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Steps to AhealthyU 2014 - Week 5

Pedometer Challenge Week 5 Standings

Though the road ended yesterday for Team USA in the World Cup, the road to the end of the Pedometer Challenge continues! Check out our 10 Top Stepping Teams from the Week 5 competition to the left. Below you'll see a complete standings list for all teams in the competition track of the Pedometer Challenge.

Numbers listed represent each team's total weekly steps.

Congratulations to Sandi Htut for meeting her personal step goal and winning our weekly raffle. Sandi and her "Steps to Being SPExSy" teammates will enjoy a choice of either a healthy catered Subway lunch or complimentary seated massages.



11 Interconnected Sole Sisters 1789022

48 Pumped Up Kicks 1245722
12 Real Walk 1763623

49 Random Walk 1232900
13 Walk it Out 1716035

50 The Prancercisers 1222202
14 Trudi Rocks 1696831

51 The Senators 1208849
15 Walk This Way 1669414

52 WCL DAR 1179581
16 Team BaoBao 1661521

53 The Producers 1166446
17 School of Walk 1654190

54 Steps to being SPexSY 1158545
18 Wing Men 1633572

55 Regi* 1134336
19 We Are Not Lady Babies! 1613759

56 Brand on the Run 1125223
20 Smarketing 1582527

57 Wii Not Fit 1117355
21 FA Walkstars 1560873

58 40/40 Club 1095882
22 Hey! Im Walking Here... 1557336

59 Rhetoric Rookies 1051656
23 Eagle Athletics 1550127

60 Kooky Keys 1034598
24 M.A.S.H. Regi-Star 1547791

61 SETH Slimmers 1008241
25 Ocelots 1544265

62 Left Behind Us 899753
26 Yes We Keynesians 1496192

63 SETH Sashayers 896181
27 The Grants Walking Wonders 1472416

64 Spring Chickens 890693
28 Mamas & Mike 1463767

65 You Cant Walk With Us 859638
29 Swards of Justice 1462203

66 Free Agent Team - Jessica 809645
30 Step Up 2: The Streets 1439655

67 Footloose 805688
31 F.L.O.W - For Love of Walking! 1438587

68 Team Flawsome 683161
32 Two Steps Ahead 1437679

69 OCPD Silver Team 647745
33 The Fast Foot 1427290

70 Las Vengadoras 633806
34 Sole Train 1415989

71 The Capitals 629289
35 Game of Walkers 1413030

72 The A Team 626904
36 SoleMates 1395946

73 As the World Interns 577136
37 Trudy 1392240

74 Walk Djibouti Off 455157
38 WCL Finance 1384695

75 OCPD Blue Team 427760
39 The High Steppers 1371394

76 The Money Walkers 423214
40 TESOLTrackers 1362554

77 The Nationals 317530
41 The Marginals 1347138

78 AU Eagles 287944
42 We Will WALK You 1327460

79 GGPS Dream Team 246737
43 Holy Walkamole 1324443

80 Free Agent Team - Onyel 143242
44 Free Agent Team - Dylan 1311826

81 Public Safety 0
45 The Speedy Free Agents 1287556

82 Too Much Skin 0
46 Walking Tall 1273728

83 The Jung and the Restless 0
47 Free Steppers 1264503

10k Steps Per Day

Taking 10,000 steps per day is regarded as being the equivalent of getting in 30 minutes of exercise per day, which happens to be the Surgeon General's recommendation for American Adults. The following steppers averaged over 10,000 steps per day during Week 5 of the Pedometer Challenge:

Abigail Miller Denise Wilkerson Kaitlin Capobianco My-Lien Le
Abigail Puskar Derrick Jefferson Katherine Demetri Nakeesha Ceran
Adrian Sanchez Desiree Maruca Kathryn Braisted Nanci Gius
Akira Shiroma Donna Femenella Kathryn Ray Nancy Pearson
Alef Worku Dylan Craig Kathryn Walters-Conte Nancy Zeller
Alex Trempus Elizabeth Keith Kathy Goldgeier Nathan Cogswell
Alicia Fodera Elizabeth Weinstein McMahon Katie DeCicco-Skinner Nicole Schoeb
Alisha Chanthinith Emily Vail Katie Junot Olivia Ivey
Alison Nagy Enrique Ramirez Kelly Joyner Ophira Bansal
Amaate Neil Eric Fleddermann Kerry Diekmann Patrice Jackson
Amanda Kaja Erika Chandler Kevin Wyatt Penn Troy
Amrong Chey Erin Willcher Kimberly Dinkins Polina Vinogradova
Andie Rowe Fran Roach Kristen Korfitzen Prerna Balasundaram
Andrea Paredes-Herrera Gabriel Mathy Lacey Gentry Rachel Borchardt
Andrew Bertaina Ganiat Harris Lauren Pav Rachel Lawrence
Anita Padmanabhan Gene Logan Lauren Wagoner Ralph Sonenshin
Ann Joiner Gina Arevalo Leah Gates Regina Curran
Anna Olsson GiShawn Mance Leah Tasman Rene Thomas
Annessa Bontrager Grace McKinnon Liam Toohey Ritanch Hans
Anthony Washington Gregory Bailey Linda Guerrine Rob Novak
Anu Subramanyam Heather Smith Lindsay Joy Sade Atoyebi
Ashley Cole Hernando Zambrano Lisa Arakaki Samssa Ali
Barbara Young Hirfa Denise Richards Louise Godley Sara Hargrave
Becca Reeves Irina Komives Lynne Arneson Sarah Twomey
Becky Mezzanotte Jacqueline Saavedra Malinda Morawetz Shane Hickey
Behzad Jalali Jacquelyne Chantry Maria Gomez Shirleyne McDonald
Benjamin Petit James Barbour Maria Leoni Zardo Stacey Marien
Bill Brown James Coates Marianne Norman Stacy Mitchell
Bobby Reeves Jamie Welling Mark Hayes Stefanie Matthews
Briana Weadock Janelle Freeman Martin Lacki Stephanie Leigh
Brita Doyle Jasmeen Waliany Mary Boylan Stephanie Mahoney
Brooke Bailey Jason Kennedy Matthew Bourdon Stephanie Schwertner
Caitlin Domagal Jeff Middents Matthew Le Brasseur Stephanie Tietz
Candice Nelson Jeffrey Adler Matthew Smith Susan Agolini
Carmen Cain Jenise Overmier Maura Ryan Susan Gordon
Casey Gugoff Jennifer Dabson Meg Bentley Tanisha Santos
Chris Lind Jennifer Taylor Meg Carter Tasha Daniels
Chris Mitchell Jeremy Lowe Meg Clemmer Tim Cegnar
Chris Seay Jesse Boeding Megan Kelly Tino Fletcher
Christina Evenson Jill Ednie Hicks Megan Patterson Tish Few
Christine Dulaney Jocelyn Hill Melissa Alves Tonya Clonen
Clifton Johnson Joelle Costello Melissa Chapman Tracey Livingston
Cole Wrampelmeier Joey Fones Melissa del Aguila Vanessa Anthony
Darcy Frailey John Ganther Michael Ross Victoria Fulton
Dave Carlini John Hyman Michael Scher Victoria Witte
Dave Harr Jordan Tobin Michelle Doyle Walter Park
David Null Josephine Harrington Mieke Meurs Yvonne Chuang
Debbie Morris Julie Avans Mindy Ford
Debbie Saylor Julie Wickham Monika Popow
Denise Couture Justina Anthracite Murugi Njoroge