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Parents of Current Students

Carol A. Adams
Caroline A. Adams and Carlos V. Brezina
Esperanza P. Alzona MA ’98 and David R. Crosson
Laurel G. Ambach
Margaret L. Anderson and Donald J. Anderson
Daisy P. Angeles and Demosthenes Angeles Jr.
Maria E. Aranibar and Juan P. Calvo
Karen L. Arnold and Thomas W. Arnold
Nancy Arnot and Brian Kathenes
M. Catherine Bacon Winslow and Paul A. Winslow
Diane G. Bailey and Colin Bailey
Poornima Balasubramanyam and Raju Pandey
Hilary M. Ballon and Orin S. Kramer
Carolyn Baptista and Rui M. Baptista
Anne Barounos and Mark Barounos
Christine H. Barsy-Eckman and Parry W. Eckman
I. Christina Bartley and R. Stewart Bartley
Elyse Jacob and Scott A. Bass and 1893
Kathryn E. Bastian and David J. Roberts
Lori H. Baumel and Eric M. Baumel
Madeline Bayles and Robert Bayles
Sharon L. Beamer and Gary M. Solamon
Arlene Beauchamp and Edgardo Lopez
Laura E. Behm and John T. Behm
Mary C. Behringer and Mark R. Behringer
Linda S. Bendor and Jonathan B. Bendor
Melissa E. Benzuly and Jonathan A. Schaffzin
Eileen B. Bergmann
Anna M. Bergstrom and Neil W. Bergstrom
Claudia A. Beyda and Peter D. Beyda
Sara E. Bigley and Donald J. Bigley
Linda Bires and Michael Bires
Katherine L. Blaser and Timothy J. Blaser
Kevin C. Blauch JD ’83 and Cynthia Blauch
Lucy A. Brennan and James R. Brennan
Laurin A. Brenner and John G. Brenner
Deborah A. Briggs-Lustig and Barry Lustig
Sheila D. Brinkman and Herbert C. Brinkman
Amy L. Brown and Mark R. Brown
Donna K. Brown and Gary A. Brown
Lisa Brown
Marie L. Brown and Kenneth O. Brown
Valerie A. Brown and Joseph W. Brown
Janet G. Bruns
Lynnelle D. Bryant and Charles T. Bryant
Bich-Van V. Bui and Thanh H. Bui
Frances V. Burkham and Scott C. Burkham
John W. Burnett
Margaret M. Caldwell and Jeffrey D. Blauvelt
Michael D. Canty
Jesse M. Caplan JD ’87 and Valerie A. Kerxhalli 1893
Kristy L. Carroll and Michael W. Carroll
Jack C. Cassell ’77 and Denise Cassell 1893
Rebeca Chavez and Jose Chavez
Irene Y. Chen and George C. Chang
Lily Chen and Michael Chen
Xin Tao Chen
Betsy J. Choate and Arthur W. Choate
Patricia S. Choban and Stephen J. Choban
Cynthia K. Christy-Langenfeld ’88 and Randy Langenfeld 1893
Jacqueline J. Cirillo-Meisenberg ’87 and Richard S. Meisenberg
Molly Clark
Marisa Clausen and Alfred O. Clausen
Dorit G. Cohen and Aaron Cohen
Sandra N. Cohen and David E. Cohen
Stanley M. Cohen
Gila Cohen-Shaw and Howard B. Shaw
Karyl L. Conescu and Joshua S. Conescu
Christina R. Connelly and Michael J. Connelly
Pamela J. Cooper and Peter R. Cooper
Kathryn M. Cote and Dennis M. Cote
Maria Green Cowles MA ’87, PhD ’94 and Adam R. Cowles MPA ’85
Barbara Crum
Frederick Crum
Alice Dahbura-Borges and Reinaldo J. Borges
Loren L. Danielson ’80 and Jamie S. Danielson ’81 1893
Martha B. Darby
Jean L. Davidow and Charles E. Davidow
Constance Davidson
Michael S. Davidson
Lashon D. Davis and Anthony Davis
Mary Davis and David Davis
Michelle D. Davis
Mary-Leslie Dawson-Ramsey and Gilbert L. Ramsey, Jr
Deborah L. Day and William R. Day
Monique S. De Quay-Jones and Michael S. Jones
Pamela M. Deese ’80, JD ’83 and Charles M. Deese
Teresa Del Real and James Del Real
