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Parents of Alumni

Marissa O. Abeja and Ajamu I. Akamefula
Ellen H. Abels 1893
Gary M. Abramson ’68 and Pennie M. Abramson 1893
Patricia A. Achilles and George A. Achilles
Morris Ackerman
Caroline A. Adams and Carlos V. Brezina
Lynda Lees Adams 1893
Joan Ahrens
Kathryn G. Akerhielm ’76
Susan Aksionoff and Walter Aksionoff
Kathe A. Albrecht MA ’88 and Mark J. Albrecht
Karla Albright and Christopher Burkhart 1893
Susan C. M. Aldridge and James Aldridge
Millard Alexander and Lee Henry 1893
Diane Allard
Nancy J. Allchin
Theresa H. Allen and Mark W. Allen
Angela Ambrosetti and Rodolfo Ambrosetti
Sophie Americo and Leonard Americo
James N. M. Andersen ’80 and Patricia M. Andersen 1893
Janice W. Anderson 1893
Ruth A. Anderson and Daniel W. Smith
Claudia A. Angel 1893
Susan E. Argento and Nicholas B. Argento
Raya Armaly Harrison and Charles M. Harrison
Jo Anne Arzt
Rhoda Ashbaugh and Brian W. Ashbaugh
W. Jeannette Aspden and Philip Aspden
Susan Atchison and Robert L. Atchison
Dawn Atkinson and Dennis Atkinson
Harriet L. Axelrad ’70 and Gary N. Axelrad ’71
Richard Bacharach
Karen Bailey and Kenneth J. Tokarz
Judith A. Baldino
Donna J. Ballard and William M. Ballard
Maryann B. Ballew and Robert A. Ballew
Amanda J. Baltierra and David A. Baltierra
Iris Banks and Mark Banks
Margaret A. Barberis and Robert P. Barberis
Jean M. Barbour and William J. Barbour
Elizabeth M. Bargmann and Michael G. Bargmann
Dale V. Barone ’73 and Jory H. Barone
Gina R. Barr and Michael S. Barr
Carroll M. Barrett ’79, MSTM ’85 and Catherine M. Barrett 1893
Margaret M. Barry and Patrick Barry
Ann Louise Bastian
Jeanne M. Batzli and Brian H. Batzli
Mary M. Baumann and Charles G. Baumann
Caprice Baun and Mark A. Baun Sr.
Sandra K. Baxter MA ’73 and Richard R. Bennett
Barbara E. Baynard and Robert Baynard
Carol E. Beall
Bryna F. Bell and Fredric J. Bell ’64
Karin Bell and Henry Bell
Elizabeth Berger and Louis Berger 1893
Barbara A. Berkovich and Gil Berkovich
Bryna Berman and Fred Berman
Nicole H. Bernhard-Lee* and Larry K. Lee
Fran L. Bernstein and Michael I. Bodaken
Susan D. Berrington ’65 and Craig A. Berrington ’70 1893
Stuart L. Bindeman ’70 and Martha K. Bindeman
Pamela Blackmon
Mary S. Blankenship and James C. Blankenship
Steven D. Blatt
Louis T. Block III ’71 and Joan D. Block 1893
James G. Blumenthal MS ’86 and Stacy J. Blumenthal 1893
Susan G. Blumenthal and James E. Blumenthal
Audrey D. Bojack and Richard J. Bojack 1893
Marion Borko and Bennett Borko 1893
 Ellen T. Borofsky ’70 and Marvin Borofsky ’70
Patricia A. Borshoff and Timothy W. Borshoff 1893
Christopher L. Borstel ’76 and Innes K. Borstel
Edward C. Bou JD ’58 1893
Rebecca A. Boutrom and Gary B. Langfitt
Margaret W. Bradley and Christopher W. Bradley
Patricia Braisted and Jeffrey Braisted
Jill E. Brantley ’71 and James A. Brantley ’71
Deborah Brautigam and David Hirschmann 1893
Ann W. Breihan and John R. Breihan
