn Streim P and Edward H. Streim P
Diane Tauber
Bruce E. Taylor ’75 and Virginia M. Taylor
Irene Tinker and Millidge P. Walker «
Thelma Turkel P and Melvin A. Turkel P
Gary Veloric ’82 P and Nancy Veloric P
Stephen S. Weinstein JD ’65 P and Nancy B. Weinstein P
George S. Willie MBA ’74 and M. Doreen Willie
Diane Wenger Wilson G
Robert N. Wolpe ’70 and Marcy S. Wolpe
Harry K. Wolpoff JD ’63
Sharon A. Wolpoff ’74, MFA ’81 #
Darryl Wong P and Mariko Wong P
Gary K. Wright«
Susan W. Zirinsky ’74, H ’09 and Joseph F. Peyronnin III

«      Current/Former Faculty or Staff
*      Deceased
#     New Member
P      Parent
G     Grandparent
1893 Member of 1893 Society