Lee M. Demsey ’75 and Laurie A. Demsey 1893
Frank R. Desantis
Cynthia W. Dixon and John W. Dixon
Imelda T. Donato and Eugene R. Donato Jr
Clare C. Dooley and William F. Dooley
Jacqueline K. Dornfeld and Paul Perseke
Liane R. Dorsey and Gregory F. Robison
Gary M. Dortona
Denice M. Dressel and Robert C. Dressel
Francoise C. Dreuil ’88, MBA ’90
Susan Z. Dryburgh and Joseph J. Dryburgh
Martha F. Duarte and Joaquin R. Duarte
Mary E. Dwyer and James K. Dwyer
Carl M. Eifler
Cheryl A. Einspahr and Michael R. Einspahr
Karen Elisio
Stephanie G. Ellis
Renee Enders and Eric A. Enders
Joan M. Engelsgaard and Knut Opsal 1893
Shermaine G. Escobar
Adriana C. Estevez de Dominguez
Violeta T. Ettle MBA ’76 and Thomas R. Ettle 1893
John A. Fairbanks
Karen Fallon and Mark Fallon
Linda S. Farrell and Thomas E. Farrell
Nicole J. Fauteux and Robert P. Simon
Marilyn P. Fenichel and James K. Cassell
Marian J. Feuerhammer and Raymond A. Feuerhammer
Esther Finkielsztein and Sergio Finkielsztein
Deborah Fischer
Mary M. Flaherty
Kathleen M. Flanagan and Reda A. Migeed
Paula G. France
Diana M. Franchitto and John D. Franchitto
Irong Fu
Lauren M. Gagnon and Garth W. Jones
Maria Gallegos and Bernard G. Skomal
Maria I. Gammill and Nicholas Gammill
Amy L. Gardner
Maureen B. Geier
Paul Geiger
Rita Geiger
Richard C. Genabith
Marianne Germond and Jonathan P. Germond
Susan Z. Getlan ’79 and Steven T. Getlan ’79 1893
Maria Gholizadeh
Monica Giberti and Riccardo Giberti
Robin C. Gilchrist ’85 and Alexander J. G. Gilchrist ’85
Michelle J. Giles and David R. Giles
Denise R. Gilmore
Webb R. Gilmore
Julie B. Gilston
Adrienne W. Gioe and Vincent J. Gioe
Joy Goldberg and Bruce D. Goldberg
Durrie D. Golding
Debra A. Good and Brian J. Good
Barbara L. Goodman and David A. Goodman
Susan J. Gorelick and Alton L. Abramowitz
Phyllis N. Granados and Ramon L. Granados
Marilyn E. Green and David A. Rebnord
Barbara M. Greenberg JD ’85 and Alan J. Greenberg 1893
Denise A. Greene and Thurlow W. Greene
Jane Greenwald and Lawrence A. Wein 1893
Kathleen M. Groat and Evan A. Groat
Marjorie E. Grossman and David S. Grossman
Diana M. Guenther and Richard A. Guenther
Paula J. Guion and Gary P. Guion
Einar Gundersen and Heddy S. Gundersen
Beth A. Shortridge Haak and John A. Haak
Leigh M. Habermehl and Brian K. Habermehl
Dana A. Haggett and Stephen C. Haggett
Kathryn A. Hall and Thomas C. Knutsen
Lisa M. Haller and Steven J. Haller
Sheryl Hamza and Maged Hamza
Laura D. Harbage and James F. Harbage
Joanne B. Hare and Peter G. Hare
Sarah P. Hart and David C. Hart
Dawn E. Hawes and Melvin C. Hawes
Mary M. Hayford MBA ’78 and Warren J. Hayford 1893
Bethany P. Heaney and Michael D. Heaney
Cheryl J. Heller and John J. Heller
Colin S. Helmer 1893
Aimee H. Hendle and Edward R. Hendle
Leslie B. Hendrickson
Patsy Hendrix
Gina R. Hernandez and Anthony Hernandez
Brian J. Herrin
Glynis Hirsch and David A. Hirsch
Liz L. Hirtenstein
Dianne M. Hitchens and John K. Hitchens
Marinetta A. Hjort and Howard W. Hjort
Martha S. Hogan and Timothy P. Hogan
Lettie M. Holman and Timothy P. Warren
Kathleen J. Holmes and Frederick S. Holmes
Lisa B. Honig and Peter K. Honig
Nancy Horowitz and Stephen M. Horowitz
Dennis W. Houle