Carol R. Breitman and Richard D. Breitman 1893
Lucy A. Brennan and James R. Brennan
Barbara Brickman and Norman F. Brickman
Rachel O. Brideau and Alexander A. J. Brideau
Jana A. Brill 1893
Shelley Brodecki and Joseph M. Brodecki
Ivy E. Broder and John Morrall III 1893
Charles Brodhead Jr. and Jan Brodhead
Beth K. Brodkin and Joshua S. Brodkin
Carol L. Brody
Peggy A. Brooks Smith ’52 1893
Janice T. Brown 1893
Lucille T. Brown and Michael F. Brown
Richard L. Brown MA ’79 and Marguerite B. Brown
Victoria T. Brown and Randall E. Brown
Maryanne Bryer ’79 and Mark P. Bryer
Susan M. Buller and William B. Buller
Evelyn R. Burton
Evelyn M. Byford-Peterson EdD ’77
Gilbert R. Callaway MA ’65 1893
Susan G. Callaway* ’61, MA ’62 1893
Marilou Cannon and Robert E. Cannon
Glenn H. Carlson 62, JD ’64, MA ’68 and Dianne B. Carlson
Lana I. Carlsson-Irwin and Jonathan A. Irwin
Lynne Carpenter and Richard Carpenter
Carol Carpenter-Yaman and Huseyin Yaman
Jose F. Carrion Ycaza ’81, MA ’83 and Anna S. MacChiavello
Joan E. Carroll and Richard A. Carroll 1893
Helga T. Carter and Douglas N. Carter 1893
Marilyn T. Carter and Mark Emamian
Rebecca B. Casey MPA ’82 and Stephen D. Casey
James K. Cassell ’76 and Marilyn P. Fenichel
Noreen Cassidy and Michael Cassidy 1893
Mirna G. Castillo and Jose E. Castillo
Pamela M. Caton and Frederick C. Caton
Ann Marie Cetin and Jeffrey J. Cetin
Donald Channell
Xin Tao Chen
Edith I. Ching
Wallace K. L. Ching
Craig C. Chioino
Colette A. Christie and Gary D. Christie
Valentina C. Ciccarone 1893
Helen Clare and Kenneth Clare
Kristine A. Clark ’74
Suzanne C. Clark and John L. Clark
Genevieve K. Clemens and Lawrence E. Clemens 1893
Cheryl H. Cogswell and Arnold Cogswell
Esther B. Cohen and Robert P. Bertrand
Marsha Cohen
 Mary Colburn and John E. Colburn
Carolyn D. Compton
Toni J. Conklin MA ’95 and Michael H. Conklin
Mary Jane Conlon and Brian T. Conlon
Thomas M. Cooke MA ’63, PhD ’68 and Jullianne D. Cooke
Graciela Corbett and James J. Corbett
Patricia R. Corbett and Scott J. Corbett 1893
Priscilla H. Corbett 1893
Sarah A. Corbett ’41 1893
Francine Cornaglia and Mark C. Borton
Patricia O. Cornell and William J. Cornell
Lastenia Cortavarria
Inez M. Costanzo and Richard Costanzo 1893
Mary C. Coutts and David A. Coutts
Martin H. Cowen ’63, JD ’66 and Judith P. Cowen 1893
John E. Craig
Elisabeth M. Crawford and Kenneth P. Crawford 1893
Rae Cumbie and James E. Cumbie
Richard T. Cupitt
Robin M. D’Eri and Nicholas L. D’Eri
Ruth Ann D’Ambrosio and Alfonso D’Ambrosio
Gale S. Daniel and Charles D. Daniel
Toni C. Daniel and Marc E. Daniel 1893
Donna R. Daniels and Thomas T. Daniels
Maureen E. Davidson and Ian E. Davidson
Kenneth M. Davidson 1893
Catherine E. Davis and Robert E. Davis
Peggy C. Davis
Anna M. Deconti MS ’75 and Richard C. Deconti MBA ’77
Marianne DelBalzo and David Delbalzo
Joyce H. Deroy MS ’94 and Warren R. King JD ’67 1893
Martha H. Devlin and James A. Devlin Jr.
