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MOVE Fitness Challenge - Week 3 Standings

Join Us October 2 - 29 for the MOVE Fitness Challenge

One week to go and our leaderboard is shifting! Keep up the great work and continue to MOVE through the end of the Challenge (and beyond!)

As a reminder, each participant is logging either steps or minutes. AhealthyU will convert your steps and minutes to points using the following conversion: 1 minute = 1 point OR 100 steps = 1 point

Below are the standings from Week 3.

-Week 3 Standings include cumulative activity from Oct. 2 through Oct. 22

-If you do not see your name on this list, then AhealthyU did not receive activity data for you during Week 3. Please confirm that you are using a compatible tracking tool and that you either logged your minutes or synched your steps from your device. For questions, please reach out to MOVE Technical Support:


MOVE Fitness Challenge Homepage | Week 1 Standings | Week 2 Standings

Campus Buildings and 250 Point Participants

Campus Building

The campus building participants with the highest average points will receive a healthy catered lunch! Average points per building are calculated as follows: <sum of participant cumulative totals at a specific building> divided by <number of participants at that building>

250 Point Participants

Each week, all participants who earn at least 250 points (250 minutes or 25,000 steps) for that week will be entered into a raffle for an AhealthyU moisture-wicking t-shirt, yoga mat, or MOVE cinch backpack. Congratulations to this week's winner, Hannah Moskowitz!