Robert D. Hradsky and James A. Slayton 1893
Robert S. Huberman ’74 and Laura Huberman 1893
Lynn B. Hughes and Patrick J. Hughes
Beverly A. Igleburger
Donna M. Interlicchio and Joseph J. Interlicchio
Isabella B. Irwin and Jeffrey D. Irwin
Emily D. Ishida and Y. Franklin Ishida
Deborah M. Jackson and Robert T. Jackson
Carletta M. Jennings
Deborah L. Johnson
Susan M. Johnson
Elaine O. Jordan and Scott J. Jordan 1893
Sadeka Jude
Sara A. Juster
Kathleen Kane-Francalangia and Mario Francalangia
Amy J. Katz and Robert M. Cohen
Donna D. Keane and Andrew C. Keane
Mary E. Keiser and Dennis W. Keiser
Kathleen M. Kelley and Christopher K. Manero
Laura Kelly and James Kelly
Debbie C. Kemp
Adahyliah Kent and Timothy D. Kent
Cheryl A. Kerins and Stephen P. Kerins
Deborah S. Kernochan and John A. Kernochan
Emily Keshner and Richard B. Marks
Susan M. Kidd and James H. Kessler
Diana L. Kiel and David A. Kiel
Theresa Kiely and Eugene Kiely
Kyung Hee Kim and Robert S. Finnegan 1893
Patricia L. King and Marcus V. King
Wendy D. King and Jeffrey C. King
Sheila Klee and Terence Klee
Linda S. Kobrin and Gary L. Greenblatt
Laura E. Kohler and Stephen C. Proudman
Patricia B. Kolber and Vincent A. Kolber
Rosemarie C. Komorowski and David A. Komorowski
Rose Koretsky and Michael J. Koretsky
Sheryl Kosinar
Dorri E. Kost ’82 and Jonathan A. Kost 1893
Eloi P. Kpamegan MS ’94, PhD ’97 and Adam R. Cowles MPA ’85
Olga Kramskaya and Andrey G. Kark
Irene S. Kropp
Anne L. Krueger and Anthony Corapi
Richard S. Krupnick ’84 and Sheryl A. Krupnick 1893
Joyce Kubo
Irene Kuo and Victor Kuo
Jody R. Kussin and Steven J. Shoptaw
Janine A. Ladzinski
Judith A. Lane and Edward M. Lane
Nancy A. Larson and Gerald J. Larson
Sandra S. Leblanc and Gary J. Leblanc
Heesoon Lee and Inkwan Lee
Naomi S. Leventhal and Robert C. Fink
Melanie A. Levin and Jerald M. Saltzman
Janeen E. Levy
Shelley Levy and Benjamin M. Levy
Lauren M. Leyden and Paul J. Leyden
Vera L. Lieber and Harvey Lieber 1893
Jill Lieberman and Roy Lieberman
Kristi R. Lind and John E. Lind
Bonnie Lippman
Kenneth Lippman
Anna Litman and Gary V. Litman
Brown M. Little and Mark R. Little
Adelle Treakle and James F. Lovell
Cynthia F. Lubin and David B. Lorsch
Kathy A. Luft and Gerald W. Luft
Linda C. Lupo-Rodriguez ’87 and Oswaldo Rodriguez 1893
Suzanne G. Lynch and Paul M. Lynch
Robert Ma
Michele Mahoney and James Mahoney
Ellis C. Maiers and Wayne J. Maiers
Robin Mandel and Steven Mandel
Renee E. Marlin-Bennett and Charles L. Bennett
Laura G. Marsh and Peter H. Marsh
Lucinda Marshall
Heidi Martin
Melissa M. Martzloff and Andrew S. Martzloff
Laurie A. Massa and Peter C. Massa
Elizabeth F. Matera
Robyn Rafferty Mathias ’71, JD ’92 1893
Rebecca R. Matsakis and Demetrios J. Matsakis
Robin R. McArdle and James S. McArdle
Kathleen A. McCarthy
Meri McCoy-Thompson and Steven F. McCoy-Thompson
Melissa W. McCullough
Diane K. McGaughey
Sandra J. McIntyre and Bruce A. McIntyre
Peggy G. McMackin and Robert C. McMackin
Eva Mejia and Juan J. Mejia
Alan L. Meltzer ’73 and Amy Meltzer 1893
Cheryl L. Mendelson and Daniel J. Mendelson
Judy S. Mercado and Jose A. Mercado
Linda S. Mercer and Robert Mercer
Dorian M. Meyer and Bruce M. Meyer
Karen Meyer and Robert Meyer Jr.
