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Brown Bag Wellness Workshop Video's


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Healthy Travel - September 2013

Reading Supermarket Labels - October 2013

Weight Management Over the Holidays - November 2013


Healthy Travel

Do you find it hard to eat healthy on vacation? Does your work involve travel? Learn how to "eat healthy on the road" with Dr. Snelling, Associate Dean for Education teaching and health, along with Matthew Barresi, Wellness Program Manager for American University. Pick up short workouts that can be done anywhere, and how to avoid sickness. On top of all this, stay full of energy throughout your trip!


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Reading Supermarket Labels

Are you trying to eat healthy but are not sure what to make of all the food label ingredients? Check out our workshop with registered Dietitian and nutritionist, Anura Desai. Learn the lingo to make your supermarket trip the most beneficial. Find out what ingredients should be avoided while learning what is preferred to have a balanced diet.



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Weight Management Over the Holidays 

Whether you want to stay active, eat, healthy, maintain the best weight for you, or simply manage stress during the holidays, now you can. Learn weight management techniques to keep you happy and healthy during the holidays with Jacobs Fitness Center's Health Fitness Supervisor, Annessa Bontrager.