Sandra H. Dewey and John C. Dewey 1893
Constance T. Diamant PhD ’91 and James E. Girard 1893
Robin B. DiGiammarino and Paul D. DiGiammarino
Su Do and Hung Dang
Myong C. Dockery and John B. Dockery
Betsy Dolard and Francis Dolard 1893
Linda F. Donaldson 1893
Jessica E. Doos and Vincent J. Merluzzi
Maude M. Doran and Richard D. Doran
Carol K. Douglas and David Douglas
John S. Douglass 69, MA ’74 and Anne M. Douglass
John F. Doyle
Martha S. Doyle and John D. Doyle
Deborah Dranove and David S. Dranove
Stanley W. Dreyer 1893
Lisa Druley-Dempsey and James Dempsey
Gwen Dubois and Terry T. Fitzgerald
Joanne G. Dunatchik and Daniel R. Dunatchik
Merinda J. Dunsmore and Donald J. Dunsmore 1893
Sharon Duppstadt and D. Page Duppstadt
Judith N. Kolman Duratinsky and Terrance J. Duratinsky 1893
Barbara R. Dyer and Samuel S. Dyer 1893
Sara J. M. Eberly and Jay H. Eberly
Merle D. Edgar and Robert W. Edgar 1893
Laura S. Edmonds and Michael T. Edmonds
Sue S. Edwards and Mark R. Edwards 1893
William E. Eikenberg
Aurelia E. Elgendy and Samy I. Elgendy 1893
Mary M. Elliott
Mary Ellsberg
Stephen C. Embry ’71 and Priscilla B. Embry 1893
Jane B. Emons and Jeffrey B. Emons 1893
Monique Ernst and Frederic G. Worden
Violeta T. Ettle MBA ’76 and Thomas R. Ettle 1893
June L. Evans PhD ’78 and Warren H. Evans
Vincent J. Fabiani ’79 and Maura P. Fabiani
Marilou M. Fabro and Diosdado N. Fabro
Karen M. Falcon and Eli Falcon 1893
Alicia M. Falzon MA ’78
Mindy S. Fang 1893
Florence D. Fasanelli PhD ’81 and James A. Fasanelli
Mary E. Faulkner and Robert S. Farrington
Peggy Fayfich and Robert Fayfich
Annette M. Feierman and Michael S. Feierman 1893
Claudia S. Feldman and Eliot D. Feldman 1893
Rex H. Felton ’73
Edythe G. Fensterman ’81 and Robert G. Fensterman ’81 1893
Tamar G. Fenton and David J. Pink
Alice Fins 1893
Deborah Fins and Daniel J. Fins
Fay L. Finver and Frank J. Finver 1893
Marlene Fischer and Lawrence Fischer
Christine A. Fitzgerald and Barry Toiv1893
Nancy Fitzgerald and Michael Fitzgerald
Christine M. Flaherty and Michael Flaherty
Judy M. Fleischer and Richard C. Fleischer 1893
Catherine C. Flynn ’73 and Anthony G. Flynn
Jane W. Forbes and William H. Forbes
Joan D. Ford and William Ford
David S. Forman 1893
Judy B. Frankart and James E. Frankart
Leona R. Friedman and Paul C. Lauenstein
Lonnie Friedman
Mark R. Friend JD ’78 and Linda A. Friend
Nancy A. Fugosich-Cheng and Noland Cheng
Tamara R. Funk
Priscilla A. Furth and Lothar G. Hennighausen
Patricia N. Gager and Gerard M. Gager 1893
Alvaro J. Garcia MSTM ’77 and Lenore Y. Garcia 1893
Gina M. Gasdia and Russel J. Gasdia 1893
Michael Gauthier
Shelley Gaynes and Bruce Gaynes
Carole L. Geisner ’68, MEd ’70 and J. Geisner
Dale Gemignani
Dorothy Gemignani
Eula George
Linda Gerardi and Christopher P. Gerardi
Elizabeth M. Gertz and Kevin J. Gertz
Albin H. Gess JD ’71 and Brenda M. Gess 1893
Elaine W. Gewirtz and Steven A. Gewirtz
Maria Gholizadeh
Anne F. Ghosh and Jay K. Ghosh
Charles M. Gianni ’69 and Eleanor Y. Gianni* 1893
Barbara G. Gibson
Devera Gilden 1893
Gus Gillette
Susy B. Gillette and Troy Gillette
Susan T. Ginsberg ’62 1893
Geri Gitlin
Karl Glasener
Ellen J. Gleberman JD ’79 and David D. Laufer 1893
Helen Gluck Chin and Allan E. Gluck
