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Core Strength Exercises


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The core of the body is extremely important. It stabilizes us as we move and allows us to bend, twist and flex. Without a strong and stable core, daily activities may be painful or difficult.

Hip Extensions-Band:

Assume a modified pushup position on your hands and knees. Place the resistance band under the arch of one foot, and grasp the handles in your hands.

While maintaining hip position parallel to the floor, extend the foot backwards until your leg is extended straight. Make sure to keep you spine aligned and to engage your gluteus and abdominal muscles throughout this exercise.

Hip Extension Video

Abdominal Twist Video

Abdominal Twist-Band:

Sit on the ground with one leg extended, and the opposite foot placed on the inner thigh or knee of the extended leg. While facing the extended leg, place the tubing under the arch of that foot. Hold the handles against your chest with your palms facing inwards towards one another.

Keeping your hands stationary against your chest, turn your body in the direction of the bent leg. Make sure that you are only turning at your core, and do not use your arms to assist you.

Abdominal Crunch-Ball:

Seat yourself on a stability ball, with your feet planted on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and lie back on the ball. Raise yourself up to a seated position using your abdominal muscles, while keeping your feet planted on the ground.

Abdominal Crunch Video

Plank V-Up Video

Plank V-Up-Ball:

Position yourself on an exercise ball with your knees on the ball, and your palms on the floor under your shoulders. 

Using your core muscles, roll the ball back towards your feet. You should only bend at your middle, keeping your legs straight and your hands stationary. In the final position your body will resemble an inverted "V" shape.

Reverse Crunch-Ball:

Position yourself on an exercise ball with your knees on the ball, and your palms on the floor under your shoulders.

Using your core muscles, bring your knees to your chest by rolling the ball towards your feet. You should keep your hands stationary throughout this exercise, while bending your knees as necessary. Return to the starting position by rolling the ball back to underneath your knees.

Reverse Crunch Video