Farmers' Market & Fresh and Local CSA

Three ways to support area farmers:  

Buy your weekly supply of fruits and veggies every Wednesday at the AU Farmers' Market.


Subscribe to From the Farmer, selecting which weeks you'll receive fresh produce and goods from local farms and vendors on campus.


Participate in Community Supported Agriculture, sit back, and let your weekly fruit and veggie supply come to you!

Three reasons to shop at a farmers' market or support your local farmers:

1. It's good for the environment. Less fuel and oil are consumed since the food doesn't need to be transported from other parts of the country. 

2. It's good for you. Local produce is usually fresher and tastes that much better...increasing the likelihood that you'll eat the recommended number of fruit and veggie servings daily. 

3. It's good for the community. You're supporting a local business and helping the economy.

Farmers' Market

The Farmer's Market will return Wednesday, March 19!

When: Every Wednesday on campus
Where: The Quad (next to Bender Library)
Time: 11:00am - 4:00pm


Agora Farms - Fresh fruits, vegetables, and more.

Upper Crust Bakery - Variety of hearth baked breads and fresh coffee

Fresh and Local CSA

Join Fresh and Local CSA (community supported agriculture) and receive a weekly bagful of locally grown produce direct from an area farm. Sample a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs; quantity and variety vary throughout the season.  

Single Share: (serves 1)  

Option A:
9 weeks, beginning September 2013, Price: $225*  

Option B:
18weeks, beginning June 2013, Price: $425*  

Family Share: (serves 3 adults or 2 adults/2 children)
18 weeks, beginning June 2013, Price: $600*  

Registration Info:
-To register for a family share, visit:
-To register for a single share, please contact Farmer Allan:  

Pick up day/time: Tuesday, 4pm - 11pm  

Pick up location: Tenleytown, Washington, DC
*All prices include delivery to Tenleytown

From the Farmer

Sign-up at
Use Access Code - 'AMERICANU' for special pricing!

The produce.

All From the Farmer basket selections come with local produce carefully selected by our farm partners. Normally picked within 48 hours of delivery, all produce is packaged and delivered, at no additional cost, by From the Farmer between midnight and 7 am on your scheduled delivery day.

Deliveries are made to the AhealthyU Office between 1 and 2pm on Tuesdays.

“What’s Fresh” newsletter.

From the Farmer's weekly “What’s Fresh” newsletter, delivered electronically to your email inbox 24-48 hour prior to your morning delivery, highlights the week’s produce and each items recommended storage and use to maintain maximum freshness and ensure product quality. 

Monthly billing and payment.

For your ease, From the Farmer will collect and securely store your credit card information for an automated recurring billing based on your deliveries for the previous month. That way, if you need to increase your delivery due to visitors or skip a week due to vacation, you’ll be billed only for what you receive!