Rona L. Goldberg and Robert S. Goldberg
Jill Goldberg-Reitman and Joel Reitman
Marylin Goldstein and Norman Goldstein
Robin L. Goodell and Arthur A. Goodell
Michael Goodfriend
Joan A. Goodhue and Russ A. Arlotta
Keith C. Gordon MAT ’13 and Susan B. Gordon 1893
Catherine M. Grace andJames N. Grace
Jacqueline Grapin Le Goc and Michel Le Goc 1893
Jane Greenwald and Lawrence A. Wein 1893
Maryann H. Gregory and James F. Gregory 1893
Bevin Grylack
Richard F. Gupman
Susette P. Gustini ’71 and Raymond J. Gustini
Odell Guyton JD ’81 and Karen B. Guyton 1893
Clare T. Haack and Thomas K. Haack
Donn A. Haber and Cynthia M. Haber
Jacob Hagopian JD ’60 and Mary Hagopian
Christine Haining
Sandra L. Handleman ’69 and Aaron L. Handleman 1893
Robin M. Hanes
Maureen A. Hannigan and Robert M. Hannigan
Irene Hansen
Melinda Hanson and John S. Hanson
Kay E. Hanson
Ann P. Hantgan ’76 and Richard S. Hantgan
Maria J. Harding and Richard S. Harding
Jeanmarie Hargrave and Thomas E. Kerns
Jane Harmon and William Harmon
Ghada Harnden MS ’88 and Glenn P. Harnden
Linda Harris and Donald Harris
Anita K. Harris and Marshall Harris
Rashna Hassan and Asif Hassan 1893
Silvia F. Hausmann and Carl L. Hausmann
Virginia F. Hawkins and Ronald E. Hawkins
Dorothy F. Hayes and Charles E. Hayes
Teresa R. Headley and Michael A. Headley
Marleen Hein-Dunne and Werner Hein
Barbara Heinhold and Edward Heinhold
Dana Hemlock and Scott Hemlock
Carla C. Hendra and Anthony C. Hendra
Donna Hendrie and Joe Neuman
Douglas D. Henry 1893
Kathleen M. Henry and John C. Henry
Rufina Hernandez-Prewitt and Roger Hernandez-Prewitt
Neil E. Heyden ’81 and Robin J. Heyden 1893
Carol W. Highfield and David A. Highfield
Kathleen H. Hill and Robert M. Hill
Marjorie J. Hill and Terry L. Hill
Roberta L. Hoffman and Lawrence Hoffman
Carolyn J. Hofgesang and Paul J. Hofgesang
Lucy A. Hogan and Kevin P. Hogan
Bertram W. Holman ’74 and Randysue Foster 1893
Lisa B. Honig and Peter K. Honig
Charles T. Howell JD ’74 1893
Jill M. Howell 1893
Mark A. Hoy
Helen Hubbard-Davis ’06 1893
Robert S. Huberman ’74 and Laura Huberman 1893
Erin S. Hunsinger
John P. Hunt MBA ’68 and Jacqueline G. Hunt 1893
Gerald F. Hunter ’66 and Mary P. Fisher 1893
Mary L. Ichniowski and Michael J. Ichniowski
Ryota Ikeda and Yasuko Ikeda
Maureen F. Irion MEd ’76 1893
Bernard Jaar
Monique Jackson and Mitchell Jackson
Allyson Jacobs and Lawrence W. Jacobs
Patricia M. Jacobs
Ruth Jacoby and Bjorn Meidal
Laura M. James and Steven W. James
Harl L. Jeffrey ’55
Linda Jenkins and David Jenkins
Rose M. Jernigan and Robert W. Jernigan
Rose Marie Jernigan
Christine A. Jirikowic PhD ’95 and Richard J. Dent PhD ’79
Beverly B. Johnsen and Kirk D. Johnsen
Carmen Johnson and Allan Johnson
Carolyn C. Johnson
David Johnson
Joyce A. Johnson 1893
Ann Johnson and Ralph Johnson
John D. Jonas
A. Elizabeth Jones
Barbara E. Jones and Larry G. Jones 1893
Sew Fong Jordan and James M. Jordan
Frances Kaib and James Kaib
Lynne S. Kaminer and Daniel W. Ray
Alida Kane ’98 and James G. Kane
Marcy Kanter and Mark Kanter 1893
Ronald A. Karp JD ’71 and Susan Karp 1893
Virginia Katon and Richard P. Katon 1893
Nancy Kaufman and Joshua Kaufman 1893
Barbara J. Kay and Jack Kay*
Karyn P. Keating-Volke
Lee Kelley and Kevin J. Kelley
Carrie F. Kelly and Timothy G. Kelly