Stephanie R. Michaels
Lezlee A. Miller and George L. Miller
Juliette M. Millin
Norma J. Monahan and Frank J. Monahan 1893
Joann M. Montepare and Paul A. Dizio
Christine E. Moo-Young ’87 and Michael W. Russell ’86
Donna K. Moravec and David C. Moravec
Judith W. Morrissey and Richard C. Morrissey
Trula E. Mosher and Eric J. Mosher
Mary C. Moulson-Litchfield and Paul E. Litchfield
Laura Mularz and Edward Mularz
Kelly A. Mulhern and Mark F. Mulhern
Karen G. Mullis and Douglas S. Mullis
Teresa K. Murphy and Shawn J. Murphy
Tracey L. Myers-Preston and Michael A. Preston
Andrea S. Needle and Eric W. Bloom
Gail M. Nehls and Carl R. Nehls
Robin Neiger*
John M. Neiggemann
Patrick F. Nevins
Brenda L. Nickle and Greg A. Nickle
Denise Norton and William Norton
Colleen M. Nudge
Maureen A. O’Connell
Michele M. O’Leary and Robert J. O’Leary
Elizabeth C. Olson and Robert SanGeorge 1893
Patricia E. O’Malley and Thomas K. O’Malley
Bonnie J. O’Neill and Terence O’Neill
Cynthia J. O’Rourke and John M. O’Rourke
Maria L. Ortega ’85
Susan J. Orzechowski and Frank D. Orzechowski
Sherry L. Page and Thomas A. Page
Debra Palacio
Valerie Paley and Jeffrey Paley
Marcia E. Paller and David A. Paller
Laurie E. Parker and Weston P. Parker
Patricia S. Patch and Robert D. Patch
Joanne H. Paviglionite
Cynthia Z. Peltier and Jon M. Peltier
Lucille C. Pendleton and Hugh V. Seaton
Tracy L. Peters
Nancy L. Petit
Leta M. Petroff and George A. Petroff
Joyce E. Pfirman and David W. Pfirman
Sharon H. Polansky and Jeffrey I. Herbst
Diane W. Popper and Andrew F. Popper 1893
Marjorie A. Porell and Frank W. Porell
Michele M. Porter
Lydia Powell and Frederick W. Powell
Victoria Prescott
Marianne T. Presnal and Michael J. Presnal
Kathy Z. Putnam and George Putnam
Lan P. Quan and Tinh D. Truong
Lori A. Quigley and John A. Quigley
Debra A. Quist and William A. Quist
Jeffrey D. Raden JD ’74 and Rhonda M. Raden 1893
Haven Rafto and Stein Rafto
Stein Rafto and Haven Rafto
Maxine G. Rauchwerger and Jerrold R. Rauchwerger
Vicky B. Ravenel
Clare M. Rayder and William J. Rayder
Anne M. Reid and James H. Reid
Paula J. Reid and Samuel R. Reid
Vickie Reierson and Leonard J. Reierson
Beth K. Reiser and Monte E. Reiser
Galia D. Reiss and Ori M. Reiss
Terri M. Rice and Steven M. Rice
Pamela Riddell and Stephen W. Riddell
Barbara E. Ritchie and Robert W. Messer
Gusanita Roberson
Eleanor Roberts and Sherman Roberts
Jill Roberts and Patrick M. Gusman
Margarita C. Rodriguez-Duffy and John D. Duffy
Stacey Rose-Blass
Jacqueline C. Rosner and Mark A. Rosner
Amy B. Rosoff and Charles T. Rosoff
Laurie S. Rudorfer and Matthew V. Rudorfer 1893
Isabel Saadeh and Emad Saadeh
Swati D. Samak and Dhananjay K. Samak
Latha Samu and Sriram Samu
Michael G. Sandman ’82 and Lisa B. Unger Sandman
Amal M. Sankari and Mohamad R. Sankari
Jane S. Sarath and David Sarath
Allison B. Sawyer
Joan P. Saywell and Lawrence E. Saywell
Linda R. Scanzano and Nicholas Protopopoff II
Jeri S. Schaefer ’86 and Scott P. Schaefer 1893
Susan W. Schillaci and Alexander Schillaci Jr.
