President's Circle

President's Circle

Established in 1981, the President's Circle and its giving levels honor five U.S. presidents who were friends of American University.

  • Benjamin Harrison Associates, $50,000 and above
  • William McKinley Associates, $25,000 $49,999
  • Theodore Roosevelt Associates, $10,000-$24,999
  • Herbert C. Hoover Associates, $5,000-$9,999
  • John F. Kennedy Associates, $2,500-$4,999


*Benjamin Harrison signed the Act of Congress chartering the university in 1893.

*William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and Herbert C. Hoover served on AU's Board of Trustees.

*John F. Kennedy delivered his famous speech, The Strategy of Peace, at the 1963 AU Commencement.


Giving levels are determined by contributions during a given fiscal year (May 1 - April 30).

Donors whose cumulative giving totals $100,000 or more are recognized as Lifetime Members of the President's Circle.

Success Story

Toby McChesney 2014

Alumnus Toby McChesney Challenges His Fellow Eagles to Join Him in Supporting AU

Toby McChesney, SPA/BA ’02, a member of the 1893 Society, has always understood the importance of supporting his alma mater.

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