Kathryn L. Kenders-Mccreary and Maurice L. McCreary
Donna B. Kenkel and James D. Kenkel
Adahyliah Kent and Timothy D. Kent
Cornelius M. Kerwin ’71 and Ann L. Kerwin ’71 1893
Elsa K. Keshishian ’80
Yong K. Kim MSTM ’80 and Meranda L. Kim
Christine M. Kimock and Fred M. Kimock
Erica M. King ’75 and Richard A. King
Linda S. Kirschner and Neil M. Kirschner 1893
Ronald D. Kirsh ’81 and Barbara E. Kirsh
Lee G. Kirstein 1893
Sara Y. Kittrie ’68, MEd ’76 and Nicholas N. Kittrie 1893
G. Jean Klein and Thomas Klein 1893
Kim Klein 1893
Nancy A. Klemash and Paul L. Klemash
Julie S. Knoll and Robert F. Knoll
John Kokus Jr. PhD ’71 and Phyllis D. Kokus
Karenne Koo and Richard Koo
Nancy L. Kopf and Edward J. Kopf
Susan Korycan and Peter Korycan
Jean A. Kostelansky and David J. Kostelansky
Alice Krafft and Joe Krafft
Carol Kramer and Ronald D. Stallworth
Harold Krauthamer JD ’69 and Joan Krauthamer 1893
Jeanette S. Kreiser and Bob Kreiser 1893
Marianne Krell MBA ’89 and Gerald Krell 1893
Alan and Kusum Krishnan 1893
Beverly A. Kronthal ’66 and Louis M. Kronthal
Lisa H. Krosse and Mark A. Krosse 1893
Sydney Krupnick
Kimchele L. Kunitake and Gary M. Kunitake
Simki G. Kuznick ’01 and Peter J. Kuznick 1893
Jinn Pyng Kwok and Hsing Chuan Kwok
Terri L. Laks ’81 and Mark H. Laks ’76
Susan G. Landau and Laurence M. Landau
Karen Landis Knauf ’74 MPA ’77 1893
Barbara Lane and Gregory Lane
Brenda J. Lange-Gustafson and Scott Gustafson
Helene Langman and Allan Langman
Doris R. Lavine ’70 and Robert J. Lavine ’70
Martha Lazarakis and Sam Lazarakis
Nina M. Leathley and James E. Leathley
Marjorie S. Lee and David C. Lee
Rose E. Lee ’76 MPA ’77 1893
Margaret S. Lemaire and Joseph Lemaire
Ariella Lerman and Robert I. Lerman
Abby Levin and Robert Levin
Audrey P. Levine
Julia M. Levine ’87 and Andrew S. Levine ’86
Shirley S. Lewis and G. Douglass Lewis
George H. Libman JD ’71 and Leona P. Libman
Suzanne T. Lieblich and William C. Lieblich 1893
Cynthia F. Lima and Jack D. Lima
Sandra L. Linden and Robert S. Linden 1893
Judith B. Linowes and Harry M. Linowes 1893
Peggy A. Lipp and Alan Lipp 1893
Esther H. Liss ’82, JD ’86 and George Liss
Ernest A. Lister Jr. ’66 and Elizabeth W. Lister 80, MSHR ’90
Susan B. Liu and Linzhao Cheng
Morris London
Ann Longtain and William Longtain
Patricia A. Lore ’73 and Kenneth G. Lore ’70, JD ’73 1893
Andrea S. Losben and Stephen J. Losben
Connie J. Loughran 1893
Allison G. Lucero and James R. Lucero
Marcia Luke and James Luke
Susan Lumpkins and Lawrence Lumpkins 1893
Ellen C. Lynch and Desmond P. Lynch
Sharon A. Lynch and Thomas J. Lynch
Jan M. Lyon and Norman K. Lyon
Odella M. Lyons
Tarek R. Mahfouz MS ’00 and Giovanna L. Mahfouz 1893
Joan B. Makara and Michael J. Makara
Jan R. Maltby and Stephen R. Maltby
Caroline E. Manganiello and Vincent C. Manganiello 1893
Jane F. Mangold and Martin Mangold 1893
Jane Mangold and Martin C. Mangold
Nancy K. Mannes and John B. Mannes
Rebecca Marcorelle and Kevin Marcorelle
Helen Marcum and Stanley Marcum
Phyllis G. Margolius ’83 and Philip N. Margolius
Marilyn L. Marles MSHR ’92 and Blake Marles 1893
Victoria A. Marsala and Paul J. Marsala
Lucinda Marshall
Lynda M. Martin-Mccormick and David M. Martin-McCormick 1893
Jana S. Masenheimer and David L. Masenheimer