Jay D. Schlaifer
Mary Schoof and Rick Schoof
Andrea Schuette and Rex Schuette
Susan M. Schwabacher and Jefferey M. Modic
Carol J. Scollay and James Scollay
Richard W. Scott
Elaine P. Seeskin and Barry A. Seeskin
John C. Seibel
Andrea P. Shalal-Esa ’86 1893
David I. Sheinfeld ’76 and Debra K. Sheinfeld
Diane L. Shimizu and Lawrence D. Shimizu
Ellen Shorser and Brad Shorser
Lorrie A. Short and Jeffrey E. Shor
Julie J. Simon and Martin H. Simon
Elizabeth F. Slucher and Richard R. Slucher
Brenda Smith and John Bess
Heidi M. Smithson and Arthur D. Smithson
Leslie K. Snedeker and Walter F. Snedeker
Marisa Snow and Charles R. Snow
Robert N. Snyder
Virginia Sobol
Santhi Sonthi and Janardhan G. Sonthi
Lorie Southall
Valentine W. Southall Jr.
Annette L. Spahr and Steven O. Spahr
Sheri M. Speirs and Andrew R. Speirs
Cynthia H. Spillane and Jonathan G. Spillane
David A. Spuria ’82 and Deanna Spuria
Virginia Stallings
Michael S. Steinhardt ’86 and Jennifer R. Steinhardt
Paula L. Steinmeyer and Thomas J. Hoehn
Janneen R. Stephenson and Leonard J. Bohmann
Michael D. Stevens
Elaine Stikas ’76 and Howard G. Fries
Robin K. Stratton and Stephen C. Stratton
Monique Strawderman and Edward B. Strawderman II
Valerie A. Stuart and John C. Mabie
John T. Stubbs III ’86 and Gemini A. Patterson-Stubbs
Nicola B. Styer and James S. Styer
Howard J. Sumka
Donna E. Sylvester and Frederick G. Flaccavento
Debra L. Syroka and Robert Syroka
Michele H. Taffet and Robert Taffet
Tina D. Talarico
Svetlana Tamam
Michael N. Tanoue
Robert G. Taub ’86, MA ’87 and Cynthia J. Taub 1893
Antonio J. Tavares
Sarah M. Taylor and Herbert B. Taylor
Randall B. Tenor ’68 and Susan B. Tenor 1893
Mary Thomson
Camille R. Tillinghast and Charles W. Tillinghast
Carolyn J. Tisdale and Laurence S. Tisdale
Nancy Traeger and Robert Traeger
Amy L. Trafton and Dan E. Trafton
MaryAnne Tranfaglia and Michael G. Tranfaglia
Adelle Treakle and James F. Lovell
Sandra K. Tripodi and William Tripodi
Suzanne K. Tunnell and Kenneth J. Tunnell
Seana G. Turner and Michael B. Turner
Nontombi N. Tutu
Martha Twarkins
Roberta M. Tyburski and George E. Tyburski
Elizabeth J. Ulicny and Gary R. Ulicny
Carol Van Atten
Cynthia S. Van Curen and John Van Curen
Kristine Vanek and Paul Vanek
John Vassos
Monica H. Verdi and Michael J. Verdi
Patricia Vincentz and Warren Vincentz
Joanne M. Vitrano and Frank G. Vitrano
Cynthia K. Von Heeringen and Mark R. Von Heeringen
Heidi A. Von Nieda
Margaret E. Walsh and Daniel J. Walsh
Lena Walstam and Gunnar Walstam
Mary C. Washburn
Jennifer A. Watts and Gainor R. Bostwick
Sally J. Weidemann and Charles H. Mitchell
Shari G. Weise
Lisa D. Weiss and Bernard M. Weiss
Linda T. Werner and Peter J. Werner
Kathleen Wetter
Catherine J. White
Judith S. White and John S. Young
Janice H. Wile and Kenneth E. Wile
Brigette L. Willner and Marshall N. Willner
Cantrese Wilson
Celia J. Winchell and A. Vaughn Winchell 1893
Kathia M. Wind and Allan Alonzo J. Wind
Meredith A. Wolanske
Remy R. Wosu and Ibe O. Wosu
Ruta Wroblicky and Steve Wroblicky
Carol L. Yahoodik and Steven M. Yahoodik
Claire Yates
Jackalyn J. Youra and Harold I. Youra 1893
Lorraine A. Zahn and John P. Zahn
Yvonne Zick and Kenneth G. Zick
Tammy B. Zimmerman and Keith A. Zimmerman
Park T. Zimpher and William C. Zimpher


1893   Member of 1893 Society