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MOVE Cardio Fitness Challenge

Join us October 3 - 30 for the AhealthyU MOVE Fitness Challenge 2016.

Program runs: Monday, Oct. 3 - Sunday, Oct. 30

Register by September 30!

Join this fun and engaging individual challenge to help you get regular physical activity to keep your muscles, bones and waistline in better shape. Physical activity has been shown to decrease one's risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and stroke.

NEW this Year:

  • Easy tracking using the "Well on Track" online platform

  • Wearable fitness device optional - log your activity through one of many compatible apps and tracking tools (no cost options available)

  • CASH prize awarded to the top FIVE highest scoring participants*

Program Highlights:

  • Individual challenge

  • Track any activity using steps OR minutes

  • Weekly raffles!

*Cash prizes are subject to tax

Points to AhealthyU Game players, earn up to 4 point stamps for this Challenge!

Ready to MOVE your way to a healthier you this fall?

As the temperature outside begins to drop, so can your motivation to exercise. This 28 day challenge is designed to encourage all faculty and staff to MOVE more this fall. All healthy adults need 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity 5 or more days per week. Log any type of physical activity, win prizes, and support your health and well-being!

Get Started:
  1. How does it work?
  2. Register Online
  3. Win Great Prizes


1. Sign up for this 28-day individual challenge.

  • Log steps or several types of activities on a daily basis including gardening, cleaning, walking, swimming, weight lifting, biking, etc.

2. Connect to the "Well on Track" online platform

  • Well on Track is a digital health platform that allows AhealthyU to capture each participant's activity data for reporting weekly standings.

  • Note: Once you connect to the Well on Track online platform, you will not need to access this site again during the Challenge. To view your progress, you will access your own tracking tool or application that you chose for logging your activity from the list of compatible tracking tools (for example, your Fitbit app).
  • New to Well on Track? Click here for instructions on connecting to the Well on Track online platform.

  • If you previously participated in an AhealthyU program using the Well on Track platform and are still connected, you do not need to follow this step. Not sure if you're connected? Email to inquire.

 3. Choose your tracking tool and Start logging your daily activities.

  •  Decide which tracking tool you will use from the list of Compatible Devices.

  • Activities may be logged using steps OR minutes

    • You must decide at registration which method you would like to use for the duration of the program

    • MINUTES: Most tracking tools require that you manually log your activity and minutes in the application

    • STEPS: Step tracking devices automatically capture your steps, as long as you are wearing the device properly

  • AhealthyU will convert your steps and minutes to points

    • 1 minute = 1 point OR 100 steps = 1 point

4. Win great prizes! See the prize section below.



You will also need to submit the following items by COB Friday, September 30 in order to participate in the program:

1. Registration Fee

    • $5 - if you have your own tracking tool (check that it is compatible)

    • $15 - if you would like to purchase a MisFit Flash from AhealthyU

  •  Cash or check (made payable to "American University") 

2. Signed Release Form


To be eligible for prizes, participants must use a compatible tracking tool and connect to the Well on Track online platform.

CHALLENGE WINNER: The top FIVE participants with the highest number of points will be chosen as the winners of the cash prize pot*.

The prize pot will be determined by the number of participants in the Challenge, as each $5 registration fee is transferred directly into the prize pot.

*Cash prizes are subject to tax

WEEKLY PRIZES: Each week, all participants who are active in the Challenge will be entered into a weekly raffle for a t-shirt, yoga block, or MOVE cinch backpack.

To maintain the integrity and intent of the program, AhealthyU asks that you provide honest reporting throughout the challenge. AhealthyU reserves the right to audit any participant's activities.