Jo Ann S. Mason and John J. Mason
Laurie A. Massa and Peter C. Massa
Renee Masters and Scott Masters
Karen K. Matsumoto and John O. Dunphy
Viki H. Matthews
 Joyce D. Malbasa Matzen and Oluf P. Matzen
Lawrence Mazzocco
Donald E. McBurney
Beth G. McCabe and Mark C. McCabe
Ellen A. McCarthy and Charles E. Howell 1893
Maureen McCarthy
Diane O. McCombs 1893
Timothy McCormack
Dawn E. McCreary
Karen B. McCune and Fred E. Dickinson 1893
Pamela C. McCurdy and Jerry N. McCurdy
Denise M. McDaniel and Denis S. McDaniel
Shelley J. McEvoy and Patrick M. McEvoy 1893
Constance L. McFadden
Denise M. McIntyre and John F. McIntyre
Eleanor H. McLean MA ’87
Sandra G. McNutt and James E. McNutt
Alan L. Meltzer ’73 and Amy Meltzer 1893
Nancy A. Micciolo and John Micciolo
Joel L. Michaels JD ’75 and Jennifer R. Russel 1893
Elise F. Miller and Myron E. Miller
Lucinda R. Millstein and Alan S. Millstein 1893
Jean Mincher and Rod Mincher
Elaine A. Montgomery and Alan J. Montgomery 1893
Jackie D. Montilio and Joseph E. Montilio
Helen E. Morales and Jose Morales
Paul E. Morawski ’76, MS ’82 and Katherine M. Morawski
Nancy Morba and Edward Morba
Constance A. Morella MA ’67 and Anthony C. Morella
Anne Morgan and Walter Morgan
Janice T. Munsterman and George T. Munsterman 1893
Mary E. Murphy and John W. Fowler 1893
Kay J. Mussell and Boris Weintraub 1893
Robert P. Nadeau
Pamela S. Nadell and Edward Farber 1893
Arlene M. Nagle and Frank Nagle
Ghiyath F. Nakshbendi PhD ’74 and Cecilia Nakshbendi 1893
Kimberly T. Nelson and Kevin F. Cadden
Susan M. Nesline and Mark L. Nesline
Denise Nguyen and Du Nguyen
Michael A. Nigro 68, MBA ’70 and Joan E. Arnold 1893
Cynthia G. Nodell and David J. Severin
Stephen E. Nordlinger 1893
Pamela D. Obriecht and Alexander Obriecht
Karen O’Connor 1893
Leslie M. O’Flahava and John F. O’Flahavan 1893
Debi A. O’Keefe and Joel C. Alsup
Michele M. O’Leary and Robert J. O’Leary
Diane L. Oliver and Terrance W. Oliver
Lloyd E. Oliver JD ’75
David Ollis
Elizabeth C. Olson and Robert SanGeorge 1893
John F. Olson 1893
Bonnie J. O’Neill and Terence O’Neill
Paul R. Orme and Shawn K. Orme
Donna S. Packard and Steven J. Packard
Nina Palius and Michael Einbinder
Jean T. Papsun and Kent R. Papsun
Colleen Paredes
Cathleen P. Parker and Richard Parker
Catherine B. Patterson and David M. Patterson 1893
Wanda G. Pedas 70, MA ’72 and James Pedas 1893
Lea Pedas and Theodore C. Pedas 1893
Ken Pegher
Adam B. Pegler and Risa D. Pegler 1893
Alec M. Peltier MS ’97 and Catherine Peltier
Robert F. Pence ’99, MA ’97, JD ’71 and Susan S. Pence
Thomas L. Penn MA ’62, EdD ’68 and Marian H. Penn 1893
Elizabeth M. Peppe and Ronald W. Peppe
Nessa A. Peters and Robert A. Peters 1893
Michelle D. Pfaff and Eugene D. Pfaff
Julie A. Phillips and Vernon E. Torney 1893
Lorette A. Picciano
Karen Pierce and Carey Weiss
Geraldine F. Pilzer 1893
Cecelia Pitas and John Pitas
William J. Pollinger JD ’69 and Helen Pollinger 1893
Diane M. Pontius and Paul H. Pontius
Catherine S. Pope and Thomas G. Pope
Catherine S. Pope and Thomas G. Pope
Catherine M. Poppe ’86 and James L. Poppe 1893
Susan G. Poretz and Donald M. Poretz 1893
Hallie S. Porter 1893
Adeen Postar and Michael R. Postar 1893
Judy Berger and Ray Powers
Jasmina Pranav and Dilip Pranav
Cynthia Price and Thomas Price
Gloria Paul and Robert F. Atlas 1893
Mary A. Pudimat and Paul A. Pudimat
Thomas Pugh
Lynn M. Pullan and John C. Pullan
Michael R. Purcell MFA ’10 and Nancy Purcell 1893
Jeffrey D. Raden JD ’74 and Rhonda M. Raden 1893
Jaleh Rahbari
Linda J. Raineri
JoAnn M. Ralphs and Donald S. Ralphs
Emily B. Randall JD ’89 and William L. Johnson
Kathryn N. Randolph and Andrew J. Randolph
David R. Rappaport JD ’84 and Cheryl Solomon
Karen J. Raschio and Ronald V. Raschio
Ana M. Rasmussen MA ’87 and John A. Rasmussen MFA ’75, MA ’83, PhD ’94
Elizabeth F. Reed
Mary G. Reed ’67 and Frederick G. Reed
Katherine K. Reese and David H. Reese
Felicite H. Regan and John E. Regan
Alice C. Reid
Ellen S. Reinhardt and Frederick W. Reinhardt III
Deborah S. Reynolds and Lawrence H. Reynolds
Phyllis W. Reynolds and James S. Reynolds
Joan M. Richey ’68 and Wayne C. Richey ’66, MPA ’69
Brenda C. Robbins and Ronald E. Robbins
Patricia A. Robinson and Eldred H. Robinson
Christine A. Rose and Gilbert M. Rose
Eileen Rosen and Robert D. Rosen
Cynthia B. Rosenberg and Joel Rosenberg
Marlene Ross PhD ’85 1893
Jodi Rothman and Fred Rothman
Susan Rothman and Charles Rothman
Diane Rothstein ’84 and Mitchell Rothstein
Laurie S. Rudorfer and Matthew V. Rudorfer 1893
Sandra W. Ruggiero and Gary J. Ruggiero
Dianne B. Rumsey and Richard C. Rumsey
Suzanne D. Russell and Marvin R. Russel 1893
Laurie Ryer and Michael Ryer
Yvette Saad and Leon Saad
Steven M. Saferin ’70 and Linda Saferin
Maureen J. Salamack and Donald J. Salamack 1893
Suwarna Samarth and Milind Samarth
Emilie S. Sanborn and James M. Sanborn
Lynda F. Sanders MA ’75 and Donald B. Sanders 1893
Donna H. Sandfort and Edward E. Sandfort
Aurora S. Santiago and David G. Santiago
Shirley Sauber and Allen Atz
Marla F. Schay-Barker and Robert H. Barker
Lawrence J. Scheid ’74 and Nora D. Scheid
Scott L. Schmitz
Mark L. Schneider H ’00 and Susan G. Schneider 1893
Kimm Schneider and Mark Schneider
Elliot M. Schnier ’71
Melissa Schumacher and Timothy Schumacher
Kathy Schwartz and Patrick N. Pope 1893
Sandra Schwartz and Stephen M. Schwartz
Beth A. Scott and Robert P. Glickman
Vesna Sefer and Ferid Sefer
Robin B. Seitz MA ’95 and Richard Seitz 1893
Judith A. Shapiro Sherer and Michael A. Sherer 1893
Soudabeh Nayeri PhD ’04 and Ali Sharafeddin
Karen M. Shea and Mark P. Shea
Mindy Z. Shedler ’76 and Michael Shedler 1893
Marilyn M. Shields and William J. Shields
Bernard Shire
Joan S. Shugoll and Eugene L. Shugoll 1893
Judith L. Shulman and Jerry L. Shulman
Mark S. Shuster JD ’86 and Nina M. Blecher 1893
Kiya K. Sibley and Gregory S. Sibley
Deborah L. Silber and Paul M. Silber
Manette Silberman and Steven L. Silberman
Bruce S. Silver ’67 and Marilyn Silver
Jessica D. Silver and Harry R. Silver 1893
Cathy A. Simon and David R. Kuney1893
Marva J. Simon and John Simon
Donald L. Singer PhD ’80 and Patricia F. Singer
Deborah B. Sisman MS ’07 and Bekir Sisman
Monte L. Skall and Gregg P. Skall
Richard Skillman 1893
Debra Slattery and James B. Slattery 1893
Melissa A. Sloan and Michael F. Sloan
Shirley S. Small and Albert H. Small
Elizabeth P. Smith and Timothy K. Smith 1893
Janice Smith and Harry Smith 1893
Linda M. Smith and Richard B. Smith Jr.
Deborah A. Smolen and Stewart E. Wurtzel
Ellen D. Smythe 1893
Mackie A. Snebold and Lawrence D. Kokkelenberg
Patricia Sonberg and Gregory Sonberg
Angela C. Soto ’84 and Oscar E. Soto ’85
Rene J. Soudee and Denise Soudee
Lynn Springer and Michael Springer 1893
Catherine I. St. John and Michael Q. St. John 1893
Roberta M. Staat MFA ’93 and George Niederehe 1893
Tracy Stefan and Michael Stefan 1893
Michael R. Stevens
Martha A. Stevenson-Weaver ’72 and Gary R. Weaver 70, MA ’68, PhD ’70 1893
David C. Stewart 1893
Robin S. Stocks and Joseph H. Stocks
Margaret B. Stogner and Carr Stogner 1893
Sally Stolz and Richard Stolz 1893
Kirk S. Stone PhD ’89 and Farzaneh A. Stone
Joanne Strack and Ron Strack
Audrey Strahl and Tom Losonczy
Mary Suarez and Jesus A. Suarez
Rosemari G. Sullivan and Edmund J. Sullivan
Nancy Sullivan
Susan M. Sutherland and Robert W. Sutherland
Daniel C. Swan
Glenn E. Tanner ’70 and Diana L. Tanner 1893
Sara R. Tatchio and Gregory O. Tatchio
Margaret Taylor and Robert Taylor
Verna Porter Teasdale and John R. Teasdale 1893
Randee I. Tengi and Christopher J. Tengi
W. Randolph Teslik JD ’76 and Jane H. Teslik 1893
Roseanna M. Thirkill and David A. Thirkill
Terri M. Thomas and Fred W. Thomas
Tanya N. Thompson and Michael C. Thompson
Carrie H. Thornbery and Jerry J. Thornbery 1893
Nancy Thornington
Carol P. Tilles and William R. Tilles
Ruth G. Timme and Fred Timme
Rosemary M. Tomea and Fred P. Tomea
Maureen Tortorici and Francesco Tortorici
William M. Trencher ’69 and Susan R. Trencher
Maria C. Tsuboyama and Gabriel K. Tsuboyama
Grace G. Tucker and Samuel A. Tucker 1893
Elena M. Turner ’82 and Abdul Aziz Said ’54 MA ’55, PhD ’57
Monica T. Turner
Cathy S. Tyma and Thomas A. Tyma
Aubrey E. Upperman ’76 and Dawn I. Upperman ’75
Martin F. Urban and Wendy J. Urban
Margaret K. Van Lent and Ronald K. Van Lent 1893
Lisa Vanderminden
Peter Vanderminden 1893
Rebecca A. Varner and Thomas M. McCormack 1893
Brenda Varvoutis
Nancy B. Vaughn MEd ’76 and Robert G. Vaughn 1893
Gary Veloric ’82 and Nancy Veloric 1893
Stephen J. Verdier ’72 and Donna D. Verdier
Elizabeth A. Victor and James M. Chadwick
Alice Vierra and Dennis Vierra
Elizabeth A. Vieth and Philip J. Brenner
Anne O. Vinson and Fred M. Vinson
Janet L. Vitas and Bogdan Vitas
Vaijayanti Wagle and Dileep Wagle
Susan A. Waldman and Robert L. Waldman
Monica J. Wall 1893
Mary A. Wallett and Randall E. Wallett
Lisa T. Walsh andJames A. Walsh
Irene K. Walton and Thomas E. Walton 1893
Patricia A. Wand 1893
Donna E. Warner and Michael L. Williamson
Marie D. Weeks and David C. Weeks
Karen J. Weiderpass and Valdi Weiderpass
Stephen S. Weinstein JD ’65 and Nancy B. Weinstein
Ellen Weiss
Margaret Weldon and Douglas Weldon
Elyn D. Welsh and Jeffrey A. Kronemeyer
Myra Westfall and Craig C. Westfall
Cora L. Wetherington and Anthony L. Riley
Jeanie H. White and Richard J. White
Barbara J. Williams* and Robert N. Williams
Jane Wilson
Dorothy G. Wiseman and Kevin R. Wiseman 1893
Jane A. Wong
Kathi C. Wong and George Wong 1893
Renee J. Worthington and Samuel A. Worthington 1893
Janice L. Wright and Charles A. Tesconi Jr. 1893
Catherine R. Yasunaga and Toshiaki Yasunaga
Barbara B. Young and James S. Young
Lynn Zaron and Walter Zaron
Luis R. Zavaleta 1893
Beatriz Zevallos and Jorge Castaneda

1893   Member of 1893 Society